Kitchen under cabinet lighting: usuful and decorative solutions

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Organization of kitchen lighting plays a major role — light sources must be sufficient artificial lighting so located as to create in the room a cosy and comfortable setting. The quality of light affects your appetite, health and the atmosphere in the house.

Fixtures for kitchen lighting

You can hang a single chandelier in the middle of the room, but this step will create a lot of problems. The kitchen should be several light sources, separately for each zone. Light, which gives the chandelier placed in the center of the ceiling rarely falls on a surface for cooking. When cooking, a person stands with his back to the light source and the table is in its shadow. This can be avoided by placing a table in the middle of the room that is not always possible to make the size of the room. You can set the illumination of the working area, install it under the cabinets.

Large kitchen in a private home require careful design, read about it here. The kitchen lighting should be a central, focused over an area for cooking. Above the cooking surface for more light built into the hood lamp. Options artificial light can be obtained from several lighting types:

  • Temporary – table lamps, which can be placed anywhere. Their light is enough for the cooking process.
  • A significant drawback – the lamp may need another family member, and the short wire creates a risk of dropping the device.
  • Permanent – set in the middle of the ceiling or closer to the working surface.

On one bracket can be mounted a few ceiling, which rotate in opposite directions. Such lamps require extra solutions for hiding the wires and do not provide sufficient lighting. Built – in for their placement fits any surface: cabinets, ceilings, countertops. These fixtures are mounted in drywall construction, most often they are used for installation on the ceiling. Highlighting countertops and also performs the function of decor.

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6 benefits of using led strip as under kitchen cabinet lights

LED strips are a small number of diodes for ease of mounting are placed on the same plate. Plane with led lights in the kitchen performs 2 functions: lighting and decorative. A good solution would be to contour illumination the working apron of the countertop or bar. LEDs as under cabinet kitchen lighting have some advantages:

  1. long lifetime – up to 16 years of service;
  2. available material price is a reasonable combination of cost and technical characteristics;
  3. do not heat in the process;
  4. the diodes are shining bright without heat;
  5. environmentally friendly and safe;
  6. easy to assemble – manufactured tape with double-sided tape for mounting.

Use the LED-strip for lighting and zoning of space in a kitchen, lights, furniture and countertops. With their help, make multiple tiered ceiling light that makes the kitchen cozy and unusual. LEDs come in different colors, is not difficult to select just one that will suit a specific interior.

Disadvantages of LEDs: tape afraid of wet areas, the appearance of condensation on it may cause short circuit and fire; illuminate only part of the ceiling; at burnout of one diode should I replace the whole tape; not aesthetically pleasing look for stretch ceilings in the off state.

For kitchen LED lamps great design course. In addition, they are practical and economical to use. Energy-saving light sources, thanks to the development of LED technology becomes more popular than other lighting fixtures. Save electricity will help — lamps with a sensitive sensor that responds to movement or sounds. In case you forget to turn off the light, the lamp will turn off automatically.

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LED lighting is used to accentuate the originality of the kitchen apron, lighting cap and ceiling, the revival of stained glass kitchen fronts and worktops. Must be used in the model, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Led panels have several drawbacks:

  • need a place to hide 12V transformer;
  • the price is quite high compared to conventional lamps;
  • spot focus light and an unpleasant spectrum of the illumination.

Under kitchen cabinet lighting: 3 bright solutions

Filament Lamp

Other sources for lighting of the kitchen space can be used a filament Lamp. The first vacuum tube was invented more than 2 centuries ago. They have different shapes and can be matched to any luminaire. Incandescent bulbs are still often found in our kitchens, but if you compare them with modern types of lighting, bulbs familiar to us losing

Pros: low cost; ability to pick up a device with a capacity from 15 to 300 W; does not emit chemical compounds when heated.

Cons: energy-consuming; ineffective and short-lived; much heated.

A fluorescent lamp

The phosphor occurs due to the combustion of mercury vapor. Luminous efficiency and service life from them exceeds that of incandescent lamps. Create indirect lighting in different shades.

Pros: emit light spectrum like the sun; not too hot; large selection of sizes and shapes.

Cons: high price; an unpleasant noise during operation; sensitivity to voltage surges.

 A halogen lamp

These lamps have found application in the spotlights, recessed in ceilings, and kitchen furniture.

Pros: high luminous efficiency; resistance to temperature changes and mechanical stress, strength; energy saving; bright, but not tiring sight, light.

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Cons: constant overheating; susceptibility to fluctuations in the mains supply; a high price is 4 times more expensive than vacuum tubes.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting is not just method of illumination, but also the way tomake the room incredibly impressive. Make your kitchen special and cozy because of bright elements.

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