Antique kitchen decor: magic of details


Last and probably the most pleasant step in creating special antique kitchen interior is adding some décor. The most exciting part about this process is that it really helps customize a room and make it in a way a reflection of its owner’s personality. Decorating a room is an on-going process; one does not have to complete it once and for all. It brings so much fun to bring something special for a kitchen from abroad vacation and what a joy, wandering around the shelves of antique or home décor shop, to find “just right” element of décor. Such things are especially important in antique kitchens. But main idea of future décor needs to be planned when design-project of a future kitchen is made.

Knowing basic principles of decoration in different styles would guide a kitchen’s owner during spontaneous and pleasant process of choosing right details.

  • Antique Greece inspired kitchen interior

Antique style can be described as harmonic, laconic and noble. It doesn’t stand excess of decor and various interior accessories; every little detail is well balanced into main plan. At first glance antique interior can even look too reserved and laconic.

When speaking of antique kitchen décor, there are many options to choose from. Most obvious elements of décor are antique statues of ancient Gods and Goddesses. These pieces can be found in any antique store. To bring into kitchen some vibes of Ancient Greece paintings and tapestries picturing scenes of Greek mythology could be hung on the walls. Some statues of mythological heroes will fit fine as well.

Antique clay pottery on the shelves and countertops, antique dishes hung on the wall and big ancient vases and amphora – one can’t go wrong with these ultimate attributes of antique stile. Antique bowl with fruits placed on marble tabletop will give a true impression of ancient Greek home. Electric torches will enhance an antique style of kitchen while making it indeed warm and cozy.

  • Antique vintage kitchen

This kitchen interior is famous for numerous details and elements of décor. Literally it is as far from minimalistic interior as it could be. This leaves a broad field for fantasy in decoration. Kitchen owners could go ahead and generously decorate interior. Both porcelain and textile décor could be used: boxes for condiments, grains, tea, coffee and other powdery groceries; decorative plates hung on the walls, tablecloths, chair cushions and many other things. Contrast geometrical patterns as stripes and polka dots suit well this interior.

Some chaos and kitsch is welcome in this style. All shelves can be overfilled with bright colored dishes and cups. Little cute naive details as vintage postcards, little boxes and plastic cupcakes add some warmth to the whole interior.

One can put in sight antique kitchen scales, radio, bread bin and colorful toaster and a vintage tea pot. It is recommended to buy kitchen electric appliances in vintage style – now many brands launch special vintage collections.

Kitchen wall strongly requires a vintage clock. Back then handy timers yet had not been invented and the clocks were used to control time of meals’ preparation.

Cheap colorful lamp shade, matching in color with kitchen furniture, will give a good put-together look to a kitchen.

  • Antique country kitchen

This interior has many in common with vintage style. Country kitchen usually look simple yet very warm. Colorful textile brings special country charm. Colorful curtains, textile and knitted blankets draped over armchairs makes a room very cozy in its simplicity.

Among very popular antique country kitchen décor elements wooden signs with statements as “Welcome” and chalk boards need to be mentioned, plenty of them could be found on e-bay, for instance.

Antique country kitchen requires a lot of plants and flowers in old plant pots. Some vintage garden utensils as copper watering can and big gardening scissors will add some shabby rustic notes to interior.


Antique kitchen scales can fit very naturally in a country kitchen environment. For even better effect one can create a stylish composition by adding flowers or vegetables to the scales.

Antique jars covered with patterned cloth and vintage ceramic on rough wooden shelves will enhance kitchen style. Farm motives on dishes are very welcome, too.

Choosing antique kitchen décor, it is important to remember that rules are meant to guide a choice not to restrict fantasy. So if some element doesn’t fit general concept but feels just right for this particular kitchen, it is probably best to give in and get it.

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