The advantages of the bamboo kitchen cabinets


When searching for originality and individuality in décor for your kitchen, it is a good idea to consider bamboo kitchen cabinets.  This type of wood offers many advantages, like unique appearance and strong sustainable material. Bamboo is quite strong wood and usually made using strong finish, what makes cabinetry even more solid and long-lasting.

Bamboo cabinets suggest an alternative to the readymade cabinets with a high percentage of particle board and medium density fiberboard (MDF). This eco-friendly material contains mainly natural raw “ingredients”.

Bamboo can have different appeals, and can look like the traditional wood.

Main differences of the bamboo kitchen cabinets

  • Even though bamboo furniture looks like a wood, botanically speaking bamboo is grass. However it is one of the most strong and hard materials that are being used in furniture construction for centuries.
  • Another benefit of the bamboo as material is can survive the high level of moisture, like in bathroom or in the kitchen. Where other wood types cab swell and stick.
  • The bamboo is unique also because of the nature of the material. Bamboo needs 7 years to grow and mature completely. It is very fast compare to the hardwood trees that need decades to be harvested for lumber.
  • Nowadays using renewable and sustainable materials is important. And bamboo is one of those. Bamboo is an appreciated building material that grows quickly and sustainably. That’s what makes this plant the best choice for green kitchens.
  • Another advantage of bamboo is its rigidity. Or that reason bamboo is often used for the floors. Usually kitchen doors and frames get beaten all the time, hence, the harder materials work better than softer ones.
  • Good alternative for those who seek uniqueness. Or the homeowners who avoid having furniture with high percentage of particle board, bamboo is just a perfect choice. The bamboo cabinets are made only with bamboo plywood or dense bamboo.
  • Bamboo cabinets usually can be purchased as ready to install or as custom built-in cabinets. Those ready to use cabinets are very simple to install. They are delivered in a knocked-down format and designed to be easily connected.

Different Grain Orientation Provides Different Looks

There are 3 main possible appearances of the bamboo; it is based on the grain orientation. The bamboo cabinets are made from slices of the wood, that is glued together. The orientation of grain depends on the way those slices are leaning according to each other.

  • Vertical grain reminds stacking dominoes. This orientation looks more like wood
  • Horizontal grain reminds dominoes standing side-by-side face up. This is classical bamboo pattern
  • Strand-woven bamboo orientation is mix of fibers and adhesives pressed under very high temperature.

What to consider before choosing bamboo cabinets

There are a many advantages of the bamboo kitchen, such as sustainability of the material and unique look. However there are obviously several concerns, that have to be taken into consideration.

For example, green and sustainable qualities of bamboo depends on what time it was harvested. Even though bamboo is advertised as very solid and hard, the increasing popularity of this material threatens the quality of it. The producers do not let bamboo even seven years to grow. That’s why the quality may suffer sometimes.


Before purchasing the bamboo kitchen cabinets make sure where it comes from and whether the producers are trustworthy.

To keep the kitchen healthy and green, think about using raw materials instead of adhesive products. It will work on bamboo cabinetry as the finish. Those organic products without formaldehyde materials help to create greener indoor air environment.

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