Kitchen pendant lighting: secrets of choice


The lighting in the kitchen is an important question that confronts the owners in the process of repair and design of apartments. Natural light is the most favourable and comfortable, but indoors it is often not enough. In this regard, we must consciously approach the issue of the selection of artificial light sources. Professional approach and timely performed technical work in order address this question and provide warmth and comfort.

Pendant lights for kitchen are very popular now. For every woman kitchen is one of the most important room in the house. Interior design and lighting play mail role in cooking of delicious and healthy food, because a good chandelier allows you to not strain your vision and feel comfortable.

Kitchen pendant lights: hanging solutions

For uniform illumination of the working surface can be used several similar lamps. Contemporary designers offers a variety of solutions.Today the demands of modern housewives increased significantly. All want improved interior and acquire different functional devices that allow to cook comfortably and for a minimal amount of time.

Going forward, designers have tried to diversify and change the classic lighting option (center) and developed the lights to any color and taste. Among them we can mention:

  • large size pendant light panels;
  • lamp on long cables;
  • ceilings built-in mini-bulb;
  • sustainable floor lamps of different sizes;
  • lamps on flexible stalks.

The benefits of hanging lamps

Pendant lighting for kitchen are the most common type of lighting. Considerable attention is paid not only to capacity but also the shape of the lamp, which should be in harmony with all other elements in the kitchen environment.

Often ceiling fixtures for the kitchen arranged so that it was possible not only to illuminate the whole room, but also to highlight the dining table. This kind of design solution is the most popular for most housewives. For convenience in the work area are mainly used for the lamps on flexible stalks or spotlights.

Tips on choosing pendant lighting kitchen of large size

It is recommended to use multi-level chandeliers for lighting in a large kitchen.

6 basic principles:

  • Based on the area of the kitchen, you must select a power lamp to dark corners in any part of the room.
  • Hanging chandeliers must easily fit into the interior and placed in the center of the kitchen. Experts advise to prefer the shade, which is made of plastic or frosted glass pastel tones. The light must be directed upwards.
  • The kitchen is of elongated shape shall be illuminated by several lamps along the ceiling.
  • The dining area need quality lighting.
  • For premises with a large area often, designers are advised to use a separate chandeliers, which are able not only to fulfil its basic functions, but also to create a cosiness in the house and in the kitchen during the meal.
  • Suspension cable should provide the height of the chandelier not more than 140 cm above the desk and be adjustable.

Create cool effects hanging lamps, made of vines, lace, cloth of different textures. There is also a separation of chandeliers on a raster, and luminescent. Fluorescent lamps are not very bright and can accommodate in small kitchens or near a small dining table, but with the condition that it will be an additional light source, not the primary.


Raster chandeliers kitchen give the room a soft light, and the variety of options allows the owner to choose any form to your liking. The idea of the designers associated with chaotic arrangement of chandeliers hanging throughout the room, will be appropriate, if it is a bright and airy room, where you can easily play not only the accommodation but also the form and height of the lamps.

Kitchen island pendant lighting: designer’s advice on the choice of chandeliers

The dining area should be illuminated by the chandelier and the rest of the kitchen spotlights. You need to consider: to enhance the kitchen interior in classic style will suit massive models made of wood or metal. Ceiling lamp in the kitchen is better to fasten with chains, slings, and light bulbs better choose in the form of candles or a variety of curls.

Interesting solution for kitchens, the walls of which are decorated with wooden panels, while the interior refers to the style of the country is the purchase of a chandelier in the form of a wheel. It can be done with your own hands. In the kitchen, corresponding to the modern style, will look great hanging lamps in the form of spheres, spirals and other structures having a variety of ornament.

The kitchen area, created in the style of hi-tech, itself is bright and strict, so the designers unanimously decide that it is best suited several chandeliers that have strong body, most often in the form of a rectangle or square, made of metal or glass.

Choosing pendant chandelier for kitchen, you must consider not only the design of the room, but also humidity, temperature, functionality of lighting fittings, lighting adjustment, ability to save electricity. Effectively and look stylish hanging lamp shades made of fabric, which will be most appropriate for lighting the dining table. But high humidity can cause problems with the appearance of the product, so you need to give preference to pastel, non-staining hues and models, which can be easily removed for washing.

Plastic and glass products will be the most easy to care for, but the poor quality of the chandelier can not withstand high temperature near the plate and to deform or burst.

The kitchen in the Oriental style the most effectively will look with lampshades made of paper, but they are very impractical, easily flammable and can not be washed. Metal kitchen pendant lighting lamp at least and are the most durable, but are also in need of timely care. Chandelier installation needs to meet the person who not only understands electrical, but also has the accuracy that allows him not to spoil the product. A shade should be better remove before you start working.

What are the guidelines for choosing a chandelier for the kitchen?

First and foremost is to define the material. Kitchen is a place of high humidity. Moreover, in the process of cooking in the air may be fat droplets. Thus, when buying chandeliers in this room should refrain from instances with textile lamp shades and give preference to lamps with decorative elements of metal, glass and acrylic. Easy to care for them, they are quickly removed all the contamination.

If you liked the chandelier with wooden elements, they must be covered with varnish or paint layer. Choosing a chandelier with elements of forging, it should be remembered that periodically they must be cleaned.


Besides the beauty of the kitchen chandelier should provide maximum comfort and a good light. It is better to choose the chandelier with the power adjustment or with different lighting modes. This will not only save energy, but also illuminate a particular area of the kitchen. It is also necessary to take into account the total power of the lamps, included in its composition.

The choice of chandeliers also affects the shape of space that it would need to cover. Ceiling lights are perfect for kitchens with low ceilings. If the kitchen is long and narrow, you should opt for elongated chandelier or a group of several lamps. In a large and spacious kitchen looks great large chandelier. For a small kitchen square shape give preference to a round ceiling lamp made of glass or transparent acrylic.

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