Kitchen chandelier lighting: modern solutions

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Natural light is the most favorable and comfortable, but indoors it is often not enough. In this regard, we must consciously approach the issue of the selection of artificial light sources. Professional approach and timely performed technical work addresses this question and provide warmth and comfort.

Lighting modes

We can distinguish several modes of lighting:

  • central;
  • special;
  • direct.

The central light is used for shared space and is achieved through the use of ceiling kitchen chandelier lighting, embedded lamps or light strips.

Special lighting solves the problem of light in the working area and is basically a built-in illuminated cupboards and overhanging elements.

Well directed — serves as an assistant in the matter of the zoning of the kitchen and highlights certain parts of the room.

As the described modes perform different tasks, they must be controlled by separate switches or dimmers.

The kitchen area and organization of light in them

The kitchen space is divided into two zones, working and dining; if each of them will have enough light, the room will be comfortable for work and leisure. The main task of the kitchen – cooking, which, among other things, appropriate is solved by the luminous flux of the working area, namely countertops, gas stove and oven. Manufacturers of ovens mainly provide built-in lights for users.

For lighting the gas stove or hob has inbuilt into the casing of the extrusion lighting. It is also possible to light a gas stove led ribbon, it can be installed in suspension components, hanging wardrobe, if in case extract enough elements of the world.

To highlight the countertops, there are several options from which to choose the one that better suits your interior. The installation of lighting at the bottom of the wall cabinets is a directional light to the space in the countertop, which in turn is convenient and comfortable for cooking.

There is also the option of illumination of the working area of led tape, which helps not only workflow efficiencies, but also serves an aesthetic function, because this type of lighting can be personalized to the tastes of the customer, depending on what design you choose for kitchen facilities.

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Led lighting allows you to visually expand the space, which can be interesting solutions for the design of light fluxes in a small kitchen. Due to the fact that it can be built into a variety of kitchen panels (e.g., wall cabinets and glass backsplash), it allows you to place accents in appropriate places, to create a warm atmosphere and to adjust saturation and light color with the remote control. Important working area cannot be overstated, so the choice of lighting in it should be approached with special care.

Speaking about the lighting of the dining area, we must first complete the task of creating coziness and comfort, therefore, in contrast to the working area, from the sharp rays of artificial light should be abandoned. Next, we consider a few variants of lighting in this zone.

4 ideas for lighting


Soft light, creating comfort in the dining room, can be achieved by using matte shades on the artificial light sources, as well as several lamps hanging over the table.


Interesting solution in the design can be install the lamps on a flexible base with which you can adjust their length and independence, to increase or decrease the intensity of light in the dining area.

Also idea for the dining area can be a kitchen island chandelier lighting, spot light which can cover the entire surface of the dining table.


The bus system of the light fixtures in the dining area is a good option in that case, if may be necessary to change the position of lamps or desk.

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General lighting

Natural and artificial light helps us in the perception of forms, colors and add a sense of what he saw of the picture. In this regard, the interior lighting design is a very important element in the construction and repair of the premises. Due to the fact that different areas of the kitchen have individual streams of artificial light, you need to consider general lighting to create a unified space.

Stretch ceiling can be interesting to solve this problem with spotlights. Ceiling lighting in the kitchen will help the visual unification of the working and dining areas. Moreover, the backlight allows you to replace the massive chandelier and create soft diffused light.

Led backlight also can be a design element for illuminating the ceiling. Easily controlled and adjustable multicolor illumination of the ceiling will allow the owners of the kitchen to create different mood and atmosphere in the room.

Ceiling lighting is better to make neutral so its design and features did not enter into the slit with the light working and dining areas, as well as to organize its work on the parts that first- saves power, and, secondly, allows with minimal effort to change accents in the kitchen.

Lighting design kitchen combined with living room

If the layout of the apartment, you came to the decision to design the kitchen combined with the living room, you will need to consider lighting to both parts of the apartment were independent elements, but could look good.

The kitchen is combined with living room requires proper emphasis: artificial light generated by the lamps and fixtures, shall on the one hand to separate dining area a comfortable flow of light, creating warmth for guests, and with another — to be sufficiently intense to in the working area was convenient to the owners.

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Suspended construction of plasterboard over the dining table in the living room with built in spotlights – it’s the streams of light, combined with an interesting design. This option will help to divide the space and separate dining area living room. In the kitchen combined with the living room, you can play on the contrast of light that visually separates these zones. The lighting in the kitchen should be bright, while the living room, where is the dining table, can be lit less brightly.

The idea of open-plan kitchen with a living room is a very common solution for small spaces, because visually increases the space in the absence of walls. Different sources and modes of light as well as thoughtful lighting design allow the correct accents in the room and make a finding on the kitchen, combined with living room, comfortable and enjoyable.

The correct chandelier pendant lights for kitchen island, regardless of the area of the kitchen, allows you to organize work area for efficient cooking and at the same time to achieve the comfort of the dining area. Interior design largely is determined by the lighting, regardless of, whether it is kitchen or space with a combined living-room.

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