Kitchen table lighting and not only

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In order to kitchen pleasing atmosphere, it all should be harmonious. The decor of this multifunctional space has to be thought out all the intricacies and smallest details. In such rooms it is important everything from colors and furniture to the floor carpet. Not the least role in that plays the light in the kitchen, because of the accuracy of its appearance depends on how you perceived the situation as a whole. Developing type lighting system, it is imperative to rely on such moments as the stylistic parameters of finish, color palette background and, of course, the dimensions of the room.

 A small kitchen and its lighting over kitchen table

Often in the small space kitchens the emphasis is on lighting the dining area. In this case kitchen table light fixture becomes a bright accent in the interior and that important stuff to make mood. Ceiling lamp in this room is always located above the dining table. Ideally, it is adjustable in height parameters lampshade or the modern bus system with a set of turning lights. The classic chandelier with candle holders is good variant.

Spot lighting in small kitchens can be more difficult, because usually their space filled to overflowing hinged construction of the cabinets, which are highly obscure working of the tabletop. It does not mean that such lamps have to give. They just need to install correctly. And the best place to do this would be the bottom most of these “nuisance” ceiling systems cabinets. A significant contribution to the lighting in the kitchen will make a hood with built-in lighting. In a tiny space its lamp is able to solve the problem of additional lighting.

2-in-1: kitchen and living room

Combined space is certainly zoned and often this task lay on multilevel ceilings. Here the use of spotlights will be simply irreplaceable. With their help, it is very easy to stress zonal contours. Additional lighting accents are chandeliers and sconces.

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When working in the kitchen and living room do not forget that the lighting of recreation areas should be much softer than a kitchen. Because the area of the combined space is large enough and will have as light bands, you will have to set the switches through passage, through which can be comfortable to turn on or turn off the lights in a particular part of the room.

Kitchen-dining room: special lighting

Since the dining area in the kitchen-the dining room is almost always located in the center of the room, and main lighting is focused on her. Dining group needs to be flooded with kitchen table light fixtures. In addition to it on a ceiling surface or on top of walls mounted lighting decorative purposes, which illuminates a soft light left in the darkening space of the room.

The lighting in the kitchen-dining room can consist of several components, provided that the room is clearly divided into sections. In this case in the dining area, the main streams of light will remain directed at the dining table and in the kitchen – on countertops.

A harmonious decision in the decor of the kitchen will be the combination of external design with dining area, however, be covered it will be underlined the different systems, the lamps which should be included free-standing switches.

Lighting modes

We can distinguish several modes of lighting: Central, special and directed. The Central light is used for shared kitchen space and is achieved through the use of ceiling lamps, embedded lamps or light strips. Special lighting solves the problem of light in the working area and is basically a built-in illuminated cupboards and overhanging elements. Well directed — serves as an assistant in the matter of the zoning of the kitchen and highlights certain parts of the room.

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As the described modes perform different tasks, they must be controlled by separate switches or dimmers. Apartment design largely depends on the use of different modes of light or, alternatively, to combine them. This issue is particularly acute when you are taking interior solution on the kitchen, combined with living room.

Kitchen table lights — 6 popular options

If the kitchen serves the dining room and functions, we should also make sure that the dining table has always been covered enough. This goal can be achieved  in different ways.


The most popular solution is large hanging lamp with a beautiful lampshade or a lampshade, located above the center of the tabletop. Ideally, the length of suspension can be adjusted. The optimum height from the bulb to the surface — about 1.5 meters. If you raise the lamp higher, the lighting of the dining area will be more bright and solemn. If you omit the — more intimate, homey and cozy. It is important that the light does not strike the eye sitting at the table.

You should give preference to models of lamps with translucent shades of frosted glass. They gently diffuse the light. When choosing a lamp, pay special attention to the material of the lampshade. Not worth buying a suspension or a chandelier with shade cloth. What would be a good was not the hood, it gets dirty faster and it is difficult to clean. Glass or plastic canopy is much more practical.


If you don’t like a great lamp, good choice — some nifty brackets with small lampshades. This files most often for dining table in standard sizes 2-3 of these lamps is quite enough. They can be assigned to one group or spread it along the Central axis of the table at equal distance from each other. If the table is round or square, it is good just one lamp in the center of the tabletop. If you choose an oval or rectangular model, bar table or bar counter — buy two or three of the suspension, which will evenly illuminate the dining area.


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If the dining table is close to the wall, as a local lighting you can use sconces or spotlights, luminous flux is directed downwards. However, this option loses in comparison with hanging kitchen table lighting in several directions. The suspension is much more evenly illuminates the entire surface of the table.

Wall lamp is part of the countertop will be left in the shadows. In addition, bra will be appropriate in any interior style. In addition, the stronger it scatters the light, and the illumination of the table may be insufficient.


The bus system with lamps above the dining table can also be a good lighting option for the modern kitchen.


If you plan on lighting the dining area in the large kitchen or kitchen combined with living room, over the dining table can be made suspended construction of plasterboard with recessed spotlights. In this case it will be an additional element of zoning.



Furniture fixtures above the dining table can not be embedded in the drywall, and furniture canopy of laminated MDF or chipboard. Interior lighting kitchen cabinets It is necessary to highlight wall lockers or drawers inside the headset, and use they will be much easier. It looks very nice in combination with the facades of frosted or stained glass. Led lights — the best solution for lighting kitchen furniture: it does not heat up so completely safe to use and consumes very little power. By the way, this lighting may operate continuously or only be included in the nomination boxes.


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