Kitchens with white appliances, 14 photo

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Flag, extraction and refrigerator as is there a main accent of style or unnoticeable helpers on a background a kitchen interior? Kitchen – one of the most difficult apartments of apartment from the point of view of design. It is not Enough to think over comfort location of set : will be yet and to choose a kitchen technique, thus so that she did not seem a foreign element on a background to the successfully composed furniture. In fact, there are only three possible decisions of this task : to hide devices after furniture facades, to do so that visible to the eye of technician “met” with an interior. Or to convert her into a main accent. We – for the third way!

Not secret, that the simplest method to create a harmonious design-project – to combine elements in color or to the invoice. The designers of this angular kitchen decided to operate at once under two fronts: a black glossy cooking surface by sight duplicates furniture facades. So the successful standard of steel interior appeared with the “hidden” technique: dark elements counterbalance the white finishing and translate focus of attention from a domestic technique into the game of contrasts.

Along one axis

That a technique did not divert attention from your designer decisions, group her in one place – create such original corner of hi-tec.

In an interior  this reception helped to decide at once two tasks: firstly, the technique located above each other puts in order a kitchen set and becomes his composition center, secondly, for microwave stove  there was a place on the second tier, that allowed not to encumber a working surface.

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White on white

If the chrome-plated appliances seem to you too technical for a domestic interior, choose models under the color of kitchen set. For white kitchens that now is especially actual, there is a great choice of flags and spirit closets with a white front panel that by sight not beaten out from a general colour row.

Сombine accents

Usually kitchen interiors do not welcome combination of a few types of metal, but this rule is a not axiom. A kitchen can be designed in cold blue tones with warm arboreal accents, and metal to shade in accordance with a coloristic chart: the chrome-plated domestic technique would complement blue basis, and copper accessories – like composition from pans under ceiling – appeared being interior, to “support” wooden furniture and surface.

Decor in tone

However, where it is simpler to pick up фурнитуру and accessories under the color of kitchen devices. Look after that pens and fastening of closets and mixers corresponded to the tint of metal of domestic technique. The chrome-plated extraction and flag ruled roast on this small kitchen, and the carpet of the saturated grey tint became the last stroke.

Force of color

A kitchen technique quite not necessarily to hide – opposite approach gives a successful result too. For the coloured extraction, flag or refrigerator – deliberately bright on a background a neutral kitchen interior – it is not needed to search the special place: their strong side is an effect of surprise.

Cheerful ретро

Who did say that technique in style retro look like a museum-piece? These brightly-blue models conform to all requirements of functional kitchen, here reviving a laconic interior with wooden floor and white closets. Besides, the proprietors of little kitchen can paint doors in a red color: unexpected coloristic motion would strengthen  and without that memorizable effect from an original technique.

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There is playing an association

Modern kitchen decisions are so expressive, that able to play the first violin the design of interior – for example, as this wide extraction, bringing associations on with the kitchen of restaurant. That silver metallic accessories blended in the white interior of kitchen, he was complemented by a grey kitchen apron and white marble kitchenmarbled.

But as regarding extraction a la knight’s panoplies? In this Scandinavian interior she became a main expressive accent, and that her appearance did not look casual, a kitchen was complemented by a flag in style ретро and dark surface.

Topside is a metal

To the kitchen technique with white glossy doors many grew cold as early as 90th: such design already then seemed not actual, besides, on a white surface contaminations are well visible. On changing white the cold tints of metal came in the race of tendencies. As practice showed, the chrome-plated built-in technique it is not difficult to enter in an interior, what her white predecessors.

Do you want to create an actual kitchen with a comfortable mood? Combine a metal with the tints of tree. Such contrast of invoices will the best of all look on a background the light finishing and will suit both for small and for spacious kitchens.

The classics are in black tones


Specialists in area of interior design are sure: any interior need black details – this color adds to space of beautiful graphic. Interesting example, as a domestic technique can ennoble very simple, almost minimalistic design: this project of black-white kitchen was complemented by dark extraction and flag with an expressive silver line, and mixers and furniture were picked up under the color of decor.

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