The features and tweaks to the design of modern kitchens. Compact kitchen

Modern design kitchens, which are presented in different fashion magazines are always very functional and occupy a minimum of space. In this room there is nothing superfluous, since each part performs its function. Especially, it concerns such a style as minimalism. At first glance, modern interiors seem cold and simple, but it is not so. Most often, the most modern kitchens contain a lot of high technology, which will allow you to optimize the process of cooking. Kitchen, made in a modern style, can not only cook, but also to use it to meet friends, party evening with the whole family. Recently, designers often try to combine the kitchen with living room. This technique allows you to expand the space, make a separate sitting area, and just arrange additional free space.

You will always be a pleasure to return to his kitchen, because modern designers are trying to get rid of sterility and make bright modern interiors and concise. And, thanks to the many modern techniques, such an interior fits easily in the environment and is characterized by its individuality. This is due to the fact that nowadays people are more valued classic interiors, so you rarely anyone will be able to find beautiful and stylish interior in minimalism. Modern interiors with clean lines and forms that help to achieve a luxurious and comfortable interior.

Kitchen in a modern style Fusion

The modern design of the room is the kitchen- which does not welcome no restrictions or special regulations. This room reminds modern premises of an industrial building or space ship, on which, certainly, there is a fan of. Fyuzhn- is a great representative of modern styles in the interior. This style is a mixture of different directions, but it is also the balance between them. In this style, you will be able to realize any ideas completely. If you think that this style emerged recently as something very wrong. Fusion appeared about 25 years ago in the United States.

The room is in a similar style will always look attractive and stylish, because it has a lot of home appliance items made in a variety of metal materials. Best of all, to all the equipment you have had in the same key. In this case, you can achieve the rigor of the room. If you think that this style will look just like a spaceship, you are greatly mistaken. Modern elements in fusion style perfectly combined with traditional furniture, classic crystal chandeliers and beautiful decoration of the walls. And also you can add zest to your interior with a loft, made in the old style. It will allow your kitchen to look comfortable in all kinds of weather and under all circumstances.

Style Fusion does not separate the elements with each other, but it is based on their emotional impact that they make on living in a room of people. Creating such stilya- is a very difficult task to perform which can only be experienced designer who is not afraid to experiment, and loves his job. Fyuzhn- is a fine line between irony, vulgarity and freshness, which is so characteristic of all modern interiors. The first thing you have to do is come up with an idea, which will form the basis of your interior. To connect elements of contemporary and classical stilya- it is really a difficult task, which is not everyone’s strength. At the exit you have to get an attractive and harmonious interior, which combines the wildest things. It is due to the presence of objects from the classical style, your modern interior will not look too sterile. An experienced designer will be able to competently combine modernity and classical music, and make your interior a truly luxurious. Combine that not sochetaetsya- it will be the most important professional challenge.

Modern Style Fusion necessarily win all the fans of the contemporary style in the interior, but at the same time and please the conservatives, who hold the classical and traditional styles.

Fyuzhn- a mixture of the most unusual shapes, textures and colors, as well as eras and styles. Be sure to consider this, if Your choice has fallen on this style.

Island with modern kitchens

Last time in modern magazines are increasingly common items such as islands. The island is a very topical issue for large rooms where is required to organize a large amount of free space. Island is a working area that is most often located in the center of the room. Modern model islands can include several functions. This can be both a place for cooking, oven, cooking area for cleaning, bar or even for the reception.

As a rule, the island is used in areas that have a large size. It greatly helps to organize the extra space. It is now in almost every modern design can meet this detail of the interior. And this is not just. The island is a functional and aesthetic element for people who appreciate the taste and the means. The island will allow you to achieve the optimization of the cooking process due to the fact that it is also the main operating functions can be displayed. You can use the island for extra space where you can build a certain number of home appliances. Through this, you can make your kitchen more space and not clutter its appliances in the same work area. Thus, you can make the island the center of the room, to focus on it the attention of visitors. But if you want to use this technique, remember that the island must be light sources. There should be at least two. But, remember that the island should be placed only if the large size of the room. Islands as a supplement to the main sections of the kitchen, so the island elements must be the same color as the rest of the kitchen section. Most location of the island may have a lot of options.

The layout of the kitchen island can have so many different options that can be performed in a completely any style. But, it is a modern kitchen very rarely complete without this element of design. It can even be a separate decorative element that will attract attention. Due to the fact that the island may have completely any configuration, it can be placed even in a small room.

Features of creation of compact design

If your kitchen is not characterized by large dimensions, it is not a reason to be upset. Professional designers have long since learned to cope with this problem. One technique, which allows you to visually expand the space-is to remove the partition that separates the kitchen and dining room. As a result, you get a small studio and a large space in which to organize and work and entertainment zone. Also, you can organize your space using compact kitchen design. And when you finish work and close all the shutters, you get a wardrobe that takes up very little space. All appliances hidden in the closet, so you will always have the feeling of a spacious room, which want to spend time over and over again. This kitchen takes a minimal amount of square meters, so you can organize a spacious seating area. To compact kitchen looked perfect, you have to pay attention to every detail and bring it to perfection. To make something special, you can add multi-level shelves.

This food should consist of two modules. The first will be lower, and the second top. The upper module may include a lot of different boxes, handrails and a microwave, which should be approximately at the level of your growth. And there are different shelves, which will be cooking utensils.

In the lower unit, as a rule, there are countertop, next to which is a sink. Also in this module, there is a sliding block of household appliances, which includes mini-refrigerator, gas stove and dishwasher. If your family lives a little people, you can wash the dishes themselves, without the help of the dishwasher. Also, as you wish, you can set a blender, water purifier and a small bar, near which you will be able to receive visitors. All units are compact kitchen can be designed to meet all your preferences.

Such kitchen recently strongly gaining popularity because they are very comfortable and compact. Plus, this kitchen is that you can hide all kitchen utensils, just shut the door behind him. It is the most convenient and cheapest method is to save space, you can easily use in the studio apartment.

Free area

The idea, which suggests a connection to the kitchen living space, has recently become very popular. That is why, for fans of modern style, designers have come up with a new style, which involves assembly kitchens right in the living room. This is a very convenient option as you can at the same time take care of business in the kitchen and chat with all members of the family. And also, all appliances built-in furniture in order to have had the opportunity to save as much open space as possible. Also, you can remove other partitions, which are capable of further release your space.

The proper use of lighting

Kitchen-this is one of the main places in the room. This is one reason why the kitchen area should be well illuminated. If your kitchen is made in a classic style or traditional, the lighting is better to choose soft yellows. So your kitchen will look warm, cozy and friendly. If your interior, on the contrary, in a contemporary style, you will approach the line of white light shades. And also keep in mind that your kitchen should be a maximum of natural light. If your room is small enough windows, use more lights and wall lights, which will support the balance of light.

Ergonomics in the kitchen areas

Ergonomics is the science that studies the human daily activities and provides optimal working conditions, as well as living and recreation. Turning to the kitchen, ergonomics is considered the modern idea for better planning for cooking and working. These rules are designed to help you to arrange the furniture, household appliances and organize the space. Powered triangle is the basic idea of ergonomics.

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