Tuscan kitchen design with neutral tones: making


Starting with the need to design the dining room floor finishing. For them, choosing coffee, wood, chocolate shades. Then there are the walls. Their issue is very calm in beige, golden, pearly shades or ivory. Selected shades should continue in textiles. The ceiling should decorate stucco or make it difficult constructed, but the color aspect, it can only be a perfect white tone.

Natural colors in the tuscan kitchen design

Nature – the best painter. She had never made a mistake, combining paint, and therefore you will not be for nothing, if you decide to arrange the dining room in the blue-green spectrum. Feel free to mix blue pistachio greens, mint turquoise, pale blue with grass.

Add the mix of colors, which is also not uncommon in nature: yellow, terracotta, wheat, wood, lemon or even a bit of black – and you get a gorgeous interior. Do not turn one’s stomach will design a small dining room bright colors. They cheerfulness, improve health, awaken your appetite. “Live” paints should appear metered. This may be an orange tablecloth, still life with fruit hanging on the wall, crimson cloth. You can purchase the chairs with colorful seats.

In the tuscan kitchen design all must be proportionate, particularly when it is small in size. If you really want to knead it in vending furniture set, but he too, dimension to her, this venture should be abandoned. The fact that the room is primarily should be comfortable, and only then – beautiful. This does not mean that the room wills not attractive, simple things it is necessary to select the appropriate spatial scale. Take the table. You agree that in the design of a small dining room with a round table top models look prettier, and the people of this table can be planted more. An excellent idea and a side table can be considered for a modest dining room. But the buffet or sideboard is not necessary to refer to the piece of furniture, so their introduction into the interior cannot suffer.

AcousticsĀ in the tuscan kitchen design

Should not “walk” echo in the dining room. Get rid of the unwanted effect of emptiness will help textiles. Arrange the wall fabric wallpaper on the table laid a thick cloth. Visionary, budget and just the right step will be wood panels, used in the decoration of the room. They perfectly quenched sound and table-talk will always receive a warm, trusting, without resounding doubling sounds. Disappear and echo, so loving, “walk” among the cutlery. Win and design a small dining room, which is in front of them will look incredibly comfortable.

Lighten spaceĀ in the tuscan kitchen design

Looking through of design Example of a small dining room, you probably noticed that even incredibly refined interiors decorated all in the same neutral and bright colors. This allows the general background perceive as beautiful decorations painted dishes, bouquets of fresh flowers, serving items. Even eating you really want to enter into the interior of dark paint, remember that they narrow space. After all, you do not want to sit at the table felt “trapped” in the space?

To deceive someone illusions reflected difficult, but in the tuscan kitchen design of a small dining room and the presence of mirrors that their function is very justified. What duplicate mirrored surfaces? Of course, all the shiny pieces of furniture and tableware itself. Good looking in reflections chandeliers, silverware, a bucket of champagne. Well, if the mirror is fixed so that it can duplicate the food placed on a table. This technique is known in ancient times, and it was believed that in this way you can bring prosperity to the house.

Repairs in the tuscan kitchen design are in full swing: the ceiling is ready, replaced the window, the floor is made. It’s time to design the walls. They can be finished in many ways: paste over wallpaper with modern, tiled, plastered with a special compound, or simply paint. In recent years, painting the walls in the kitchen has become incredibly popular, as they say, is simple, cheap and nice. However, keep in mind that the walls of the kitchen – a place quickly and easily contaminated, because the process of cooking is never complete without flying splashes of fat, release smoke and steam generation. Consequently, they should be covered with special paint that can later be easily clean the mud from unwanted plaque, and to do so without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the surface. Let’s see, what distinguishes the process of painting the kitchen walls, on similar work in other areas.

The main difference lies, of course, in the selection of the colorant composition to which special requirements. Paint for such works must possess high strength, because she has to be in the unstable thermal and micro-climatic conditions, to experience the impact of steam and condensates, subjected to frequent washing, and sometimes tough cleaning. The cost of such a high-ink is understandably higher than the “residential” compositions, but that is no reason to give up his ideas for tuscan kitchen design decor.


The paint is perfect for the modern kitchen interior design. With it created a great homogeneous and smooth surface, which light rays becomes beautiful gradation. The main advantages of kitchen colors are:

  • Water resistance. This is the main parameter for the composition; it is planned for use in the harsh kitchen conditions.
  • Possibility of tinting.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easy to apply.
  • The absence of irritating smell.
  • Fire safety.
  • Air permeability. This condition also applies to the required parameters. Under the layers of this paint will never settle pathogens.
  • High-quality adhesion. The paint should be well-fasten to the surface, not crack and does not peel off.
  • Virtually instant drying.
  • Durability.

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