Kitchen pendant lighting: options, ideas and main rules


Needed and unique combination of functionality and comfort will be able to create just a balanced connection work, the general and decorative lighting. The reason is that the owner here is a lot of work that requires you to strain your eyes, as well as the whole family spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Led lighting in the kitchen

Led lamps are the most economical and durable. It is best to choose lamps to the kitchen, starting from their practicality and conformity to the whole style of the room. Before choosing them in the shop, need the room to be divided into work areas and to prepare the design of the lighting system that reaches all corners of the room.

The whole set of lighting appliances in the kitchen basically is:

  • built-in lamps, chandeliers related to ceiling light;
  • highlighting areas for lunch and work;
  • led decorative spot illumination of the outlines of the furniture, the perimeter of the floor, the ceiling.

Lighting options in the kitchen

Selection of lighting in the kitchen is local, holistic and decorating lighting. In the dark of natural light is replaced by the general light, which must be soft, evenly common, bright. In the current design of the kitchen chandelier in the centre is relegated to a supporting role.

If the room is small, it is better from general lighting to unsubscribe, change chandelier on built-in ceiling lamps, slots, small sconces. A center chandelier is able to focus light only in the middle, and a lot of spotlights equally illuminates the entire kitchen. To adjust the saturation of the light can be set rheostat.

However, not everyone wants to abandon the kitchen pendant lighting, in this case, it is good to install a ceiling lamp, whose diffuser of frosted glass or light which is directed upwards. It would be more rational to place a chandelier directly over the dining table. So the light is evenly distributed, a good option is the use of pendant lights for kitchen, depending on the size and configuration of the kitchen.

Highlighting work surface Illumination

Surface can play not only functional but also decorative role. Since the main purpose of your kitchen is to everyday cooking, something to focus on necessary work surface illumination. The main task lighting in the kitchen space for work is equally correct orientation a strong stream of light down on all the plane of the plate, countertops, and sinks. Variations to make the illumination of a working zone, a little.

The best solution is the use of embedded or attached to the bottom of the wall cabinets lamps. For this purpose, use elongated fluorescent lamps or low volt halogen, strip, led clusters. Many of these lamps are very compact and inconspicuous. Sometimes to illuminate the work surface, halogen lamps whose light is directed, a on chrome-plated rods, they are inserted into the upper eaves of the wall cabinets.

Now often kitchen furniture is equipped with built-in lighting and an extractor fan that is already equipped with its own lighting to work comfortably around the plate. The light in the room can be attached to the wall. There are great flexible and movable brackets. With their help you can adjust the light direction.

Wall lamp in the kitchen will help to create lighting for work when above the counter hang wall cabinets. If the working area in the kitchen is in the center, then perfect frosted bulb located on the ceiling, hanging on long cords, soft light scattering.

Kitchen pendant lights for the reception area

For dining table you should choose lamps with adjustable height and intensivnosti light flux. To make maximum use of natural light, you need a dining table to put near the window. Great for highlighting table in the evening independent, under the ceiling lamp in the kitchen. If you have a dining table very long, it is better to hang them a few at different heights.

We must remember that the sources of local lighting should be placed below the 50-60 cm from the surface of the table – is not above 1.2-1.4 m. the solemnity of the situation in the kitchen will create a highly-located lighting, warmth and intimacy – low located. In order to be able to change the light in your dining area, you have to choose fixtures for kitchen, height and tension of which is adjustable.

In the case of location of the dining table near the wall, to make a cozy and comfortable lighting will help the use of sconces, diffuser which cloth or matte. Lighting for kitchens can be placed on the border of the ceiling or embedded in the crossbar spotlights. For lighting over a table for lunch, preference should be given to white or frosted lamps with an average power of the relaxed emission spectrum, because they are unable to distort the color of products.

Kitchen island pendant lighting: ceiling solutions

Mood lighting looks great at multi-level suspended ceiling. In addition to functional lighting designers use decorative lighting, which is designed to create a particular mood, atmosphere. It will decorate the kitchen. Select light and can be furniture decorative items such as engraved, columns, assorted accessories. Best of all this lighting is suitable for classical furniture.

