Reasons: why you need to choose black and white kitchen

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Black and white is the colors that have for many years still remain relevant, popular and fashionable. The interior of a kitchen in a combination of colors will always look expensive, respectable, refined and elegant. The big plus is the fact that the color scheme is equally suitable for both spacious rooms, and for the little ones. And if you stand right color proportions, in addition to the trendy and stylish interior, you can still create in his house a beautiful relaxation area. It is only necessary to follow some rules and guidelines. Let’s try to understand everything in order.

Making interior black and white kitchen, simple rules should be followed to achieve a good end result:

  • Valid more black – and vice versa, if a large if the room is small, the interior should always prevail white
  • Do not use too many tiles with ornaments in order to avoid feeling clutter the room (and the perception may be that way);
  • Place a mirror and mirror cabinets in such a way so as not reflecting in a black wall in them;
  • If the kitchen is small, there should always be plenty of light, while, in a spacious room allowed some muted zone;
  • If you use color accents, it is preferable to use all such colors as red, gray, beige or green;
  • Always remember to maintain the style, as well as a sense of proportion when using decor.

At different times, fashion dictates preference to one, then another shade of the colors of the rainbow, but some – a fashion classic forever. Black and white colors in the interior of the kitchen – always appropriate. Black and white bathroom – a sample of impeccable taste, respectability, and one hundred percent hit in the fashion trend. Small or large room can be decorated, as these colors are suitable for any size, but it is important to be aware of some rules of interior design in these colors.

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It is possible to make just two or three black walls and one or two – white. The wall opposite the entrance, you can decorate a floral pattern, or animation, using special stickers or tiles with ornament.

So, let us recall the most basic things that are applicable to the interior of the bathroom in black and white:

  • A small kitchen requires a very good lighting in a large selection allowed or mute individual zones.
  • The combination of black and white color will depend on the size of the room. In a small room dominated white over black in a large – dominated by black.
  • The mirror surfaces cannot affect the black stripe or the entire wall.
  • Moderate use of tiles with patterns to visually kitchen was not overloaded.
  • Good diluted tiles black and white in the interior of the kitchen variety of color spots.
  • It is best to comply with the overall style, do not overload the interior superfluous decoration.

Cons black and white color palette depends on the amount of use of color in a separate area. Black and white kitchen design is mainly used for large-area bathrooms. But the small size of the bath is also easy to decorate in black and white shades.

If we take the white as a background color, the more often you will have to clean the room, because of pollution in this color are more noticeable. But none of the color is not so able to visually increase the space. Kitchen in black and white will be visually higher ceiling if decorate it with white. Make the length of the room much as possible at the expense of cross-staining of the walls in white tone, and longitudinal – black. Increasing the size of the room is achieved due to the staining of the walls in white (but with a small black box), the floor in the dark, and the light in the ceiling.

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Black and white design of the kitchen – it is always stylish and modern interior solution. Kitchen in black and white in decorating unpretentious, but involves judicious combination of colors. The most important thing is to respect the harmony by a combination of white and black colors. It is necessary to pay special attention to the dimensions of the room, on the balance of plumbing and furniture.

Good information

The palette of colors for the interior there are some colors that are trendy and up to date for many years. Primarily these include black and white. Solve design the interior of a kitchen in black and white – so make it respectable, fashionable and expensive. Note that this version is suitable for small and for large premises. It is only necessary to know some rules of its design.

The main color of the walls, floor and ceiling in the small kitchen design, conceived in black and white should be white. This technique will help to visually increase the size of the kitchen, make it more spacious and bright. To “raise” the ceiling, you need to lay out a number of vertical strips of black tiles. And medium-sized tiles may have geometric or floral pattern.

Starting in the kitchen repair, you need to understand two pitfalls: How big are the dimensions of the room. Traditionally, visually expand the space bright colors. A black vice versa creates the illusion of a smaller room. Because of this, experts recommend in the kitchen, with small size, ceiling, floor, walls made out in bright colors. A black details used for the decoration of the room. Visually enlarge the room can help the white walls in combination with a ceiling covering, made in a dark color. The design of the kitchen of the future. An effective contrast is easily achieved by a competent combination of pure colors – black and white in various combinations.

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