The color palette of the country kitchen cabinets


Country impressed by the naturalness, so acidic shades and flashy colors it does not occur. To create a general background use any pastel colors. Their palette can start from the golden-brown and gray terminated or sky-blue notes. Neutrality background cuisine in country kitchen cabinets must be diluted with bright splashes of crimson, scarlet, cornflower blue, carmine-red and saturated-green. They bring cheerfulness and motives remind of the unity of man and nature.

How to furnish the kitchen

Designers say that the interior of country cuisine can get along with most variegated pieces of furniture, the main thing that they were combined in style and fit in size. Ideally, use a headset made of natural wood with the surface of the artificially aged. Just created for registration of food and other living rooms in rustic style. The presence of visible plaque antiquity, which is expressed in a shabby furniture surface, not only brings to the situation traces, but also makes it sophisticated. With the same success subtleties rustic style will be able to tell you if you put in the kitchen:

  • Massive, with a wide tabletop ellipsoid or round dining table
  • Kitchen dressers
  • Buffet
  • Suspended cabinets and slides for storage of kitchen utensils
  • wicker furniture

It would be nice if the selected table worktop will be made of stone, and furniture facades are covered with paintings or carvings. It is of course very nice, but for a small kitchen furniture such volume will not work, because the protruding elements and the overall perception of the massiveness of the decor will greatly reduce the already limited space. In this case, transfer stylish kitchen, decorated in a rustic style, with antique furniture help.

As for the cabinets, the more traditional country style of the model with open shelves. The upper cabinets perfectly get accustomed accessories that convey ethnic motives. Lower – it makes sense to decorate curtains with scalloped, ruffles or bows.

Household appliances, metal shining silver and attracts an abundance of buttons, rational hide behind furniture fronts or equip embedded gadgets. In this case, you will be able to maintain maximum functionality premises without disturbing the overall concept of style.

Your kitchen is large enough? Be sure to put it in the cupboard. It is a true symbol of rural life. A large mirror, glass doors engraved with – all this will make a massive buffet virtually weightless perception.

Mark the kitchen can be stylish and using the trunk. On the one hand you get a place to store the necessary things, and on the other – you will have a very comfortable seat.

If the size of the country style kitchen cabinets, is made out in a rustic style, is modest, look for products made of rattan. They are incredibly light and airy designs. Do not rush to attribute wicker furniture accessories to the dacha. Modern manufacturers have developed such a charming woven shelves, chairs, cabinets, that resist their charm is simply impossible. Besides rattan refers to natural materials, which is also in the style rules.

And the last. Do not try to stick to the arrangement of furniture and any particular order. It is completely useless. Furnish the kitchen so that you feel comfortable and nothing to worry. Chaotic arranged interior details only add charm of the interior, and the room will look inhabited for a long time.

  • plan kitchen create a rustic
  • To help those who are planning to equip the kitchen in the style of the country with their own hands:
  • Remove old coatings from the ceiling and walls. It is understood that the phase of an unpleasant, dirty and time-consuming, but it is necessary to start with him.

For the new trim look for materials that you can actually work without attracting specialists. If you have enough experience in the repair work, you can use all the way up textured plaster, but if not, then stop on the wallpaper that even schoolchildren can today. Choose a cheerful drawings in small flower or ethnic elements and do not forget that the lighter will be the basic pattern – the better.

Do not rush to buy new furniture. For unpretentious rustic kitchen environment will fit perfectly and the old. Give it a second life, treat the skin on a tree and pick the nail. You will not believe, but you’ll have a set of unique, with a touch of “old” furniture.

Hide all appliances. It definitely spoil the interior of the kitchen in a nice rustic style as vintage from it clearly emanates. Gadgets can be hidden in the closet, and in their absence decorate self-adhesive film or hide under the lace napkins.

Cover the floor country white kitchen cabinets

Dilute the decor bright accessories like an antique lamps, candlesticks, painted trays.

