Outdoor kitchen: great idea for you

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For each house kitchen is its heart and foundation. In addition it is the most favorite part of it, where all family members and friends can get together and cook a meal together, and then have dinner in good company.

And do not you ever wonder how to get another kitchen? How about the kitchen … on the street?

For fun or get-togethers with friends, outdoor kitchen will allow you to expand the heart of your home, creating a pastoral place, where the whole family and friends can get together and comfortably spend time outdoors.

Quite often on sites is considered an option when the interior of the kitchen has its own cellar. Option quite controversial, because in this case the cost of construction increases dramatically. In addition, if the kitchen is open in the winter so the cellar requires additional insulation. But to get to it, will have an additional rake drifts. So it will still be considered a cellar – an attribute of the house, and you can safely proceed to markup and laying the foundation.


Cooking on the fire will help to reduce the cost of gas or electricity even in the warmer months. In addition, summer cooking in the kitchen in the house is very hot – the heat from the stove heats the kitchen and behind it, and the whole house, which means that you will want to cool it with the air conditioning or even a fan would.

Of course, we do not offer to cook outside in the forty-degree heat in the middle of the day, but in good weather with a slight breeze – a great alternative to boring kitchen. Preparing food on the street, you do not just save energy consumption, but also can avoid the confusion that is usually in the kitchen.

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It is easy to notice that in the southern regions such street cuisine is quite popular. Now, thanks to modern heating system, they become real for a lot more people. Street food can be just as functional as conventional interior, and sometimes more. Details such as the hood and portable ovens make use of real outdoor kitchens, even in regions with relatively cold climate, because all devices can be hidden in the winter in the house and pass only when necessary.

In the cold

But to use outdoor kitchen with the onset of cold weather, even minor would be impossible without the use of portable infrared heaters and heating cables, which will help melt the snow and ice on the ground. Now, no matter in what climate you live in, he did not hurt you to expand your kitchen space.

Street food has many benefits and less – restrictive than most people expect. With the available parts that are suitable for different climates, such as portable infrared heaters and de-icing systems, as well as with the ability to save on bills, outdoor kitchens become more real to all who have been of them thought, but believed that it had no suitable conditions.

So if you have long wanted to acquire such a cozy corner on the site, do not delay – to translate their dreams into reality.

The presence in the area the opportunity to spend a summer kitchen in the main gas – a huge advantage, allowing to establish a functional gas stove and do not worry about the constant search of fuel. If the pipeline passes away, you can get the equipment running on gas balloon. Advantages of gas – fast plates ready to use, simple adjustment of the flame intensity and temperature of the oven.

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Huge selection of factory models tilts in favor of buying the finished board. On sale you can find the oven for a summer kitchen of any size and type. As a material used for their manufacture steel, cast iron, refractory mixture. The factory products carefully designed furnace design, excluded leak flue gases and combustion cases.

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