Rustic country kitchen in modern world


This approach rustic country kitchen? Yes, probably all. Simply list of those who will not accept it. Basically it is the representatives of the venerable generation tied to certain principles and standards that need hardened, like a cuckoo clock and a samovar on the table. Mistress for younger unlikely to abandon the super technology and amazing features that it brings with it. More recently, it was called a face of science fiction, but today we can in minutes, automatically exhaust movements, just a few touches of the buttons, cook posh dinner and also quickly bring the kitchen in perfect order.

Yet our women are unique! They, unlike the rustic women, cannot put up with such a sterile harmony, so you always find a way into the interior of the kitchen a couple of cute knick-knacks and no mental anguish of spoiled the idea of their torment will not be in the style strict. The most important thing in this decor of freedom of movement for the open space, but she remained steadfast.

Comfort everywhere

The rustic kitchen is sure to be everything you need, however, to mean there will be only such things as chairs, desks, and, of course, cupboards and shelves. Looking around the kitchen area, you should not cling to look for small items. In your field of vision must remain only thing overall and smooth surface. It’s the perfect way to visually adjust the space in the kitchen, extending its boundaries in all directions. Particularly its cluster, is incredibly down to earth space flight, so the similar physical characteristics of small items you need to consider not only when administered in a particular minimalist decor, but also in the regeneration of any small kitchen area.

Distribution we are considering the kitchen is completely rational and very clear probed. The latter performed a specific arrangement of furniture, play of colors and light fluxes, as well as an introduction to the decor of various models of partitions made of glass and plastic. If classicism in the decoration does not accept anything. In addition to natural materials, it provides a rustic country kitchen décor in this matter a wide selection. For example, parquet flooring can completely change the laminate. In the kitchen, created in the style of minimalism, it can be used all known today decorative materials. In this case, the direction is very similar to hi-tech. While working on the interior of the stylistic perspective, it is necessary to monitor the quality of its incarnation. Here, everything has to look perfect: details to be accurate, surface – smooth and form – concise.

Small in size rustic kitchen, is also divided into a corner for a meal and a place of its preparation. Zoning in this case is carried out not by partitions (small space they simply will not survive), and color differences. In the right hands: a small podium, the color scheme of the ceiling and floor, original lamps – will make a modest hit in the kitchen of your dreams.

Surface finishes in the rustic country kitchen decor

Let’s start from the floor. It can be ceramic, stone, wood coating, or be the laid linoleum. The main requirement when selecting the design of the material – it is the quality and the ability to use it to create a sense of integrity of the surface. It is in any case should not be split views shallow or parquet slats. But as for color solution, here welcome a variety of flooring shades, because this way you can successfully carry out zoning.

The ceilings in kitchens, interpreted in a rustic style, it is necessary to keep as high as allow architectural features. Do not screw the space in the kitchen multilevel plasterboard cascades and do not hide their surface tension of trendy films. Try to play lights. And do not be afraid to emphasize any flaws. The ceiling in the minimalist interior is perfect and it is worthy of attention.

The general background decor always ask wall. In our case, they are incredibly smooth and always plain, but sometimes light texture of soothing colors may appear in the minimalist decor. Under this background, you’ll pick up the furniture and color scheme, because rustic  is considered particularly chic, if the facades of furniture are exactly the same tone of the wall decoration. This does not mean that there is no place of kitchens cheerfulness and pleasant mood. Contrasting colors of furniture – the best way to remind you that you are on the territory of the home cooking, not on board the shuttle.

Style rustic country kitchens


Previously considered to squeak fashion cool white rustic country kitchens decors, but today it is more difficult to stay on the crest of popularity, although supporters of white-glass-steel interiors exist today. The leader of direction has become an ecological decor, pleasing the eyes with natural materials, muted fall colors, furniture, and rude forms. Here things are not so strict, and in the design of kitchens often use two or even three loved ones in a ratio of flax palette of colors. Sometimes the decor opposed two diametrically opposed spectral hues. Also monotone wallpaper, textured plaster occurs.

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