Kitchen track lighting ideas: main rules and basic principles

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Inadequate lighting increases the risk of household accidents and affect vision. Additional sources of light for kitchen facilities just need.

For kitchens use 3 kinds of lighting:

  • general;
  • accent;
  • lighting special zones.

Point spot lights can easily replace the central chandelier, evenly distributing light across the room. Kitchens are designed for models that have special protection against moisture and steam inside of the device. They work even at reduced voltage.

Properly selected lighting will fill the kitchen with light, visually expand the space and will increase the height of the ceilings. The use of spotlights has a lot of advantages:

  • fill the room with soft;
  • diffused light;
  • creates shadows and is not visually narrows the space, as a single ceiling chandeliers;
  • give the ability to divide your kitchen into functional zones – brightly lit for the working moments and warm lighting for guests at the dining table;
  • helps to cover the oversized decoration in the form of bas-reliefs in the kitchen.

The combination of spotlights with the main source of artificial light will help to achieve a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen; spotlights are available in various packages, so they can be matched to any interior. For kitchen is perfect spot lighting with housing made of stone. More economical option – plastic. They look beautiful and can be painted in different colors. Such lamps have disadvantages:

  • the installation process is much more complicated than the chandeliers;
  • location is important to consider at the stage of repair;
  • if the light source is installed on the furniture – before assembly.

Track lighting kitchen: how to make a choice

Kitchen is no ordinary room, and the lighting should be arranged originally. You should start with the ceiling. There are different kitchen track lighting fixtures. Large ceiling lamps, chandeliers and spotlights can be used here at the same time. Led lighting is suitable for tiered ceiling. It will raise and create a feeling of infinite space visually.

The worktop is another place for experimentation with kitchen track lights. The LED panels or led lamps will help suspended. Integrated lighting will best illuminate the work area and accentuate its individual style. Don’t forget about the bar – it will be accentuated by the large lamp hanging from the ceiling on thick cords or table lamps. Non-standard approach to this part of the kitchen will impress all guests. The illumination color can be chosen either from classic white to brilliant eye-catching shades of red, purple, aquamarine.

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Spot lights and led strip are suitable track lighting for kitchen. When installing the lights you must consider that 1 meter of functional space need 1 point item. They are mounted on the bottom of the hanging lockers. Another point needs to illuminate the sink. The hob lights lighting, built-in outboard hood.

3 the most available kitchen track lighting

The illumination of the working area is different. There are several interesting options for lighting your desktop. There are different lamps – point or built-in wall cabinets, fluorescent lamp, led strip light, which can be colored.


The led strip. It is not afraid of the kitchen dampness and moisture. Led lights for kitchen is stuck to the cabinets, because it is considered the most inexpensive and quickest method of lighting. Led lighting BAR. Such lamps are easy to assemble. The kit is supplied with special clips and double sided tape. The screen for such a lamp is better to choose matte – it will not interfere with the eyes.


A fluorescent lamp. It can be used at home for a long time. Its first samples were created in 30-40-ies of the last century. Fluorescent lamps are economical, convenient and meet the many requirements of the modern consumer. Temporarily or permanently? Everyone understands that this temporary light source. It can be table lamp – lamps on the legs or with special clips allowing you to mount them anywhere.

They are convenient and economical because their use does not require any installation work. And the lights working kitchen surfaces will be sufficient. In addition, a table lamp, not needed at the moment in the kitchen, you can move to the bedroom or put on the desk in the office. But there are some significant disadvantages. For example, built-in sockets in the top.

The need to constantly carry the lighting apparatus from place to place, not too comfortable. And the lamp is necessary to several family members and mistress of the kitchen, and child desk.

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Another downside is the wire that can accidentally catch on and drop a table lamp. In addition, all kitchen outlets are usually busy. For portable lamp would require multiple sockets or extension cords, as this will significantly degrade the design of the room. All the minuses are quite capable of avoid, if the set of stationary lamps.

Flush mount kitchen light fixtures. That is to mount the lamps under the cabinets located above work surfaces. This work light and beautiful, and comfortable and ergonomic. For those who do not want to live the “old way” that modern industry offers recessed lights for kitchen cabinets.

Lighting for kitchen cabinets can be of two types. The luminaires can be mounted on cabinets or under them. Very convenient, if the cornice of the upper cabinets will be assigned to small spotlights. They can be mounted in the cornice. Also, the edge of it, you can pin a small, stylish lamp on special clips. Such lamp fixtures are convenient because the light from them is directed at the request of the hostess.

But similar bulb arrangement has a significant disadvantage, because the top will be partially obscured. However, the problem is easily solved, if, in the top row, lighting for the work surface of the kitchen is installed and under the cabinets. This provides maximum convenience for the owner.

To install light fixtures for kitchen in any closets or under them pretty easy, as the kit includes all the required fixtures and fittings. But the backlight of the kitchen cabinets will not be attractive, if you do not care about the wires. After all, the appearance of a stylish kitchen furniture will suffer from the hanging wires here and there.

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The question is: where to put them and how to hide? To disguise the wires in the kitchen by using decorative boxes or panels. Some craftsmen consider factory decorative inserts and panels waste of money, self-made panels and assemble them into lamps. But, dealing with installation, it is important to observe safety rules at all stages of the work. To prevent further operation of displacement, loss and so on.

Small size: special kitchen track lighting ideas

Not all are the owners of large kitchens. Many houses have kitchens with a very modest size. But this does not mean that they should not be cozy and well-lit. The main rule – it is not necessary to arrange the illumination and to overload the kitchen lights. You need to choose the option that will be the best.

The perfect solution is elegant spotlights placed on the ceiling. They can be embedded into the design of the ceiling or fixed on a ceiling ledge of the wire. With their help, the illumination of the working area and compact kitchen cabinets will become an additional element of decor. The first option is more time consuming as it requires the creation of a hinged ceiling or suspended installation.


Wire a ceiling cornice is much cheaper and install it yourself. Light from the lamp is directed in the desired direction – on the sink, stove, working or dining area. In the kitchen there is no detail. Everything has a value – its size, kitchen furniture, and overall design. A special role is played by the track lighting in kitchen. So the kitchen was convenient not only to the hostess, but to everyone sitting at the table, you need to consider the purchase and installation of light sources very carefully.

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