Selection Criteria of country kitchen decor themes


Will the kitchen-dining room is flooded with light, and it is possible to be organized in the evening dinner in a pleasant darkness, with candles? To begin to determine how the interior of the kitchen is seen, blackout curtains are necessary or transparent country kitchen wall decor.

Blinds tulle or air will help to create partial shade on a sunny afternoon, eyes open beautiful landscape before the window, and classic long, with drapes or curtains roll securely isolated from the outside world. If the owners have value and that, and another, the curtains in the interior of the kitchen combined – for example, the Roman thick with light curtains.

Thick curtains

They are necessary when the windows face south, especially when it comes to hot climatic zone. Under these conditions, the ability to hide from the sun – a great blessing. In a cold climate zone heavy dense porters in the kitchen not only give the interior solidity, but also create a feeling of warmth and coziness.

If the apartment is located on the ground floor or on the contrary – the wall and the other windows of the house is part of the family life will be all at a glance. In this case, the dense curtains, do not let the light, blinds or reliable.

But if the objective reasons for retreating from the world is not heavy, opaque curtains for many – the most acceptable option. They are a symbol of privacy and security. For some, it is also a sign of respectability, gentility. And although the interior of the country kitchen decor is not conducive to heavy textiles, it is often combined with the dining room, where the curtains design plays an important role. They can be a bright sign of a specific design direction, reinforcing the impression of the overall interior design.

However, paying tribute to the fashion trends: high-tech, minimalism, play – you have to use thick blinds. The interior of the small kitchen textile curtains heavy steal space – both visually and in fact, after draping consuming valuable centimeters. Therefore, there is more common to see the blinds or opaque blinds.

Light curtains

If the window in front of the house did not look in your kitchen, then there is not much need for black-out curtains: it is enough light – concise or fancy curtains, roller blades or translucent blinds.

In such a small kitchen curtains make it lighter and wider. Thin curtains help to create an optimistic, friendly interior, open a certificate of good character inhabitants of the house and, above all, the hostess. They sew the veil, net, silk, tulle and other aircraft, translucent or open-work fabrics.

Consider what popular curtains, which at the height of fashion, as they are able to transform the interior of the kitchen.

Design Types

The curtains on the windows in one form or another are present in all peoples, all cultures, and all continents. Light curtain village house, heavy draperies warm stone castle, wooden shutters southern buildings, paper sliding panels of the Japanese homes – modern kitchen interior adapted a wide variety of curtains, traditional peoples and different epochs

Classic curtains

Thick, heavy, richly draped curtains originate from country style kitchen decor. In light long silk curtains even more ancient origin. And those and others were intended to decorate the tall windows in the castles and palaces of the aristocracy and subsequently retained the role of the status of the interior decoration element.

The interior of a modern small kitchen long curtains are not quite appropriate, they are not safe in respect to fire occupy scarce space and not practical in relation to pollution-washing.

However, when the kitchen is spacious, especially if it is combined with a full dining room, the classic long curtains are able to shift the focus of the interior is in the dining room. Curtains utilitarian kitchen is cooking food places.

The interior of a rustic country style – American, German or Slavic areas – remarkably decorated with white short curtains covering the lower half of the window. The top can be a simple pelmet. The edges of the curtains off with hand-made lace, scalloped. The design of the curtains – embroidery, openwork and small assembly, this modest and very cozy, window decoration, which is reminiscent of the kitchen beloved grandmother.

It seems incredible, but also to tidily kitchen is quite possible to publish all that’s required for a comfortable existence, not just one person, but the whole family. Kitchen Design of all the wonders of amazing ergonomics. It involved literally every centimeter, only to small-sized space has become not only functionally convenient, but also aesthetically appealing, it is necessary to approach the problem is not quite standard.

Small kitchen: comfort and beauty – country kitchen decor ideas

Ideally, all small kitchen area should be turned into a functional space. And indeed the layout of the room suggests that the best place for a dining area – in another room. Modest in size kitchen, in theory, it should be clean workplace. Here, cook, store food, utensils and all cooking utensils. But what if the rest of the features of living space does not allow make a dining area outside the kitchen? In this case, you should take it to optimize deliberation.

The main objective of the decor will be extension of any available opportunities. In practice, the desired effect can be achieved if:

  • Connect five square “chips” with one of the adjacent buildings, which may be a storage room, loggia, hallway, living room. In this case, the desired quadrature will be provided.
  • To expand the kitchen, involving in this process the doorway. Standard carton replace aesthetic arched vault. It turns and beautiful and practical.
  • There is no possibility of the even very modest redevelopment – Expand the walls of the play of color and light on all global surfaces. Their design in the kitchen 5 square meters can be made bright, glossy, mirror, shimmering.
  • Do not use in the decoration of the modest space defiantly bright colors, large ornament or picture taken, as well as the obvious contrast differences.