Pick stylish textiles. Change the trim on an old soft corner or use decorative covers with embroidery and fringe. Window curtains adorn cotton or linen. They should also be flounces, ruffles and ribbons.

That’s it! You’re comfortable and harmonious kitchen ready. And note that registration does not cost you fabulous money.

The beauty of rustic style that for its reconstruction need only outline strokes. Your kitchen is full of shabby furniture? You bored to death, creaking floorboards? You annoy the wallpaper falling off, and money for a major repair available elsewhere? Believe, the situation can be improved without substantial cost without buying expensive sets and without attracting builders brigade. Kitchen rustic solves this problem simply and tastefully. The main thing that you were like a real rural romance in use country kitchen cabinets ideas.

Life in the modern metropolis sets new standards of comfort. Previously, large apartment should have a minimum of kitchen, living room and bedroom, but now for many this is not an axiom. Congestive and spacious “hall” (with traditional seating area, a large dining table, sideboard and TV), many prefer the kitchen, combined with living room.

This is due to the fact that modern apartment settling so as to be comfortable in the first place for its inhabitants, and only the second – to take in-house guests. Especially that big companies are now going to the house rarely – it has a cozy café and a luxurious banquet halls.

Another reason for combining the kitchen and living room – a small living area. Very small apartment near the center is widely seen as more attractive than large, located in a remote residential area from which to work to get a couple of hours. In that the case of unification of the two zones allows not to live in the narrow space of the kitchen and a small room, but to create the necessary space for spiritual harmony.

Assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of such a plan cannot be reduced only to the calculation of square and cubic meters of space and optimal use. The aesthetic, personal and psychological aspects of combining the country kitchens with white cabinets and living room often become apparent only during the shaking of an updated area. In order not to miss out on something important, consider all the pros and cons of such a merger in advance.

Thus, the advantages of:

  • Family meals. The kitchen and living area are divided with each other. A large table, for example, may be half “move” in the kitchen, at the same time in the kitchen there is an opportunity to gather the family for a full dining table. In fact, in the apartment there is an additional area – dining room, for which rarely allocate a separate room.
  • Plenty of room. Visually increase the space due to the absence of walls the most favorable impact on the psychological state.
  • Communication and control. Most of the kitchen cares assumes, as a rule, the owner. Somebody makes her company when she cooks, cleans, etc.? Alas, for women it is often not just 2-4 hours a day of tedious trouble, but 2-4 hours of loneliness. In the kitchen, the living room can be cast at the plate for the conversation, looking after the children in passing and at times turning to domestic help. The man at the plate with such organization of space – more frequent.
  • The hostess, and then run away from the festively laid table in the kitchen – the character comical and sad. The ability to adequately take the guests to treat them, without interrupting the interesting conversation – this is a serious argument in favor of a kitchen-living room.
  • Music, TV. Combining areas eliminates the need to buy into the kitchen of the second TV or a good speaker. Favorite TV shows and good music is always there.

Disadvantages of a country kitchen cabinet:

  • View of the stove and sink. The inhabitants of the house or have to put up with some gastronomic disorder in a recreation area, or need to get used to the immediate and thorough cleaning in the kitchen area.
  • Kitchen furniture in the interior. It is difficult to do low-cost environment. Stylish headsets and decent kitchen appliances – a mandatory component of a living room-kitchen.
  • Tantalizing aromas and unpleasant smells that fill the living room – this is not what the dream of discussing her association with the kitchen. Powerful high-quality hood and forced ventilation are becoming a necessity.
  • The drone of the refrigerator and microwave, buzzing grinder and food processor will accompany the life of the household that happens to be tiring and annoying.
  • Problems with privacy. If someone in the family has a desire to be alone in a recreation area, in the case of a living room-kitchen is very problematic.

If the union kitchen with country kitchen cabinet incorporated in the apartment project, the owners can only choose a good interior design. And if one is in the apartment has a separate kitchen? Given that the combination of it with a seating area and has the pros and cons of whether to make such alterations?

