Main ideas for country cottage kitchen


Extremely interesting are obtained cuisine in a country cottage kitchen style, where the decor used wall panels of textured wood, stainless steel and stone. Effectively perceived gray-white wall background, diluted purple contrast. But no matter how tried to diversify the minimalism of modern designers, three color style whales still remain:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Gray

As contrast thereto generally chosen brown and black shades. As the world’s minimalist ornaments, bright accents and fancy places not allowed contrast highlight facades the lower row of floor cabinets. Contrast can also be countertops and furniture legs. The role of color accents can perform semitones derived from the basic background range.

To country cottage kitchens pleasing atmosphere, everything must be in harmony in it. The decor of this multifunctional space should be laid out all the subtleties and to the smallest detail. In these rooms it is important to all of the colors and furniture to the floor mat. Not the least role in this played by lighting in the kitchen, as the correctness of its execution depends on how the situation is perceived as a whole. In developing the type of lighting system, it is imperative to rely on such things as the stylistic parameters of finishing, color palette and background, of course, the size of the room. Often modest for Area Kitchen lighting is a special emphasis on the dining area. Ceiling light in this room is always located above the dining table. Ideally, it is adjustable in height parameters lampshade or newfangled bus systems with a set of rotary fixtures.

Spot lights in country cottage kitchens to make more difficult, as they are usually filled to overflowing space structures mounted cabinets that are very obscure work countertops. This does not mean that from these lamps have to give. They just need to be properly set. And the best place to do this will be the bottom of the most “disturbing” ceiling system cabinets.

  • Significant contribution to the lighting in the kitchen will make a hood with integrated lighting.
  • The tiny space all its own lamp can solve the problem of additional lighting.
  • Features a living room-kitchen lighting

Combined facilities certainly probed and often impose this task on different leveled ceilings. Here the use of spotlights is simply irreplaceable. With their help it is easy to emphasize the contours of the zone. Additional accent lighting performed chandeliers and sconces.

When working in the kitchen-living room does not forget that the recreation area coverage should be much softer than the kitchen. Since the area of the combined space is large enough, and will be as light areas, you will need to install switches communicating with which you can comfortably turn on or turn off the light in a particular part of the room.

The kitchen-dining room and its lighting space

Since the dining area in the country cottage kitchen ideas is almost always located in the center of the room and the main light is focused on it.

The spacious rooms of the dining area are often equipping suspended ceiling structure. It is also possible to place the original spotlights. In addition, they will highlight the entire table; they will be able to probe the fine dining space.

Look at country cottage kitchen pictures

Spotlights do not necessarily have to be located in the back of the drywall. They can cover the table space and the furniture is in the visor of laminated chipboard.

The ultra-modern decors are more frequent bus lighting system. In extreme cases, when the dining table pushed against the wall, it can illuminate and conventional spot or sconces, light pouring down deliberately. However, in this case, part countertops certainly remain in the shade. In addition, these items are not always suitable fixtures stylistically, so try not to use them in the kitchen.

Daily routine, the gray monotony of everyday life .. an incredibly tiring, and involuntarily start to think about how to be more embellish your life, where would add to her happy, or perhaps coquettishly-feminine notes of? Make it the best in your favorite home. Let there will be a country cottage kitchen pictures, and you really feel that everything that happens around all so impersonal.


Why food? If you think about it, the house is enough room, which also could be made in these colors. The secret is that most of it falls in the kitchen woman returning from work (because you have to rush to make dinner) and waking up in the morning (after all, in a cozy kitchen so nice to have a cup of coffee in the morning while preparing breakfast!). It turns out that the woman’s partner mainly takes place in this particular area. Not surprisingly, there is a desire to make the kitchen the most comfortable in all respects. Fuchsia is not just cheering up, it really adds energy, and therefore work in such an environment would argue.

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