Chic decor can become floor lamps and led profiles. They are best positioned on the edge of the counter top or along the bottom of the wall cabinets. Decorative illumination of cabinets with small halogen lamps of the type and LEDs of the glass can be used in a variety of styles. This lighting adorn the kitchen and facilitates the use of furniture, because mounted inside the cabinet lighting fixture allows you to find the necessary thing without turning on overhead lights.

Led strip, elongated fluorescent lamps, neon tubes of various colors, rope – all this can be a decorative lamp in the kitchen. This illumination is easiest to do on the false ceiling, having a lot of levels. When placing light sources between sections of levels will be seen only the light from the lamps, and they will be completely invisible. Choosing a lamp in the kitchen, not necessary to save it.

The light source may be a backlight of the floor, which must have high durability, strength. Such qualities have spot lights with thick glass protection. Perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen original fixtures for kitchen topics: vegetables, fruits, suspensions in the form of wine bottles, forks, sconces and lampshades of spoons, chandeliers looks similar to the old pot-bellied teapots.

7 main rules of right kitchen lighting


If you choose the right lamp, your kitchen will achieve the availability of good light, maximum comfort and beauty. You need to decide what part of the kitchen space you need to illuminate with a chandelier. It is best to buy the one with adjustable power or lighting modes. So, you can save electrical energy, wherein the desired area in the required time will be lit more brightly. It is necessary to consider the capacity of all bulbs included in the chandeliers.


Too bright light just as unpleasant as the dark. To avoid heavy loads on the socket secures the lamp, it is necessary to choose a lamp that has several horns. If the room is large, give preference to lamps with a large number of nests. So, provided the normal total illumination and dimming. Affordable and available are incandescent, but they have a small efficiency and the rapid development of the resource.


Fluorescent bulbs Shine a nice bright light, however, their smooth glow on the eyes. Halogen have a long life and well cover.


Natural and artificial light help us in the perception of forms, colors and add a sense of what he saw of the picture. In this regard, the interior lighting design is a very important element in the construction and repair of the premises. Due to the fact that different areas of the kitchen have individual streams of artificial light, you need to consider general pendant lighting for kitchen to create a unified space.


Stretch ceiling can be interesting to solve this problem with spotlights. Ceiling pendant lighting kitchen will help the visual unification of the working and dining areas. Moreover, the backlight allows you to replace the massive chandelier and create soft diffused light. Led backlight, features which we have considered earlier in this article, can also be a design element for illuminating the ceiling. Easily controlled and adjustable multicolor illumination of the ceiling will allow the owners of the kitchen to create different mood and atmosphere in the room.

Ceiling lighting is better to make neutral so its design and features did not enter into the slit with the light working and dining areas, as well as to organize its work on the parts that first- saves power, and, secondly, allows with minimal effort to change accents in the kitchen.


The kitchen is combined with living room requires proper emphasis: artificial light generated by the lamps and fixtures, shall on the one hand to separate dining area a comfortable flow of light, creating warmth for guests, and with another — to be sufficiently intense to in the working area was convenient to the owners.

Suspended construction of plasterboard over the dining table in the living room with built in spotlights – it’s the streams of light, combined with an interesting design. This option will help to divide the space and separate dining area living room. You can play on the contrast of light that visually separates these zones. The lighting in the kitchen should be bright, while the living room, where is the dining table, can be lit less brightly.


The idea of open-plan kitchen with a living room is a very common solution for small spaces, because visually increases the space in the absence of walls. Different sources and modes of light as well as thoughtful lighting design allow the correct accents in the room and make a finding on the kitchen, combined with living room, comfortable and enjoyable.


The correct lighting, regardless of the area of the kitchen, allows you to organize work area for efficient cooking and at the same time to achieve the comfort of the dining area. Interior design largely is determined by the lighting, regardless of, whether it is kitchen or space with a combined living.

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