Stylistic changes with country kitchen lighting


Sometimes the situation does not allow us to throw in one fell swoop the old furniture to the dump and arrange your kitchen trendy set. Yes, and whether to do it? Maybe much more practical to give served faithfully furniture rebirth? Saddle its real and you cannot simply decorate the facades, and completely change their style of furniture in accordance with the general design of the decor.

Before you get started, look around and think, as the most stylish you can decorate the kitchen with his hands.

If the kitchen design is clearly seen the direction of a country, then Arrange the furniture in the spirit of the beam. Special attention should be paid to color harmony. Your walls are covered with film frame imitating? Excellent! Facades of furniture can safely draw the film with pattern woven vines. Kitchen in a modern high-rise building will instantly appear this rustic hut. In general, the film is advantageous to work in all aspects. A wide range of drawing at a low cost and ease of use – the best advertising.

Your kitchen is shining elegance of country style? Make furniture facades light, ideally – white, and decorate them with inlays of gold and silver. All you need to do this, you will discover in DIY stores easily.

How to decorate a very old kitchen with his hands? Furniture can be converted into a stylish vintage accessory that will be indispensable in the interior style of country. Just treat the frame with sandpaper and add more artificial antiquity, by coating the surface of the gold leaf or patina.

It is possible to modify the set with decorative glass linings. Inlays made of glass are often decorated with beautiful patterns, reminiscent of frost. It is possible for the same purpose use and mirror inserts which in addition to the decorative effect, have the ability to expand the space that in any kitchen will not be superfluous.

Decorative items for kitchen design

Fill the kitchen interior is designed cookware decorative purpose. These things include:

  • Painted plates
  • Cutting boards
  • Wooden spoon
  • Thematic porcelain figurines
  • Towels, etc.

All these accessories are available in stores today, and many of them will actually be handmade, but how do you want to decorate the kitchen with his hands! So you should try to do these things on their own, using stained glass paint, and then the pattern will be exclusive and enjoy the process, get-one.

You can decorate the kitchen old forks and spoons. Try to bend the arc fork and make her teeth victory sign or other compositions. Having fastened this “masterpiece” to the wall, you get a beautiful hanger for towels and oven gloves.

After the visit, the guests and cheerful holiday you stayed on the memory empty bottles fanciful forms – Build out and to the point. Stock up on acrylics, twine, buttons, and glue and create out of this original inscriptions-treatment. Give your kitchen a word, even if it says.

How to decorate the kitchen walls with own hands, prompt you old wallpaper and country kitchen ceiling lights. Cut flowers painted on them or interesting compositions and make of these panels. Resulting drawing thin with cling film, and do it very carefully so as not to remain folds. The resulting semi-finished product we reveal a thick layer of varnish and leave to dry. Then the process is repeated. Again, the blend color ball, hide them under the film and anchoring varnish. Such layers can be done as long as you wish. The resulting creation of frame the frame.

What will help you

About versions decoration kitchen window you can write treatises, but the lion’s share of these proposals designed shops curtains and accessories. If you do not like trivial methods of finishing, and you are ready to engage in the manufacture of accessories in person, the following tips can help you greatly.

The most common way window decoration – it is country kitchen ceiling lights. On the windowsill put houseplants in beautiful pots, which can be both unusual paint to decorate the kitchen, and in general to make the hands of the available materials at hand. Old pots can be unsightly entangle twine decorate buttons, shells and unusual stones or paste over the leaves.

In addition to the plants on the windowsill can settle candlesticks, figurines, framed photos in the original, and other eye-catching items. As these items can perform any accessories. It all depends on your design plans. The decor of the country or province well will look old clay jugs, irons on the coals shining polished sides copper samovar, beautiful, but somewhat frayed by the time the plates. With these fittings your kitchen turns extremely colorful.


Especially advanced decorators do not think twice, how to decorate the kitchen, and his hands turn the windowsill in the present art objects. They painted old wood, used in decoupage and do many other unimaginable things that make the kitchen window into a bright accent interior stain.

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