Modern kitchen in ordinary house

Over time, our ideas about changing the interior. There are new trends, materials, technical solutions, variations of existing styles. Skillful use of the entire arsenal that helps designers implements the most daring ideas. This, in particular, applies to the arrangement of dishes. Today we will learn from professionals how to organize the space of the most frequently visited areas in the house in line with the latest fashion trends.

Current trends

In recent years, the basic requirements from the customer to the kitchen design remain unchanged: it should be functional, comfortable and have their own individual style. But thanks to advances in technology in the furniture designers and architects there are more opportunities to implement any, even the wildest wishes of clients. As noted, the trends in the design of kitchen furniture follows the wishes of the customer, as a result – there are new directions. So, today, along with furniture, made in a classic style or the style of “modern” is gaining more and more popular new trend, called “Urban Classics”. Furniture made in this style, distinguished by strict classical form and a minimum of decorative elements. It is the lack of “heavy” sets and facades made of solid wood or MDF light shades give the kitchen a lightness and elegance.

“Over time, changing approaches to the geometry and shape of the kitchen, – the expert continues -. Do not lose its relevance kitchen with radius facades but if earlier they were more voluminous, with smooth lines, the standard range is 300 mm, the current model it. Becomes sharper, sharp, with a radius of half. Another trendy solution to make the set more striking -.. The use of combinations of closed cabinets and contrasting open mounted shelves. Modern headset features a more functional approach to outdoor enclosures – the replacement of the usual door using came wide drawers that let you see immediately all of their content, which is to a large extent saves time and simplifies the life of the owner of the kitchen.

Cutting board, capable of determining the weight of products. The knife, fry the slices of bread. Smart pan that will teach you to cook. This is not a list of props to a fantastic film about the distant future, and innovations that are available today

Modern technological progress is so rapid that we do not always have time to keep up with the advent of various innovative technologies. Here you are, for example, known of the existence of a transparent toaster or a miniature grill, hidden in a flowerpot? These and other incredible adaptations that can completely change your perception of space and the kitchen cooking process, is dedicated to our current collection.

Since leaked, start it with a transparent toaster. In it your toast certainly not Undermountain. Whether you’re a fan of the design, or simply enjoy well-appointed interior, you know that there is nothing better than refrigeration, which perfectly matches the design with furniture. A new generation of products provided by the company includes more than 60 new products technology, many of which are able to dissolve in your interior. Apply this effect at home by choosing one of the three new visual styles: professional, transitional or contemporary, to furnish your modern kitchen technique was. New handle, at least on the front lines of the panels of the refrigerator, the control panel disappears – only some advantages that you enjoy.

We all like to go back to the whole new world, creating a unique style design, which we like. Innovative ideas used in the kitchen, developed over many years and have long gone beyond the “usual – unusual” range, aiming at the creation of art that exudes the same charm of the design, as well as your furniture or interior trim; your kitchen is becoming one of the favorite places in the house, where you enjoy spending time. A new generation of products meets your design requirements in all that relates to the latest technology and diversity, with different design variations, installation options, and more.

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