How to choose country kitchen tables?

The average citizen spends in the kitchen 2 hours to buy country kitchen tables, and in the case of the mother of the family, or for those whose hobby – cooking, it is not less than 4 hours, that is, most of the “free” time. It would be odd to wish to make this an essential part of life took place in a confined space of 2-3 square meters, free of furniture and equipment – namely, that boast many kitchens. For the conversion of food into the area of ergonomics and psychological comfort, all means are good – warming and accession to the loggia, refrigerator transport in the corridor or the combination kitchen and living area.

If you operate with numbers, in which cases this association is really justified?

Firstly, if the kitchen area less than 6.5 square meters – three it did not turn around. Dinner at close quarters, for a miniature table does not refer to the number of family traditions, strengthen relationships, and cover each time the table in the hall – a big load for the hostess. If you demolish the wall between the living room and the kitchen, you can create a spacious dining room-kitchen-living room, a place of family meals, communication, and recreation. The built houses these walls usually do not carry, and to agree on alterations in the relevant services though troublesome, but possible.

Secondly, if the apartment is very large, but old-fashioned, or if this is a modern spacious apartment, cottage – the demolition of walls and the creation of a huge kitchen-living room, the dimensions of which do not limit the imagination of the designer, it makes it possible to create a very stylish environment. In this case, the purpose of the reconstruction is not to increase the space by combining zones, and in itself the idea of an open-plan fashion trends, implemented in apartments-studios.

Third, if the average size kitchen is adjacent to the very spacious living room. To optimize space, you can move a wall or carry her – then create a spacious kitchen-living room, or two rooms – kitchen, living room and a small bedroom.

It’s hard to say why in our country is not taking root idea of the country kitchen table. Installation of washing, chopping boards and surfaces are not against the wall, and on a separate table, let’s not crowded in the kitchen, where, as you know, two people do not turn around. And it’s not just the lack of space, but also to restrict access to the work surface. Kitchen island allows fuss in the kitchen as a family, all around him there is a place and work. Of course, to install it requires more space than that which is common kitchen, but in the spacious kitchen-living room will become not only an element that unites the whole family, but also a natural divider zones. In this case, the part of his living room can be arranged and how the bar.

The color scheme of the living room and the kitchen should emphasize the unity of style and space. At the same time, with different shades of colors, textures and patterns can be distinguished cuisine, combined with a living room, a separate interior object. It is also possible to use contrasting color accents, this technique is usually used in the living area.

There are certain rules to help achieve a balance between bright and neutral colors, warm and cold, tonal and contrast:

  • If the room is bright enough natural sunlight, it will complement and strengthen the interior warm colors – peach, yellow, orange, red, creating a soft, welcoming atmosphere.
  • If the windows are located on the north side, or direct sunlight blocking the high-rise buildings, it is possible to focus on artificial lighting, which is particularly impressive against the background of the walls painted in dark cool colors.
  • Balanced even illumination to a peace, a feeling which emphasizes neutral interior colors, including brown and gray. Bright decorative elements saturated contrasting colors will bring in a variety of colors and liveliness.
  • The color palette of the kitchen affects the psychological condition – bright warm colors stimulate appetite, cold pale suppress it, neutral does not have a significant impact. Hosts can easily determine which color scheme is important for them at home.
  • Determine which elements should be painted in vivid colors, and some – in soft, follow a simple rule – the greater the surface area, the less should be saturated color (ceiling, walls, carpet). In contrast, small and fine details of the interior can be very bright (a chair, a vase, a rug by the sofa, cushions).

Make a small kitchen interior cozy and functional task is not simple, but solvable with french country kitchen table. Of course, any housewife dreams of a large and spacious kitchen, but such a luxury not available to many. Rather, on the contrary, most of the domestic high-rise buildings in different very modest dimensions. However, do not despair, because with the right approach and a small kitchen can be equipped with everything you need and make it a “flavor” of your apartment, where it will be nice to not only prepare food, but also to gather with family or close friends.

