Refreshing With Painting Kitchen Cabinets


When you had bought these cabinets, they were new, fashioned and amazing. But, the time has gone and furniture becomes old-fashioned, gloomy and sad. Once you will come to the idea that your kitchen looks like a cave. This thinking can come by two reasons: if you live in a cave or paintings of your kitchen cabinets is dark and they absorb whole light of the room.

Then desire to change kitchen furniture is appeared in your mind. It does not mean that it is necessary to get out cabinets and to buy new furniture. It is very expensive to buy new ones; therefore, you can only change something to make the kitchen bright. For example, you can refresh old cabinets with new color. It is possible to buy new doors or paint it in another shade yourself. There is the opportunity to make something very similar to fabric furniture by your own hands. Just in one week, your kitchen will be able to get absolutely another look. It will be brighter, more pleasant and awesome. Moreover, you will expand a little effort and money to change the main room in your home. Painting kitchen cabinets add uniqueness to the kitchen and personality to its owner.

To paint old cabinets in other color is the cheapest way to refresh the decoration in your house. When you don’t have enough money for remodeling, you can do small improvement by yourself. However, it is needy to observe the instruction, because you will live in this house and nothing should disturb or disappoint you. It is something that you do for yourself; that’s why, it is important to do it with love and patience.

Before starting little renovation, you have to choose the right color to paint cabinets. Suitable shade of doors can transform all impression of the kitchen. It will seem that you have bought new furniture or have done remodeling. In sober fact, you have just spent less money for paintings and that is all. Nevertheless, you have to say it nobody in order to keep a secret of this amazing transformation.

To paint a kitchen isn’t so simple as it seems at first sight. It should be properly prepared and designed project. Professional decorators say different meanings on that issue.

It is much easier to repaint woody cabinets, because almost everyone knows how to ink this material. The same we can say about wood-laminate cabinets. There is no special technics for painting. But, as for plastic doors, it is better to consult with a specialist before renovation. In this case, another paint, color or technology can be demand.

Six steps to paint kitchen cabinets

There are many technologies of inking. For example, spraying or brushing. All technics has pros and cons, you can choose that you like more and that is suit to the material of cabinets. The question is how to paint kitchen cabinets; the most important part in painting is preparation to it, let’s start with it.

  1. First, you need to choose color. It should be serious and deliberate decision. It would be better to paint cabinet doors in light color, to make the kitchen fresh and clean. However, somebody prefers bright colors it is also good taste. Because bright colors make good mood. As for dark colors, they can be good too. For example, black with shining make a room graceful, secret and wonderful.

Choosing a color you should remember it has not to differ much from previous palette. If you have black doors, do not paint it in white. A tint will be lucent and furniture will be grey. Endless you can paint only separate parts of furniture, for example, only tops, doors, or edges and corners.

  1. When you have chosen the color, you should prepare surface for painting. In the beginning, it is needed to clean all tops, doors, corners and hardware. It is better to do it with liquids to get rid of grease and other pollutions.

Before painting, it will be useful to remove doors. Cover the floor with some paper or something else and put doors on it flat. Handles and hinges cover up in order to tint not to get on them. After cleaning all units of cabinets, you should leave them drying out.

  1. After cabinets become dry, it is time to sand surfaces that will be painted. You should choose fine sandpaper, about 150.

How fine should be sandpaper, it depends on previous paint. If it was repainted not first time, you can choose sandpaper fine less. Pass it through all surfaces that you want to paint. If there are some decorations, remove them. It is very important to sand surfaces; otherwise, base paint will not hold on cabinets and paint will flake in short time. Clean surfaces again, removing dust. When you are going to make doors lighter, it is better to remove old color completely. You can also to consult with professional how to paint kitchen cabinets white, because this process consists of more levels.

  1. Then you should cover base paint. Without primer, paint will not hold on surface and will be inked irregular. Basic paint bonds surface with paint. You can skip this step, if a tint you are going to ink and previous paint are the same and there are no stains.

Which primer is better to use? To choose right primer is important. Durability and attractiveness of painting depends on base under it. There are many types of base paint. If you are going to use oil paint, you should prefer oil-based primer. If you have chosen latex, shellac primer will be better.

  1. After surfaces are dried out, they are prepared for inking. Now they look bad after priming that is the time to make them nice. You can use brushes of different sizes to paint cabinets, or take a roller. The best way to apply tint on the prepared surfaces is to spray it.

In order to apply paint without defects, it is better to consult with a professional before inking. A pneumatic sprayer will help you to make surface steady. With the help of roller, you can paint all cabinets in a short time.

After drying up, if it is needed, sand surfaces with very fine sandpaper one more time. It is not for removing a tint from painted kitchen cabinets, but for smoothing surfaces. Then it is better to put the next coating of paint.

  1. Endless, when the last covering of paint will dry out, you can do polishing. It adds to your cabinets’ surface shining and glance. Take 400 sandpaper and make feeble passes through surfaces.

Then it is better to put a coating of varnish. Thanks to it, painting will hold on cabinets and surface will be glance for a very long time.

When you have done all these levels, you can hold doors back and clear them up again. Congratulations, you have refreshed kitchen!

Best painting for kitchen cabinets

The main part of repainting cabinets is choosing a tint. It is better to consult with a professional, who can advise you to buy special paint and color according to your tastes and budget. You can also independently visit paint store and find that you want, surf special sites and forums. As for color, it is personal preference.

If you want to make your kitchen lighter and more attractive, you can choose painting kitchen cabinets white, but here you should remember that this color easily soiled. If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets in black, all defects will be viewed at ease. Also, all stains and fingerprints become highlighted on dark background. In choosing color, you must be patient and attentive, because you will watch this kitchen every day, eat and cook here. It haven’t to disappoint you and make problems in cleaning.

