Setting a dining group in antique kitchen


Antique style in modern interior design is inspired by era of ancient Greece and Rome. Carefully planned homes of ancient Greeks showed harmony, elegant simplicity of shapes, laconic design. Every detail in ancient Greek interiors was proportional, general interior layout was symmetric and well balanced. Ancient Romanians adopted main features of Greek interior design and enriched it with ornaments and accessories.

Applied to a modern kitchen, this antique style can bring harmony into this strategically important room. To achieve proper effect, first things first, a spacious room is a must. Along with all functional parts of the kitchen, it is also very important to plan dining group and to style it properly. The concept of antique kitchen gives 2 main options of dining zone layout.

  • Dining group is placed in the kitchen.
  • Dining group is placed in the dining room adjusted next to the kitchen as a studio and seen through the arch.

Second option is preferred when a kitchen features such design element as a kitchen island accompanied with chairs. Since antique kitchen table plays role of additional table surface, dining table is better to be set apart.


In both cases it is important to leave enough space between pieces of furniture. Or else, instead of clean harmonic lines of antique stile, the room will look clustered and overdone. Furniture of dining group should perfectly match main kitchen furniture group.

Dining group usually consists of dining table surrounded by chairs. Since we want to replicate an ancient Greek style in the kitchen, we need to consider some specific features that this style requires.

In general, antique kitchen tables and chairs are supposed to be rather big and solid. A small rounded table would not do, big dining table with 10, 8 or at least 6 chairs will give a proper impression.

Speaking of materials, ancient Greeks used mainly noble wood, bronze, marble. Thus, the best material for antique kitchen table and chairs is genuine wood; marble tabletop will add some status to the whole dining group. Laconic lines of antique furniture ancient Greeks compensated by decorating it with carving and incrustations. So, wooden antique kitchen table and chairs can be decorated this way, if it does not contradict with other kitchen furniture. It is important that dining group not to look overdone. In antique style less is more. Though this style is rich and pompous by its nature, it by no means should look kitschy. Natural materials could be too pricy, there can be found more affordable alternatives with high quality imitation of genuine materials.

Creating an antique kitchen interior, one can get old furniture from special antique shops on antique auctions. These pieces of furniture beautifully bear traces of time. Or new furniture could get this antique chic by means of having its surfaces purposely distressed.

Antique kitchen tables can be both round and rectangular. Table is often based on one massive x-shaped leg, in a form of a lion, eagle or bizarre animal from antique mythology. Antique kitchen table can as well have           three legs or sometimes even four legs.

Legs of antique table and chairs are usually curved and made in a shape of animals’ paws, griffons and other mythological creatures.
In antique interiors furniture used for sitting plays an important role. In Ancient Greece there were many types of furniture, serving this purpose – various chairs, arm-chairs, benches. In contemporary variation of antique design chairs could be either with no back or with a high one slightly inclined backwards. Typical antique chairs are rather low, with square-shaped seats.


There is an absolutely unique kind of antique chair called clismos. This chair is rather low, with crescent-shaped wide set legs and round-shaped back. For the purpose of comfort it even has a footrest.

Yet another unique Greek-Romanian piece of furniture is called Klineh. This is a special bench for having meals rested on its surface with upper body propped against its back.

Both items could be difficult to find. It is possible to have them specially ordered and made in accordance with antique sketch. These unique pieces of furniture would help to create true antique impression.

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