Led kitchen lighting: how to organize additional lighting


Lighting of kitchen space is very important – everyone understand that. As for the kitchen lighting a good choice will be led lights. Ther are some advantages of using led lamps:

  • they consume very little power;
  • ensure a bright light;
  • available for choice wide light spectrum lamps.

We can say that LEDs are the future of lighting. First, let’s say that in the kitchen there are five main areas that you want to highlight. They include:

  • general light;
  • illumination of a working surface of kitchen;
  • cabinet lighting;
  • wall lighting;
  • ceiling lighting.

All five zones can be equipped with led kitchen ceiling lights.

If you have any doubts about whether you want to do to make the backlight work surface, then immediately you must drop all the doubts, because it should be done carefully. The illumination of the working area of the kitchen (in other words, it is called the apron), often produced using led lighting – this option is particularly good for romantics, but also practice and find in it pluses.

The illumination of the working area

In the working surface of the kitchen usually consists of the following components: a cutting table, stove, sink and refrigerator. This zone has a list of its requirements: the light must act uniformly, to be bright, but not dazzling to the eye, and also negatively on the process of cooking is influenced by shadows, so they should be avoided in the selection of light.

All the above characteristics find themselves in led modules and led strips new lighting fixtures that are actively conquer the market of lighting equipment. It is worth noting that LEDs today are used not only as an illumination of the kitchen space, but also are suitable as the main lighting, due to its characteristics of performance, economy and durability.

To illuminate the working area, it is possible to place the modules under the cabinets – in the same way, which is used for insertion of spotlights. The important rule here is to correctly calculate the capacity and number of modules, because the main requirement is to obtain bright and uniform lighting. The led modules can be used and by placing them inside cabinets, in such a way organized the inner light. One option is to arrange automatically turns on the light when opening the cupboard door when closing the same light would turn off. It is very economical and practical way.

Led kitchen lighting: brightness rules

You should carefully consider the choice of lighting color among the led lamps, the color spectrum of diversity. For kitchen lighting is better to choose soft light, but not too yellow. The best choice for kitchen led lighting is fluorescentt, it will neither yellow nor cold. It is important to be bright, but at the same time, if the light will blind in the eye, it will irritate and bore in the time of cooking.

Color led lights used as a decorative element of lighting: ceiling, wall lamps. Modern, common method is to wire the led strip around the perimeter of the ceiling – this option can be used as a night light. Not to mention the eating area – there are several other requirements for lighting: it is possible to make it not too bright. Soft, diffuse light is what we need.


Immediately fit the lamp, hanging low to the table, with a dim-option led kitchen lights or wall-mounted version of this fixture. This light is best suited when eating in the evenings with unhurried talking, and in the morning when you do not want to use a bright light.

Coloured Led kitchen light

In most case the led backlight is used in the kitchen as a way of zoning of space. But, as we have already mentioned, led lights are suitable for any type of kitchen lighting. In stores today, you can find a broad list of led lamps which are suitable for almost all types of lights: point or wall.

The main thing is to choose the right lamp cap. This topic is covered here. The most popular types is the led downlights. More and more families decorate the room with such led kitchen light fixtures as spotlights. They have a low cost, presents a huge range of variants with different design, color, shape and other characteristics.

However, on the cost of led lamps is worth mentioning separately: it is much higher than similar options – halogen, incandescent, fluorescent. On the compatibility of lamp and bulb you can not worry: since led lamps are not heated almost, on the package of halogen lamp can not look at the maximum power, and immediately buy diode lamp of the power, what I want.

But usually do not need to buy high power bulbs: they are bright enough and at a power of 35 Watt, as well as spotlights on the ceiling there is usually at least four, so the total capacity will be optimal in any case. Moreover, if it is assumed the other lights in the kitchen space, over capacity and does not worry. Another view, is actively used today for installation in the kitchen is a touch sensitive LED lamps. In another way, they are called – led linear, they have a special sensor, which is required for a simple turn on the device.

Advantages of the installation of such lamps in the kitchen quite a lot:

  • calm visual perception of space;
  • warm, bright, comfortable atmosphere;
  • the ability expand even a very small kitchen area;
  • possibility to create individual lighting of the working surface (a linear light source can be mounted in the lower part of the upper outboard lockers);
  • the attractiveness of the installation of LED lamps increases, and the ability to turn on or turn off the lights flick of the wrist, in the direction of the touch switch.

Additional Apron Lighting

Led luminaires are typically used in very small kitchens. Such lamps are well suited for such rooms that do not have hanging or suspended ceiling, and a whitewash or Wallpaper. Overhead lamps are well-suitable for fixation on different pieces of furniture, so you can use them not only for general lighting but also for decorative ideas in the design.

Features backlight led ribbon to arrange lighting kitchen led strip lights, it is best to take the ribbon 120 led/m. This is optimal because one metre is 120 LEDs. To highlight the working area, the tape is fixed in the cabinet bottom around the perimeter. The result is a bright and functional lighting. Another good feature of led tape is not necessary to arrange the screen, the light path has an angle of 120 degrees, and when viewed from the side, the light will not hit in the eye and blind turns focused light.

The only thing that it will need to purchase a transformer with matching power. Led tape in the kitchen, you can experiment, creating a unique lighting that will not only create a decorative effect, but also improve the atmosphere of the kitchen.


Before you begin the installation, it is necessary to degrease the surface: it is better to buy the tape in a sealed design for kitchen is a great option. Sealed led strip is a the LEDs in epoxy, so you can then smoothly wipe the tape with a damp cloth. Led work light is for sure: the led lighting is much more pluses than minuses. Two major drawbacks is the high cost and attention to connect using a transformer. In the rest of the led lights for the kitchen has a positive sides only, the main of which are: low energy consumption, lamps are not heated, there is a choice of a suitable shade of illumination, long lifespan, brightness.

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