Open kitchen design – modern


The main focus can be directed to the chandelier in open kitchen design , the main thing to pick up an unusual pattern that should also be in harmony with kitchen interior. To evenly distribute the light throughout the room using lamps.

Selecting accessories open kitchen floor plans designs

Beautiful picture or a family photo, a panel, or any man-made trifle – all this will look quite appropriate in the interior of a small kitchen, the main thing to know is how to accommodate and combine.

A win-win option would be the use of mirrors, because they are visually expand the space. In the kitchen, you can embed a mirror in an interesting frame to one of the doors of the kitchen cabinet.

Fans of indoor plants, we recommend not to overload the interior of the green, but several elegant flowers neatly in a pot only add comfort room.

Demonstrating a little imagination, you can make the interior of a small kitchen is not just beautiful but also very comfortable and functional!

Spending time in the kitchen a lot, every woman dreams that her home “workplace” was the most practical, the most functional and the most beautiful. To cope with this task as “excellent” can only modern kitchen interior in which every detail is provided. So what he has to specifically include and how to look? To find out about this, it is necessary to get acquainted with the design concept of a closer look.

Newfangled kitchen

Fans of eco styles can be used in a modern interior open kitchen floor plans designs sets from the multiplex and wood. According to the designer about what a modern kitchen should be a symbiosis of decorative efficiency and functionality, with one accord. Think about it: if it is convenient to prepare, if the sink is located in one corner of the work surface – in the other, and the gas stove – in the third? It follows that the need to balance occupancy cooking zones. Sink, countertop, stove and refrigerator have to assemble and form a triangle similarity.

It is difficult to imagine our cuisine and without useful and familiar household appliances, such as:

  • Microwave.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Hood.
  • Bread oven.
  • Double boiler.

However, only the presence of the latest models of home appliances will not be able to make the interior a modern kitchen, where there is an old, no longer just served their time operation with sagging furniture facades and loosening of the legs.

You could argue that low on money, you have a hard life – but nobody says that you need to buy the headset, worth fabulous money. Having a desire to attach and imagination, for a very reasonable amount you can get a bright, beautiful, and most importantly, incredibly soulful interior. And believe, you also have to do everything possible. One can only brains, gathering together the design of the slot, and you will surely be able to turn a familiar space of a standard kitchen in a lovely and convenient.

The interior of modern kitchen is clearly visible trend of spaciousness. They do not have a pronounced division of space, so the room can flow smoothly into the living area, becoming, for example, part of the living room.

Change design

Since furnish the kitchen, remember that in the modern decor should not clutter things. Furniture should be used neat and light, ideally transformed, that it does not occupy the entire space. Its façades, in principle, may be different, but we should not forget that in the open kitchen designs photo gallery of their appropriately bright colors, because dark finishes instantly “weighted” space. The modern interior large kitchen color restrictions in this regard, no.

If you change the headset is not included in your plans, try it a little “facilitate”. Add open shelves, good lighting – now in vogue brevity and simplicity of the furniture.

Buying a new kitchen, stay at a comfortable and at the same time functional furniture with smooth fronts and concealed fittings. It should have included easy baskets, capacious storage systems, dividers, which will help to optimize workflows.

It can be used in an environment with open cupboards deep shelves. And well, if the furniture fronts and worktops kitchen table will be made of glass. The interior of a kitchen immediately appear peculiar zest. When choosing appliances, give preference to models with energy-saving programs.

Ideally, in the modern kitchen interior furnishings do not have a single array, and strive to distribute them volumes in space is more or less evenly. However, this rule only applies to large areas.

The key to this will be the decoration lighting. At the center of the kitchen should definitely be a chandelier, which will shed its light on the entire area of the premises. Additional lighting need near the stove, sink and work surface. In the modern kitchen should be no dark corners and shadows. If you want to decorate the interior, use a colored light in the kitchen or LED lighting.

In the kitchen of the new generation must harmonize everything, so the choice of materials for finishing facades sets, their texture and color should be given much attention. Logically, if you stop your choice on such material as plastic. His bright palette gives the feeling of purity, light, comfort. On large areas, you can use dark plastic furniture. She will give a stylish atmosphere and originality. Color variations of plastic facades are available in over 200 shades. This lightweight and durable material can simulate glass, stone, wood.

How to use in modern life?

In recent years, in the modern interior of the kitchen is increasingly emerges from the metal furniture. In its manufacture is aluminum with a special anodized, stainless steel. Shelves and doors in such constructions are made of special glass furniture that can easily withstand a lot of weight and serious blows. A variety of finishing it allows you to create original compositions. Cold shine of such furniture gives the space a certain gloss kitchen and incredible chic.

Fans can use the kitchen in modern interior sets of the multiplex and wood. Multiplex is obtained by bonding thin layers of wood of various breeds. It features high moisture resistance and durability, so it is almost never deformed.

Kitchen made of wood is always in fashion, too. For the production of such sets today use about 40 varieties of pre-processed by special structures of wood. Processing allows you to do stuff whiter durable, beautiful and saturate it texture color. Kitchen made of solid wood are always luxurious and eco logical. Their only drawback – the high cost.

The most accessible to consumer’s cuisine made from particle board, however, if you have the opportunity to choose, it is better to stop for MDF models. The problem is that the chipboard does not tolerate high humidity, so expect from the small open kitchen designs made of this material, durable operation is not necessary. Before a set, look at the quality certificate on it and check whether the normal level of formaldehyde emissions, as well as other substances of general concern.

Facing and finishing modern open kitchen design


 Most impressed by the modern kitchen interior design of synthetic stones. In the modern interpretation of a kitchen installed in her headset must be facing veneer or polymers. The first can be artificial and natural. Natural veneers are very thin sheets of real wood, and artificial mimics the skin very well, stone, precious wood, fabric and more.

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