Kitchen lighting: how to make it perfect?

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The main secret of good kitchen lighting is multi-level construction. Each functional area where you wash the dishes, cut, prepare or eat food — must have its own light sources. Let’s see which ones.

General lighting of the kitchen

The kitchen can not to be without total overhead illumination. Its task is to maintain a comfortable light in the dark.

Mistake # 1: to plan the lighting before the design project of kitchen units.

Solution: You should to determine before the repair, what the lighting of your kitchen will be. But only after you have decided on the layout of the kitchen and decided where will be located the main functional areas — sink, stove, working counter tops and dining table. Then you will be able to place the lights in the best way, exactly where they are needed. And you’ll never forget to lay electrical issues for equipment and lighting, sockets and switches in all the right places.

Mistake #2: One lamp in the center of the ceiling

Solution: the general kitchen lights and local illumination of functional areas. There are several disadvantages of having a hanging lamp in the center of the ceiling. When you are cooking, for example, cut vegetables on the work surface of the kitchen, you stand with your back to the light source. As a result, the table top is in the shade. In addition, in the center of the kitchen is almost always free space. In the end, the lamp doesn’t light anything useful, but the really important areas are in dark corners.

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Mistake #3: No possibility to adjust the brightness of the general lighting.

Solution: set the switch with the dimmer. It allows you to change the brightness of the general lighting of the kitchen depending on your mood. During a family dinner when you want to relax, the light will be more intimate and subdued. And during cooking it can be made more vivid.

5 kitchen lighting ideas

The main lighting should be even and as neutral as possible. Each of these options can be used individually (especially if the kitchen is small) or in combination with each other. So, what is most often used for basic illumination of the kitchen? There are 5 variants:

  1. Recessed spotlights
  2. Overhead lamps
  3. Led backlight
  4. Tire lamps
  5. Chandelier or hanging lamp

Important point — when planning lighting in the kitchen, make sure that global illumination can be included in pieces and not all at once. This is not only convenient, but also practical: it allows turn on as many lights as you need, and thus save energy. Many designers and masters note: the share of lighting accounts for about 10-15% of the budget allocated for the kitchen renovation. Half of the money you will need to purchase themselves of lamps and switches and the rest for the installation if you plan to mount lighting kitchen.

The secret of the kitchen light in the working area

The countertop where you prepare food, require the best light. That is why modern furniture is impossible to imagine without local illumination of the working area. If you do the kitchen to order, the headset manufacturer will certainly offer you your option of lighting the kitchen countertops. However, most furniture companies make a big mark-up on accessories, like lighting or appliances.

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Note the overhead furniture lighting — halogen, fluorescent and led. They are specifically designed for mounting on the lower part of the wall kitchen cabinets. Such lamps do an excellent job with its main task — provide directional lighting and make your kitchen comfortable and safe. On the market there are a variety of options such illumination.

Most often it is a round spotlights with metal housing or elongated bulb with a plastic protective case. This pencil case not only protects the lamp from moisture, steam and grease. It also perfectly hides the technical details and wires. The result — the kitchen always looks neat.

Another unusual variant of kitchen lighting design  is glass apron with integrated led backlight. When illuminating the working area of the headset, do not forget about the ample for your needs the number of sockets!

The brightness of the light in the working area also, if desired, can be adjusted by using the dimmer. However, most often this is not necessary. Recently, major manufacturers kitchen lighting increasingly rely on led lighting fixtures. They have a very good plus — excellent energy efficiency. Quality led light shines brightly, consumes much less energy (savings can be up to 85%), and is 20 times more than normal bulbs. But such lamps are more expensive than halogen or fluorescent kitchen lighting.

Lighting of the dining table and others

If the kitchen serves the dining room and functions, we should also make sure that the dining table has always been covered enough. For that it is well-going hanging lamps. They should be chosen to the general style of the room or even house.

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Interior lighting kitchen cabinets is also interesting and useful way to make the room lighter and cozier. It is necessary to highlight wall lockers or drawers inside the headset, and use they will be much easier. It looks very nice in combination with the facades of frosted or stained glass. Led lights — the best solution for lighting kitchen furniture: it does not heat up so completely safe to use and consumes very little power. By the way, this lighting may operate continuously or only be included in the nomination boxes.

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