Practical maple kitchen cabinets

In the west, the kitchen furniture arranged along one wall, on which there is a window opening. As a result, it turns out the wall with a functional overview of the street. This allows to create natural lighting the working area and at the same time, use the room with a maximum benefit with maple kitchen cabinets.

Another alternative arrangement is a U-shaped kitchen. In this case, a wall with a window in the middle, as well as two adjacent walls. This layout is ideal for processing small kitchens. U-shaped kitchen gives you the opportunity to arrange work and dining area in a small area, which is convenient for the owners of small apartments.

Traditional design of maple kitchen cabinets

It is not necessary to invent a new version of the kitchen design with a window in the middle. On the most ordinary kitchen, made in classic style, the window opening cannot act in the role of one of the functional objects, and as a decorative element usual. Decorate the window beautiful curtains, you can make a note of comfort and home heat. To supplement and diversify the interior help flowerpots with flowers. This option is a win-win in any design style. Practical housewife recommend the use of a window sill at a window in the middle of the kitchen for the cultivation of greenery. And in truth, why not please guests and family, fresh-grown parsley and dill?

For those who do not want to radically change the appearance of a small kitchen can be used on the window sill in the middle of the room, storage jars and containers of bulk products. It is also possible to arrange spices and herbs used for cooking.

In conclusion, we note that there are many options for kitchen interior design with a window in the middle. Option that fits well, must fully comply with the requirements of the room. If necessary, the rational use of space, it is recommended to use the U-shaped arrangement of kitchen units option that allows maximum use of space. Proponents of classic design maple cabinets kitchen, will certainly appreciate the practical use of the sill, which also serves as a decorative way to decorate the kitchen. For those who love to cook, kitchen facilities improvement plays a big role. In this case, it is important to correct positioning of household appliances, comfortable atmosphere and a beautiful interior design. To create such dishes need to carefully consider alternative design every detail. However, in terms of domestic flats, to realize all plans seem impossible.

Come to the aid of design ideas that have often been tested in practice. Do not think that designer kitchen designs are only suitable for luxury villas and country houses. Today, experts are ready to offer a lot of interesting options suitable for small apartments.

The work triangle in maple cabinets kitchen

Perhaps this concept is very different associations. But in the kitchen space, the creation of the triangle is vital. This concept involves the location of the three necessary elements as close as possible to each other:

  • Fridge
  • Sinks
  • Hobs.

These parts are used in the cooking process often. Agree that it is inconvenient to constantly run from the refrigerator to the sink and the stove to cook a delicious dish. For convenience, the hostess, these three components have close to each other. After determining the location of these items is much easier to plan the further renovation of the kitchen design.

All in white maple cabinets kitchen

One of the interesting design ideas, suitable for kitchen 6 sq., is the interior decoration in white. To create a more interesting image, white background, it should be diluted with bright accents. Projects white kitchen in the photo, rarely involve the use of a white hue. Quite an interesting solution is the combination of milk, cream, creamy shades. In order not to overload the small kitchen with plenty of white, floor, ceiling and walls, it is recommended to register in the same color scheme. To this background, it is much easier to pick up colorful accents.

 Use lighting

Many of the designs for the kitchen, based on the use of a large amount of light. Any projects look much more attractive if used in the interior of the unusual and original lighting design of window openings. In the context of a small kitchen, a large amount of light, will increase the space visually. For dimensional space, bright enough lighting will be a great advantage in creating a comfortable interior design. For convenience, the kitchen should be equipped with shelves built-in lights. Using different shape and brightness of light sources is one embodiment of the methods in kitchen design ideas.

Create the illusion of maple kitchen cabinets with granite countertops

Small rooms 9 square. Require the implementation of special solutions to visually enlarge the area. Designer kitchen in the photo, often include a mirrored surface. They can be used on doors headset. This seemingly simple technique makes it possible to expand the space, at least twice. The mirror may be an apron near the hob. Especially interesting looks apron created as a mirror mosaic. Add a light and airy glass allow chairs and table. Of course, this furniture requires careful regular maintenance, but the appearance of transparent chairs and tabletops successfully decorate the kitchen. To the visual illusion of a large space was maintained, it should so plan kitchen 10 sq., All the necessary items were kept in a special place. In other words, the disorder is not acceptable to the designer kitchen. To store the settings, it is recommended to use the shelves and shelves behind glass doors. And those things that are not often used in cooking, can be arranged in the space between the ceiling and the top of the headset, equipping it with special baskets.

Functionality premises

Often, professionals decorate the kitchen so that the premises performs several functions. For example, have a superb view designer kitchen-lounge. Equipped with a comfortable headset with modern household appliances, a dining table and comfortable chairs, such spaces are obtained comfortable and multi-functional. If the area allows, the kitchen-living room, can be supplemented with a soft sofa to rest and receive guests in an informal atmosphere.

Even in a small kitchen, you can arrange the room is quite comfortable. One example in this case is the use of a compact built-in appliances. Modern manufacturers offer a lot of interesting, multi-functional and at the same time, small-size household appliances. This allows the use of small area efficiently.

Making repairs to a small kitchen, use of design ideas, on the construction of open shelves. Such structures do not clutter the space, creating the illusion of dimensional and capacious premises. In addition, the open shelves give an opportunity to show guests the best dishes and exclusive kitchen items.

Thus, any maple wood kitchen cabinets, regardless of sizes and layouts, you can build in accordance with the best design ideas. Making repairs, use in practice unusual but functional solutions. It is possible that the original projects, help arrange the room is bright, functional and outstanding. After all, the main purpose of design ideas – creating a comfortable, colorful and unusual interior design.

It is believed that the kitchen furniture – the hardest kind of furniture because it combines not only the high level of functionality, aesthetics and compactness, but also reliability. When choosing furniture for the kitchen buyer should be sure to take into account a number of details that define its quality. So, quite an important factor for customers – a wide assortment of kitchen cabinets, countertops colors, as well as the execution of façade surfaces. Kitchen furniture must be selected, focusing on how to set the lower maple wood kitchen cabinets.

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