Some ways to use espresso kitchen cabinets

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Do you want to – and your kitchen furniture will delight you with a soft and refined classical style?

And if you prefer a modern style with strict geometric lines and trendy innovations – all these will also be available and really put into your small kitchen. Pros corner kitchens of small size. Of course, it is much easier to acquire angular kitchen to order. In this case, they will have a number of benefits that are satisfied with the most demanding customer.

Most importantly, cheap corner kitchen will not make shoppers spend the last money, even with the most modest family budget. Sets of furniture of this type have special functionality: they are compactly arranged kitchen utensils and products at the expense of many small and large shelves, lockers of different configurations. Modern types of kitchens are small but so ergonomically that there is a place for built-in appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher, without which there is little anyone can do already.

But that’s not all. A huge plus is the angular kitchen sets and the possibility of placing the hood and the hob, sink and large enough, thanks again to the angular corner economy class it easy to divide the room into functional zones according to the needs of your family, especially if you add to it the bar . It is clear that in this case we should not forget about the correct calculation of zones of location, because your task – to make a small room the feeling of lightness.

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You can create an interior kitchen corner, giving free rein to any of your fantasies and needs, you may need the help of professionals.

The choice of material is also not limited. Lovers of warm colors can enjoy cuisine from an array of natural wood – outwardly it looks solid and at the same time elegant. Those who like the bright, saturated colors, choose an option from the modern polymer materials with a glossy or matte sheen, and, if desired, and with elements of futurism.

Note that corner kitchen in the Khrushchev, in the decoration which used light colors visually increase the room. Also, glass doors, and conveniently located right lamps and other accessories are able to visually lift the ceiling and give the room a feeling of airiness and spaciousness. With all these benefits today cheap angular kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Beautiful, compact, multi-functional corner kitchen – that’s the important bar, which creates a warm, originality and comfort of home. The cozy little kitchen will be comfortable all – and the hostess for cooking meals, and members of the household for dinner, and there will always be a pleasure to come for a cup of tea to friends, family and familiar people.

Ready corner espresso kitchen cabinets better than linear?

L-shaped kitchen set as in large and in small spaces. They come in square or elongated. The corner kitchen in accessible distance placed three main zones: wet storage products and place their preparation. Mistress does not have to wind kilometers, along a linear kitchen, installed in one wall. But it’s not all the benefits of corner kitchen. It allows you to:

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  • compactly accommodate the furniture, even a modest amount for the room;
  • easy to divide the kitchen cooking area and dining area (table is usually set at a window or near the opposite wall) complement the kitchen island, where it is convenient to prepare the food.
  • Complete sets L-shaped Russian manufacturers produce standard sizes, which are suitable for the majority of the inhabitants of the houses with a traditional layout. Will the benefit be used literally every centimeter of living space. For example, a sink can be set angle to save space. The corner cabinet, which turns large and deep, easy to store household supplies and procurement. And to them it was free access, install rotating shelves.

Projects finished corner kitchen: If you have bought an apartment in a new building or to build a cottage, it is better to choose the kits, which consist of standard modules. They are up to 40 species. With convenient modules independently or using the services of professionals, ready to assemble kitchen (corner) of any size. If you wish to complement their breakfast bar.

It is better if the kitchen is a single table-top – then be able to avoid gaps and irregularities that spoil the overall appearance of furniture. But modern technology allows to hide these flaws.

Before you choose a ready-made kit, you need to plan your kitchen, carefully measure the wall niches, sill height, length of gas and water pipes. After that, it will be easier to choose the set, which is organically fit into your interior. It is believed that the angular kitchen sets are appropriate only in small rooms. However, it is not. Formation of a compact work triangle is not less attractive and spacious kitchen, where the owner provides the optimal conditions for culinary creativity.

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Espresso kitchen cabinets set: the advantages for small and large areas

On a large kitchen dreams of every woman, because this room is not possible to face the problem of lack of space. However, too free placement of elements can cause another difficulty: to work here becomes uncomfortable. That is why designers recommend corner kitchen sets as a solution for both small and large facilities. Properly working triangle formed here will solve several problems at once:

Allowing you to have everything you need at your fingertips – ladle, boards, pots, spices should be located from each other at a distance of no more than a couple of meters; Eliminate wasted time while cooking – moved between a stove and a refrigerator can be much faster; Remove unjustified expenditure of energy on restoring order – compact angle is much easier to keep clean than a large linear surface. Stylistic opportunity sets for corner kitchens Designers do not relate solely to the data model, modern style. Corner kitchen can be made, and a classic design. In this case, their facades reflect the exquisite texture of wood, the door is decorated with carvings and ornaments, glass inserts, elegant handles.

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