Professional designers advise to create a project before acting. You can draw a kitchen, how you imagine it after refreshing, and choose the best decision. Moreover, in the Internet there are a lot of applications and services, where you can make your project online with ready patterns. After creating your own project, you can discuss it on forums, get advice and help from other people. Online-project is better than the same on paper is, because you can easily change it, as you want.

So, when you have chosen kitchen cabinet paint, you can bring your project to life. The best way is to invite masters, who will do it on a professional level, but also you can do it yourself. Maybe it will be more time-consuming, but then you will pride of your work.

Chalk paint kitchen cabinets

In modern society chalk painting is very popular in kitchen refreshing. This popularity is explainable by many reasons. Chalk cabinets look very attractive, tender and graceful. Designer Annie Solan invented this paint for kitchen cabinets about twenty years ago like extremely suitable paint to kitchen furniture and easily inking tint.

Chalk painting could be inked without sanding and priming and on every surface (metal, wood, plastic and so on). It is the easiest way to refresh your kitchen yourself and best way to paint kitchen cabinets. Only one coating of a tint, it looks better than three coats of other one. You can create specially aging appearance of cabinets with special kitchen cabinet paint colors. After painting, it is needed to wait just for 10-15 minutes and it will dry out. The last thing is putting on wax, because a tint has soft structure. To save it bright color and smooth tone, you have to wax cabinets after painting. This tint you can buy through the Internet on special sites. It is difficult to find it in common stores. You will spend about one hundred dollars for painting, because you need to buy not only paint, but also special brush, cleaner and wax. Maybe it is expensive just for repainting of a kitchen; however, the result pays off.

Expectations and reality of painted kitchen cabinet ideas

You have chosen the most suitable paint, created cool project, done every step with a special care, but the result disappoints you. Why? There are ten moments, why your expectations are not satisfied, and on what you should pay more attention.

  1. The first one is overstated expectations. You should adequate appreciate your forces and spread of activities. If you have already faced with painting, you should understand that it is a hard work. Maybe, it will be better to call your relatives or friends to help you. It is very difficult to do all renovation only yourself. Moreover, your cabinets are old. Therefore, you should take into account that something can break ore go wrong in the process of painting. When you appreciate yourself really, you can choose right ideas to simplify this process.
  2. The second one is not enough time. Painting is extremely time-consuming work. You can’t do it during breaking between your job and after hard working day. Before beginning renovation just take a small vacation. Then you will be able to spend as much time for improving your kitchen, as it demands. It isn’t work for one day, it demands usually about five days or a week.
  3. The third moment is bad preparation. In the beginning it was mentioned, that preparation to painting is the most important part of the whole process. You should pay to prepare working as much attention as it possible. You have to remember, that DIY painting kitchen cabinets suppose wasting of time and force. So, do not neglect each step of preparing. Take into account combination of all things, they have to suit to each other by their structure: primer, liquids, paint and sandpaper.
  4. The fourth issue, that you shouldn’t miss, is removing doors. It isn’t convenient to paint vertical surfaces, because pain flows down and do not spread well. Some people want to save time and forces, trying to paint cabinets without doors removing, but it doesn’t simplify the work. The best way of painting is to remove doors and paint them on flat floor covered with wasted paper. In addition, do not forget about hinges and handles. You should cover all of them, because paint drop on the hinge can become the reason of broken cabinet one day.
  5. From the forth thing is following the fifth one. Ok, you have removed doors, but forgotten to mark them. In order not to sick hard door from a side cabinet while it is hanging on the wrong one, initialize them. For example, the left low door from the second cabinet. It can simplify gathering all furniture together and everything will be completed right.
  6. Sanding is important step of preparation surface for painting. It is the sixth moment that you have not to skip. Without sanding painted surface will not be smooth and matte. Sandpaper that you need should be fine about 200 grit not to harm material. When you are painting old kitchen cabinets, you should be careful in sanding.
  7. Dust can injure look of painted furniture. The seventh reason of bad result is dust. Because of it painted surfaces become grainy and ugly. You should delete dust very attentively before painting. For better result, you can use vacuum cleaner.
  8. Priming is also important step of preparation. You can skip it, but it is better to prime surface before painting. Imagine that you have ended up refreshing of your kitchen, cabinets look and shine like new ones. In two or less days, you see that paint flakes and bubbles. Prime protects good bond between surface and paint and increase its service period.
  9. The ninth thing that can make you disappointed by the result is wrong paint colors for kitchen cabinets. It can be in such a way: you have been choosing suit shade for a very long time, blend paint of furniture to hangings color, but when you have painted, it turns out to be of another shade, because the background was dark or of another palette. Before choosing color you should try it on the same material and color that your doors. If old color is dark, it is hard to paint kitchen cabinets white, because dark background can be seen and create the impression of dirty bleed lines.
  10. Paint of bad quality can boggle all the view. When you are choosing paint, you shouldn’t try to save money. It is better to spend ten or fifty extra dollars, but it will smoother and better spread. Moreover, expensive tint is better by its composition and structure, that’s why you can spend only one gallon of expensive paint and three gallons of cheap one on the same amount of work.


Taking into account these moments you can avoid confusion of a kitchen cabinet painting result. It is a very serious process, to repaint you furniture. If you have done it and everything satisfies you, it is the cause for pride by yourself. When you do something yourself, you put your heart into it. Therefore, you will like it more, than bought furniture. After repainting your kitchen cabinets, you will come into the room and glad to see your masterpiece every day. It is more pleasant to cook and eat on the kitchen that is made by your hands.

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