Kitchen light fixtures: general and additional lighting


Kitchen lighting is an important point, because here is at the same time and working and dining area whose lighting should be comfortable, economical and at the same time beautiful. Next, we’ll tell readers of the information portal Itself an electrician how to do the lighting in the kitchen and what are the secrets of lighting design exist today! First of all, it should be noted that for kitchen lighting can be used ceiling, wall and furniture fixtures in modern interior room. About how to combine them and where to install, we’ll talk further.

Why do the kitchen need more lamps?

It seems that everything is easy: chose the store and buy any kitchen light fixture, hung it in the center of the kitchen ceiling and that’s all – you can enjoy the beauty. However, it turns out that in this case the hostess has to work, turning his back to the light source. Is it comfortable? Of course not.

A variety of sharp objects, electrical appliances, boiling on the stove liquid – all of that can be dangerous, if the kitchen work area is lit poorly. That’s why it is very important to arrange proper lighting, installing additional lamps.

Professional meaning

Experts of lighting design believe that in the kitchen there should be several sources. The number depends on the specific dimensions of the room and the desire of the hostess to highlight individual zones. For example, working or dining.

Let’s start with the working area, including the stove, the sink, the free surface for cutting food or their processing, as well as the various cabinets. If installed over the stove range hood, extra lighting above it is not required. Because almost all modern models exhaust devices have a built-in lamp.

Basic requirements

To allow a good installation of lighting in the kitchen, it is first necessary to understand the requirements that combine the issues regarding comfort and security of being in the room. So, the main requirements are:

  • the light should not create shadows from the various objects;
  • the brightness of the light sources should not blind person;
  • different types of lamps should complement each other;
  • for reasons of saving of electricity of bulb must be fluorescent, halogen or led.

Classic version – incandescent lamps have low efficiency and short service life; when creating a lighting project in the kitchen, consider the color of the walls, because it affects the efficiency of the lamps. For example, light walls can reflect up to 80% of the light and the dark only 12%; correctly count the number of lamps and their power. There is a perception that the working area capacity shall be not less than 100 W/m2, but the norm for dining – from 50 W/m2 ; distance from lights and switches to water (in this case, sinks) should be at least 60 cm; a powerful lamp on the ceiling will not replace local and general lighting in the kitchen.

As we have said, to date, decided to illuminate the work surface, the area above the dining table, and separate objects requiring illumination. Now we will talk about the most effective options. Common the general lighting in the kitchen is to illuminate the whole room with a soft glow, not loading the eyes, but at the same time covering all the dark corners.

Types of lighting: the best products

Most often in this case, use ceiling lamps that are installed in the center or along the perimeter of the room. Among the kitchen lighting fixtures  popular:

  • spotlights with led lamps;
  • chandelier with three or more light bulbs;
  • swivel lamp;
  • the led strip.

As for spotlights, they can be mounted in pendant or suspended ceiling. The advantages of the products is in a neat appearance, easy installation and long service life. This option can also be installed in furniture (e.g., kitchen cupboard).

The connection of the chandelier is also used in the common kitchen light fixtures. Often people use chandeliers with several levels of lighting. To do this, you must additionally set two – or three-key switch. Chandelier in the form of garlic.

Swivel lamps are very well established, because the overall illumination of a room can make local, sending goods to the desired area. Such lamps are installed in the centre of the ceiling a small group.

Led tapes are used for hidden ceiling lighting. They can “pour” the soft light of the suspended ceiling, at the same time you can not see the tape, because it will be hidden in a special ledge. This idea can be used not only as total but also decorative kitchen lighting.

Led light strip can be used on the top. You need note that during the installation of the hinge lights could be possible to direct the light bulbs on the ceiling. This option will not blind the eyes and at the same time will create soft and cozy atmosphere, typical general lighting.