Second, it is now sold a lot of multifunction devices. Why buy a separate grinder and a juicer, if you can buy a food processor with a host of useful functions?

Do not forget that fit in a small kitchen everything is not possible. In fact, besides the art equipment necessary space for the work area, as well as everything for a dining area. In spite of everything, a good designer is able to transform into a cozy nest is not even a large kitchen area of four to five meters, encountered even kitchen equipped at the lodge.

Most often installed in a small room built-in appliances. This kitchen appliance manufacturers take into account all the nuances, and produced lots of different models. Incidentally, a similar technique can be built even in the wall that adds variation and releases much-needed space. Built-in equipment will be somewhat less familiar to us, but it has plenty of advantages, because a small family will be enough cooktop for two or three burners and a small refrigerator. Also, especially for small kitchens produce small and light and microwave ovens, which are mounted on brackets above the work surface.

Adding comfort and functionality country kitchen table sets

True masters of design art skillfully implement Kitchen interior, as well as its color and accessories to expand the space visually. To do this, they use a variety of tricks, with which we are currently aware of.

The interior is better to use calm and neutral tones. They are able to visually push the boundaries of the kitchen, as well reflect light. The relevance of this increases if you decide to use a deep rich color. Glossy furniture also has good reflective properties. With regard to the use in the interior of a large number of colors, it is not the right solution, sufficient to consider two or three shades.

Lighting should naturally be at the maximum. From the use of heavy curtains should be discarded. It is better to decorate the kitchen light translucent curtains or roman blinds. Light brings a feeling of space, so do not limit it, but it is not necessary to go too far. Be sure to look closely to the catalogs of photos of projects realized in practice, thanks to the Internet this should not be a problem. These directories are an inexhaustible fount of ideas; there you certainly can gain a lot of interesting things for themselves.

If the plan does not allow combining the kitchen with an adjoining room physically, you can do it at least visually. Suffice it to only give the walls of both room’s one color or wallpaper of the same. Thus you will achieve the effect of a single large space, not two tiny small rooms.

His selection is better to stop on the bright, dim furniture. Outwardly, it looks less cumbersome, especially if merges with the color of the walls near country kitchen table and chairs. An excellent option is transparent furniture. The options here weight: transparent chairs, a dining table or a glass wall shelves. It will look just fine, and you do feel in weightlessness.

Be sure to choose a spacious furniture, but things should not be much. Furnished small kitchen lots of small-sized cabinets, chests of drawers or shelves you will achieve only clutter effect that visually reduce the space.

The dining table is better to make an oval or round; this furniture is visually takes up less space. In addition, many people opt for the functional folding or sliding tables. This is not surprising, because if you eat in the kitchen at the same time up to three people, a large table is not necessary. And in case guests arrive can easily push such furniture, the benefit of modern accessories allows to realize the most incredible decision.

With designs and drawings should get very delicately. Designers recommend confining a few small: whether the pattern on the upholstery or decorative tiles. Do not overload the space.


Cornice is to hang on to the maximum height, just under the ceiling. In this case, the window as it were “pulled” up, raising visually ceiling. In order to hang curtains under country style kitchen tables and tulle while you need to select a long ledge, because the room has to penetrate the light, and this should not close the window, but only to frame their curtains.

Printed textiles are better not to use, it is better to stop your choice textured fabrics.

Without a well-equipped system for storing kitchen utensils and products you are unlikely to be released to create a functional kitchen. Therefore, even at the design stage, think about what, where and how you will keep in the kitchen.

Of particular note is the workspace. As mentioned above, in small kitchens, it is often combined with a window sill. Near the window may well accommodate washing, dishwashing niche or hob. Center kitchen can be equipped as a kind of multifunctional island, making it a dining table, work area and bathroom cabinet for dishes. So, everything you need is at your fingertips at the mistress.

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