Rationally plan the interior of a country rooster kitchen decor

It sets out redevelopment, in which supposed to take down the walls, change the system of water and gas, should not forget to get a permit for these activities, issued by the relevant organizations. In other cases, experiment with the placement of furniture and selection of color finishes.

Interior subtleties of a vintage country kitchen decor

According to the maximum should be invoked and the vertical space in the design of your kitchen 5 square. The interior of the small kitchen everything is thought out to the last detail, but the details should present themselves as little as possible. It is necessary to abandon the cumbersome, unnecessary, clutter room accessories. Each of the objects present in the design of the kitchen 5 square.  Must have a certain functional load.

Everyone – that means each. Even the window sill. It can be expanded by installing countertops and in the space underneath to equip lockers and shelves. Such a converted sill may well become more worktop or dining table. In that case, if you are going to expand the kitchen, adding to its space area loggia or balconies, not to demolish the windowsill! Because he had an excellent bar.

According to the maximum should be invoked and the vertical space in the design of your kitchen. Under the ceiling, it makes sense to store those items that are not so often needed in everyday life. The depth of the lower cabinets efficiently reduced, making them. Thus, you will win some free space.

Equipping set “smart devices” such as ergonomic accessories, wrestling, retractable bollards, cutting boards, “magic” carousels holding corner cabinets and other “clever” inventions, you also gain precious decimeters function space.

The technique, in order to save space, you should choose small-sized. A perfect solution would be tall and narrow refrigerator. Wonderful, if you can equip the kitchen with integrated appliances. As part of the headset, it will never “overload” interior.

If you’re not a big fan of cooking things, replace the standard hob four at Bole compact double stove.

For you, it is important to gather at the dining table of all households? Get-trans-table. It is simply irreplaceable thing in the kitchen design with an area of 5 square meters. ! It is always possible to collect, when there is no need for its use, and release a lot of space.

It would seem that the vintage country kitchen decor space is small, then, and with the light in it there should be no problem – but no! Just with this challenge will have a thorough mess? The fact that the design of the kitchen 5 square meters it is necessary to organize a multi-level lighting. In this case, the levels must be at least two. One of them will be the base, which will provide general lighting kitchen, and the second – a subsidiary. His task – to make adequate lighting are certain places: a cutting table, kitchen sink, hob or corner with cupboards, in which utensils are stored.

Since our version of the kitchen space has a limited area, it needs to be warm and very soft light. In this context, the required lighting that you could set uniformly, and even better – a dot. Need to buy halogen lamps and use them to illuminate the floor and cabinets as well as mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

During the day, do not block access to the kitchen sunlight. Do not use the kitchen decor with tiny dimensions of bulky and heavy curtains. They did not just steal space and more and make the kitchen the atmosphere gloomy and quite.

Steps to perfection: the stylistic design of the kitchen

“Minimalism”. This style does not imply an abundance of decorative elements welcomes monochrome solutions and offers the use in an environment of furniture other than of regular geometric shape. With such a compact environment of the working area for tourists will always be provided.

“Modern” is very good for decoration of small spaces. He highlighted the convenience and functionality of the built-in appliances, lighting spectacular with lots of wide variety of lighting products and a harmonious color palette.

“High-tech” is replete with glass and metal, which glow in the small kitchen area would be most welcome. The interior will light, and the space will seem unlimited.

“Country” fans will appreciate the natural comfort. This stylistic design furniture for kitchen 5 square.  Using a light facade furniture and for decoration – woven from natural materials elements. The atmosphere of this kitchen is particularly harmonious!

“Classic”. In pure form, it almost does not occur in kitchens modest space, but often the professionals are borrowing from the classical interpretation of the interiors are bright finishing floors and walls, as well as the environment. Used in classical furniture has a very gentle tone, so it is always in demand in setting up small spaces. Spectacular lighting, stylish curtains, original furniture fittings – frequent “guests” in small kitchens.

Color combinations for the country themed kitchen decor


In order to successfully cope with the main task of interior design small-sized kitchen, certainly attracted to the decor light colors. Only with their help can be a little to expand the visual boundaries of the room, raising the ceiling and walls to move away. You will certainly be able to do it, if it is 5 square feet of kitchen design.  Will appear glossy paint. Do not neglect the effect of colors games, in which one color blends in Bole saturated. However, do not get carried away and do not enter into the atmosphere of gaudy, bright colors. Remember that contrast and large figures, moreover, it is too intrusive and quickly bored, and even reduce to zero your attempts to somehow increase kitchen space. If you decide to decorate the kitchen wallpaper, then stop for monochromatic variations with understated ornamentation in relief. Make the situation more comfortable country themed kitchen decor and help you fill it with warm shades such as ocher and beige.

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