Local illumination is used to illuminate the working area in the kitchen and the dining table. In addition, it is recommended to direct the light to the following items: sink (apron); cooking hob; shelf lockers; bar; the kitchen island. For these bright objects is needed and at the same time, a directional backlight. It is best in this case have proven to be built into the furniture spot lighting, space for planting which creates in advance the manufacturer.

These products are optimally installed under the hood, canopy kitchen shelves as well as directly in suspended or stretch ceiling. Alternative – lamps on movable brackets (hinges), which we have already mentioned. Such lamps are really convenient and allow you to adjust the direction of light with their hands.Modern lamps directional light It is also customary to use sconces mounted on the walls. In this case, you can “kill two birds with one stone”: make local lighting in the kitchen and to add “flavor” (if you connect a sconce with decorative trim).

Stylish light fixtures for kitchen

Well, the last of the popular options – setting lamps on clip-claps. The products from the outlet, so sometimes they can interfere with or can’t reach the working area. The advantage is that these lamps can only be used when it is necessary. Otherwise, they will not interfere, because they can be put in the pantry.

Our advice – use a ceiling lamp or directional light products, which are built-in furniture. The advantage of this option, the local illumination is that the product will have beautiful appearance and compact dimensions.

Decorative light: fixtures for kitchen

Well here we come to the last option of kitchen lighting – decorative. In this case, the functionality of light recedes into the background, because we can only dilute the interior in various ways. We recommend you to use the hidden ceiling and floor lighting that runs from the diode strips. Such products are self-adhesive. All they need is a special ledge. The only caveat — the room shape should be rectangular or square. On curved areas of the ceiling led tape is not always looks good.

Hidden kitchen ceiling light fixtures

In addition, in the large kitchen you can install designer floor lamps, selected according to the style of the room. You understand that in a small kitchen (9 to 12 sq. metres) no outdoor lamps should not be. Applying some features of the natural kitchen lighting can save you money on electricity, utilizing maximum daylight. For this window you need to create a large, curtains – translucent and walls as brighter.

The most effective device for adjusting the illumination of the room – blinds. Install them on windows, so you can adjust the light intensity. Do not forget about the color scheme of the walls, it was also much affected. For South-facing windows to reduce the illumination can be with a properly sized wallpaper (or tiles). It is recommended to give preference to lilac, blue and green shades. If in the daytime the natural light is not doing its job, install a fluorescent light, they are a good alternative and also save energy.

Some special solutions

Dining table can be illuminated with a ceiling lamp whose design allows you to change the height of the suspension relative to the table. In this case, you can create a solemn atmosphere, raising the lamp high above the table, to make the atmosphere of family comfort, lowering the lamp low.

For kitchens with low ceilings (in the kitchen) this option may not be suitable. To make it possible to adjust the intensity of light, use dimmers (one of the types of switches). In this case, you can use lighting to change the atmosphere in the room (a bright light will be comfortable for cooking, but a little dim for a romantic dinner).

Modern version is the installation of concealed ceiling lighting creative complement the interior. In this case, inside a special ledge to install a led strip. Use ceiling and wall lamps directional light. With their help it is possible to concentrate the luminous flux at a certain point, which is especially suitable for the work area.

5 Tips for Housewives: how to make a kitchen cozy?

Someone joked that the kitchen is the place where appetite should come before the food. This joke makes sense, because in the kitchen, all should have to create a pleasant atmosphere. To achieve this, it is enough to use a few simple tips.


  • If you cover the kitchen walls with a material with high reflective properties and then to illuminate the walls, it will visually expand the space.
  • In very large kitchens it is better to use direct lighting, so the room will seem smaller and cosier, and the reflected or scattered light, on the contrary, visually enhances the space.
  • Form of the chandelier, luminaire or kitchen ceiling light fixtures should fully conform to the design of the room.
  • Lovers rearrange the kitchen furniture should be warned beforehand about the lamps and carefully consider their location.
  • The central lamp is best to hang on a special rod to be able to move.

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