The choice of materials for the kitchen and the proper organization of the working space

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Repair begins with. when you decide to change something in your home. Kitchen- is one of the most important buildings, so many people are starting to repair it with this part of the living space. Kitchen can perform several functions, depending on your wishes.

In the first place, kitchen-this place is designed for cooking. Various aromatic flowers and colors used in the repair will be a certain way to influence your mood and appetite. Therefore, repairing the kitchen should focus on.

The kitchen does not necessarily have to be equipped with a variety of additional appliances. The simplest kitchen may look sophisticated and elegant, attracting visitors with its comfort and friendly atmosphere. The room is equipped with a variety of devices may not look very welcoming.

For these reasons, during the decoration kitchen, you need to pay attention to your feelings and desires when you are cooking or preparing for the arrival of guests. This will be an excellent base to upgrade existing facilities. But it is not necessary modern services will be able to pick up a modern interior, based on your preferences and tastes. In today’s world, there are designers who offer their services, which include a fully made your premises project. But their help is quite expensive, so you can take advantage of their knowledge and skills and save their money.

Methods of designing online

If you decide to do the design of the kitchen itself, in this case, A Little Bit of Heaven. Not beware of their ideas and preferences. Of course, the first time you can make some mistakes, but so will you move forward. Maybe you’ll like it, and you decide to do interior design already at the professional level. In the program you can always undo your last action, so do not be afraid to make mistakes. Design- is quite fascinating and interesting process.

On the Internet there are many different helpers who will create a new design space for a short time, from the comfort of your home. You can start with an idea and finish the ready design of the house. Many services have the opportunity to fix the existing premises. So you can just import the photos and begin work on the image. Many of these programs require special knowledge to be gained by studying at the technical specialty. However, some services have their own online tutorial.

On the Internet there are both paid and completely free services for creating finished projects. As a rule, all paid versions of the applications have a large number of tools for the design and have realistic visualization quality. If you are afraid to download immediately paid version, download a free trial that allows you to rate the app. If many of the features you just do not need, then you may use the free service. We paid programs there is one drawback. It is their complexity. Understand only a professional will be able to them. If you are not a business, it is better to use versions that do not require additional investments.

Of course, the free programs do not build high-quality images and does not have a great set of tools. However, beginners can easily take advantage of this service.

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What to do after selecting the program?

After selecting a program for the design of the room, you need to make measurements of the kitchen. To do this you will need a pencil, measuring tape and laser paper. And the most common calculator with which you can find all the necessary actions that are difficult to do in your mind.

1) Kitchen Measurements do not include measurement of key cabinets and drawers.

2) All the measurement is best performed in inches.

3) Take a piece of paper and draw a sketch of your kitchen. It must be the door, utilities, window frames, radiators and all the pieces of furniture that you plan to leave.

4) Carry out the measurements of all the walls from corner to corner, including window openings.

5) Measure the wall from floor to ceiling.

6) Measure the dimensions of the radiator and communication objects.

Online services allow you to start designing the kitchen with real size.

How to choose the form of the future kitchen

If your kitchen has a fairly small size, it is for you, there are several forms of cuisines, from which you can make a cozy room. For example, it may be a kitchen, L-shaped or U. These two types of kitchens allow you to expand the space to accommodate all the appliances and furniture. When choosing these forms of cuisine you will not be able to block the way for passage.

If your kitchen is large enough, then you have a large variety of forms for the placement of cabinets. You can do the kitchen in the form of a small island or arrange cabinets as most suitable to your flat configuration.

What material is best used for the kitchen?

Services for the design of kitchen design will help you find the right materials for your interior always looked stylish. For example, it can be materials such as natural stone, wood, glass or any other natural texture.

Laminate, it is quite popular material, but its disadvantage is the high price. With it you can create virtually any interior d├ęcor, ranging from classic and ending with modern and minimalism. Laminate flooring is available in various designs and colors that will give your kitchen a unique atmosphere. However, this material requires careful treatment. On its surface in any case can not be put hot pans or kettles. And also have to be extremely careful with sharp objects. Use special boards, which are designed for cutting products. If you follow all the rules of operation, the laminate will be a long time to please you with its impeccable appearance.

If you want to make your kitchen the most practical, for the shells and other similar items are best to choose stainless steel. Stainless steel is available in various colors and the most suitable for the kitchen, made in a modern style. And it is a practical material and will last you a long time. However, try not to leave scratches on its surface. They are quite difficult to be removed.

