Modern white kitchen, 30 photo

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A light white kitchen always looks stylishly and modernly. If you gave preference exactly to the white kitchen, for you there are a few advices, how to do her comfortable and beautiful.

The design of kitchen of white color can be executed in different styles. Except the modern classics white kitchens often can be met in interiors in style of hi-tec rural, sheby-style or Scandinavian.

Design of kitchen of white color

The design of interior of kitchen is begun with a kitchen set. It is necessary to define the location of kitchen furniture and technique. To do a kitchen yet more easy and air it is possible by means of shelves. To replace heavy overhead closets shelves can take the liberty of not each. That, for whom much tableware and other kitchen utensil can purchase a closet for tableware. Closet with glass doors in overhead part and closed shelves down instead of usual overhead closets looks very unusually.

It comfortably in addition. On shelves it is possible to place beautiful tableware: cups, piattis, bowls, glasses. The place and beautiful jars will find here with olive oil, spices or transparent jars with groats.

Well and if you nevertheless anymore got used to the traditional variant, to do overhead facades more easy glass will help. Doors with glass insertions look like little windows look refined.

White kitchen: colour palette

We Pass to the colour palette of kitchen. A base white color combines absolutely with all colors. These can be bright local colours or muffled crayon tints, mainly, to add a color as small accent. For example, on a white kitchen it will be perfect to look blue or green apron.

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Trend combination is in the interior of kitchen – white and tree. A white color perfectly harmonizes with all tints of natural tree. On any such kitchen will feel comfortably. As an additional color the black will suit or darkly-grey.

So, we are determined with the color of facades, столешницы, walls, apron and floor. A dinner-table, surface and floor, can be executed in contrasting colors: dark tree, black, darkly-grey. If you want to add to the kitchen of brightness, any muffled tint or bright colour will suit. In an interior to the white kitchen identically well will look detail and blue, lettuce and red color.

White kitchen: floor

Speaking about floor coverage for a white kitchen, it is first of all desirable to mark wooden полы. Floor from a natural tree look stylishly and expensive, but unfortunately, such floor require the special care.

A good variant liquid полы of black will become for the interior of white kitchen. For a white kitchen chess floor will suit in Scandinavian style. The ceramic black and white tile located in the chess order can be put at an angle or by a classic variant. Remember that a tile have the minuses: cups and piattis, falling out of hands, will break in flinders, and on the legs of chairs will be to do soft attachments, that they those published loud sounds at a movement.

Parquet of good value will suit for a kitchen, that is not afraid of water and sparks. The color of parquet can be perfect to any from a light tree to black varnish, all depends on the color of details and other elements of kitchen. It is often possible to meet surface under a tree and floor in tone.

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Classic white kitchen

Here present and Scandinavian simplicity of forms both colors and modern minimalism. The high ceiling in an apartment create feeling of space. A little wooden dinner-wagon with black surface perfectly looks with a kitchen set from a tree and white plastic.

Classic white kitchen with a small island. A shell and additional closets are situated on a small island, but undoubtedly, extraction and полы became the staples of this kitchen. Extraction, unusual form, executed in ancient style harmonizes with other details in style ретро: by the handles of closets, copper tableware, jars and flag.

In the interior of kitchen of white color perfectly will look furniture from a willow or rattan, peds, or small boxes, trugs and разделочные boards. In the interior of this kitchen perfectly furniture looks from the bent wooden twigs in tone the floor.

Combination white and black in the interior of kitchen

Popular combination white and black in the interior of this kitchen looks interesting. White furniture and mat black wall are decorated by the open shelves coloured in an inside. Black, crayon pink and olive is a wonderful idea for the revival of interior. A white kitchen with the black finishing looks very strictly. On such kitchen a few easy lamps and flowers must be present necessarily.


A white color reflects light, so that besides that he will be able visually to extend space, yet and decently will increase luminosity of room. If you will be stopped for a white kitchen, especially with a glossy surface, consider that another additional source of illumination appeared for you. And in fall-winter time, when so a sunlight is not enough for a good mood, it will be as impossible by the way.

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A white color is a without the risk of loss variant for a little kitchen. He possesses property to wear away borders, do a room endless and visually spacious. So that if your kitchen can not boast a large area – first of all will turn intent attention on a white color. If you will do white both walls and kitchen furniture, and floor, – that will get possibility to extend the kitchen. But it quite not means that on large territory to the white tints not place!

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