Kitchen island lighting: create the best ideas

A lonely lamp in the middle of the ceiling is not relevant for a long time. It was not able to illuminate the kitchen, so designers have rejected this approach. Color and light are the true masters of this room. They create the mood, help to cook and make dinner much more pleasant. There are no extra lights in the kitchen. Therefore, even decorative lighting of the cabinet or the plate is not a fad, but a practical item.

You should consider the placement of light sources even at the stage of repair. In this case, it is possible to bring concealed wiring to each of them. The number of sources can be up to ten.

5 of the rules of kitchen island lighting: what lights to choose?

Each functional area needs individual lighting scenarios. You need to choose the lamps for General, local and decorative purposes.

  1. Ceiling lamp: the alternative is

The lamp on the ceiling, the only light source, already recognized as inconvenient and useless. It fails to fully illuminate the room, on the contrary, because it creates a shadow.

Slots built-in ceiling mounted kitchen island light fixtures in the closets and a small cope with the task to illuminate the room. Ceiling lamp can be present, if requested by the interior.

If the rejection of the chandelier is impossible, it should be directly hung over the dining table. This will be a really functional solution.

  1. Brightness is important!

Choose lamps with brightness dimmer. The dimmer will allow you to create a relaxed atmosphere during a family lunch or a romantic dinner. You give preference to diffused warm lighting. Overly yellow or blue light will “steal” comfort.

  1. The combination of different styles and options of kitchen island light

Different lamps can be perfectly combined in one kitchen.

  1. Working area: special emphasis

Work area designed for cooking, and therefore requires functionality. It from its foundations – its well lit. It is important that the flow of light is distributed on the surface of the countertops, stoves. Mounted in the bottom of lockers lamps will cope with the task perfectly. You can also choose the lamp with claps. They fix easily on the edges of shelves and are a good temporary option.

These are low-voltage halogen lamps or long fluorescent lamps, led lights, ribbons and clusters. They have small size and emit a pleasant soft light.

  1. 2-in-1: aesthetics and practices

The wall lamps are unable to combine similar characteristics. Flexible and movable mounting will help to direct the light to the desired location. Successfully mounted illuminated work surface plays an important role in the design of the kitchen. Original composition, illumination of the working surface helps to create a special atmosphere in the kitchen.

Pendant lights for kitchen island: how to illuminate a dining area?

Dining area need be well-lit at any time of the day. The best placement will be the window seat. Natural daylight will be bright solution for lighting the table.

There is a rule: sources of general illumination should be not higher than 1,2-1,4 m the surface of the table, and local – is below 50-60 cm from it. The higher are the lamps, the solemn atmosphere in the kitchen than below, so it is cozier and more intimate. It is good the lamp is equipped with dimmer. It will give the possibility to adjust height place of the lamp.

It is important to remember that kitchen island lighting fixtures are important elements of the decor, therefore, not necessary to choose it with regard to style features of the kitchen. Pay attention to the attractiveness of the design and the relevance of it in your room. Also follow the advice of the designer:

  • To be able to set the light scenario in the dining area, choose pendant lamps with adjustable height and intensity of the light flux.
  • If the table is placed against a wall, to create a cozy and comfortable lighting you can use sconces with fabric or opal diffuser.
  • For the dining area, you can choose lamps with bright shades of the original form. Not all original lamps easy to fit in.
  • A calm and uniform light fixtures, selected for the interior hi-tech style.
  • Another way of lighting the dining area is located on the perimeter of the ceiling or built into the eaves, spotlights. Over the dining table, it is preferable to use a lamp of average power with white or frosted bulbs and the natural light spectrum that do not distort the color of products.
  • The entire surface of the countertop must be flooded with light.

Own project of kitchen island lighting

Creating lighting for the kitchen is a very interesting experiment for beginners and great fun for the professionals. Playing with light and its intensity allow to create a unique individual atmosphere and comfort for every kitchen, reflecting the preferences and inner world of the owner.

Self-planning kitchen island lights need the following:

  • the lower and upper light sources should complement each other and have the same level of illumination so as not to create discomfort in the room;
  • if for lighting walls using additional lighting, the light should be soft and slightly scattered;
  • for brighter lighting work areas it is possible to use lights embedded in the bottoms of the wall cabinets;
  • lighting for work areas, use lighting with diffused light. This will help to avoid the glare from the glare during cooking.
  • Also indirect lighting should be used in the interior, where a lot of chrome and mirror surfaces;
  • for easy illumination of the work surface and to create individual lighting you can use bulb with swivel rotation, mounted on a wall;
  • in the case where the working area is located in the center of the kitchen, to lighting used ceiling lights and built in hood lighting;
  • when you create a project, you must pay special attention to the colors of the kitchen and, already proceeding from it to choose the range of the lighting to not hurt his eyes.

When you have some kitchen island lighting ideas there are three main options that are best suited layouts for our kitchens. In the first embodiment, the total light originating from two light sources above the work surface and above the dining area. In both zones creating a perfect, fairly bright lighting, which complement each other.

Then apply all possible lighting devices mounted in a hanging or suspended ceiling, suspended or mounted in cabinets, or simply glued to the surface, such as LED strips. This variant of the lighting project is perfect for medium to large kitchens with an area of over 12 m2.

Properly illuminate a large kitchen by installing the main ceiling light and the illumination of a working zone, using the various options of lamps. The second draft in addition to the two main light sources, the upper and above the work surface, also provides additional sources that are placed on the walls. Each additional lamp has the ability to change the illumination angle. This lighting project will allow a bit visually expand the space that is perfect for small kitchens.

Additional light sources should emit a soft, unobtrusive light. The third option is for very small kitchens area of about 6 m2. It is important every detail, from the color of the walls, to the number of light sources and their brightness. Typically used pastel or cool colors of paint for the walls, and installed a powerful lighting fixture for overhead lighting and 2 – 3 additional movable lamp with soft light to work surfaces.

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