A concrete is the material most often used in the finishing of worktops. Concrete is a great advocate for the glossy coating, which is not true of the other materials. Also, if you happen to get dirty than a surface, it will be virtually invisible. Services for online design will help you to see what it looks like in real concrete interiors and how it is combined with other textures.

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Wood-this is a very popular material in the performance of design projects. But since it is a natural material, you need to very careful to treat him. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, so without proper care it very quickly lose its original appearance. To extend the life of the material, never leave it on the surface of the pieces of food or crumbs that you forgot to remove the afternoon. A great advocate for wood coatings is flaxseed oil. Wood has always been a symbol of love and well-being, so you can be sure that your interior will always look fashionable and relevant.

Glass has recently become a very popular material when choosing jewelry for kitchens. First, such material can be used when space is too small or too few receives natural light. Glass is a material that does not require careful maintenance. Routine cleaning should be sufficient. But to make the maximum term of its operation, avoid sharp objects and high temperatures. You can choose any type of glass to the interior, as it is produced in different colors.

If you doubt the choice of any of the material, then use the online service for design. It will help you to select material that is most suitable to your kitchen. And also on the visualizations you can see the same surface using completely different materials.

What should I draw, choosing colors and lights?

The light should be chosen, focusing on the basic proportions of your room. The same can be said about the color scheme. Somewhere in the 60 percent of the furniture items must be the same color as your walls. The rest of you can safely give to other contrasting or matching colors. Following this advice, your kitchen will always look perfectly, even if you have never received special education. Remember that almost monochrome interior always looks dull and uninteresting, especially if it has no contrasting colors.

When you select the general color scheme of the kitchen, you can make room in the same range and to select colors that are close in the color palette. But if you do not like these interiors, you can create interesting combinations of colors that are completely opposite. Warm contrasting colors will help you create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

If you’re a supporter of modern interiors, then you should know that all these solutions include a combination of one color and multiple colors that are best suited to it. Before you buy paint or other wall coverings look at the visualization of how the colors will be combined with each other.

Also remember that each color in a certain way will affect your appetite. If in the near future you are planning to lose weight or just keep fit, try not to choose red shades, wall coverings, as they, on the contrary, arouse the appetite. In this case, you are most suitable cool color palette. But around the need to adhere to the golden mean. Unless cool shades, they soon begin to oppress you will be present in your kitchen. If the room is only warm colors, it can cause aggression and anger.

If you make the walls green and blue shades, it will help you get rid of depression and unwanted thoughts. These colors work as antidepressants.

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Particular attention should be paid to the color of the ceiling. If your kitchen is dominated by warm shades or she is quite a contrast, the ceiling is best to paint the pure white color, so it does not distract the attention on himself.

How to work with lighting?

When designing your kitchen design, you need to make well-lighting, to make your overall decision completeness. You can arrange additional sources of light in the places where you need to focus. If, in your opinion, in the room there are places that are unsuccessful, use the play with shadows to hide all the unpleasant moments. If you make a design project when the design, then you will be able to move the selected light throughout the room to see how it will look in a particular place.

If your kitchen is small in size, you may have enough of one powerful lamps to illuminate the entire space. If the kitchen is large enough, then a lamp do you will not be able to. As a rule, medium and large rooms, experts recommend the use of 3 lamps. The first light source must be placed so that it was above the stove. The second lamp should be placed above the work surface, and a third should hang over the dining table.

Work on the spot cooking

Kitchen-this is the place where you spend a lot of time, so you should pay special attention to him. You must do everything to ensure that the workplace is not depressed you, and inspire new culinary masterpieces. First of all, you should make sure that you always have access to a stove, sink, and other necessary items when preparing food. In the design of the workspace should be mindful of the triangle rule. It was developed in the 20th century in order to speed up the process of working chefs. Each workstation cooking consists of three parts. The first part of the need for the storage of products, the second part is necessary for the processing of food, and the third part of the need to wash their food and other necessary items. This rule will save you from unnecessary movements.


Different configurations of cabinets allow you to create an ideal working space. For example, you can set the dining table near the wall, which can sometimes serve as a work surface. Also, strive to ensure that the stove and sink were on the one hand, and of the food processing and fridge were located on the other side. This form of working space is the most convenient.

Before placing the cabinets, make the 3D model in a special program to see how it will look in the general configuration of real life. This will help you avoid blunders

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