The value of the walnut kitchen cabinets

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The most important in the kitchen cabinets is the choice of wood. For those who favour luxurious and elegant environment, walnut kitchen cabinets would be a excellent choice. Deep and dark hues of this wood will create the ambiance of stable nature and warm intimacy. Due to specie characteristics, dark walnut considered to look very similar to the real tree, even after the treatment. For that reason usually wood color is correlated with the color of walnut brown hues.

Traditionally walnut cabinets are used at the luxurious chateaus libraries or wine cellars. Some can say that walnut cabinets are old-fashioned. However, nowadays, the walnut kitchen cabinet is a very popular trend. And it is unlikely that this wood will lose its success.

There are 4 reasons why walnut kitchen cabinet is a good decision:

1) Classic wooden beauty

2) Cost-effective, thanks to the wood properties and finish options

3) Long lifetime

4) Environmentally sustainable

The walnut is considered the excellent choice for cabinetry as well as for flooring and furniture. Not only because it is an exceptionally good-looking wood, it is also very long-standing and will simply survive the everyday life of a kitchen.

How to fit the walnut kitchen cabinets into a kitchen

This wood is usually used in the kitchen cabinets either as a one central color or contrasting color in the two-tones cabinets to add some dark accents.

As any luxurious items, walnut kitchen cabinets need more attention and care. The dark colors will stay beautiful longer if kept in a perfect cleanliness. It also requires more attention because the dust and the dirt on the surface will be seen easier with dark colors.

However owing to the wood grain and different finishes in dark walnut kitchen cabinets, visually dust is less remarkable when comparing to solid-painted cabinets.

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Having in mind the wood characteristics, while choosing kitchen cabinets, can help to make a right choice, regarding personal needs and habits. Importantly, learning how to treat chosen wood Knowing will pay off with a generation of having a treasure in the apartment.

What makes walnut kitchen cabinet special?

Each wood type has its own distinctive individual properties that affect final characteristics of the cabinets.

Wood species differ from white to black in color, with undertones fluctuating from light ochre for maple to dark-brown walnut and from light to heavy in thickness, also from parallel to composite grain forms. Maple and walnut are both  flawless examples of the variances. Cabinets constructed with any one of them can modify everything in your kitchen.

The observable differences

  • Color and pattern

The major and obvious difference between all the types of wood is the color. The variation of colors between the different types sets them apart. When the stain is added, the color variations are unambiguous. Grain shapes differences also characterize different types of wood.

Walnut is described by curly, bold patterns. Walnut is deep and bold, with outrageous twirls, shapes and knots. If you favour grain forms that vary between all cabinets, walnut is the perfect choice. Bur for example, if you choose a reliable and smooth appearance that mixture cabinets together as single, maple would be the edge.

  • Density

Apart from color the species differ by density, and consequently by weights. With density fluctuated between 1 to 10 scale, where 1 is being softer, the walnut ranks around 1 – 2. The difference in thickness is most perceptible when manufacturing or handling the cabinets, particularly if they have dense hardwood doors. Applicability is another issue. Walnut cabinets scratch and dint much easily comparing to maple, that is almost invulnerable.

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Walnut or also called black walnut is named suitably and even though it similarly admits stain, it will not change considerably when stain is used. Walnut is respected for its profound rich color and that’s precisely what you get – there is no chance to change it.

This type of wood isn’t versatile in finishing. However walnut kitchen cabinets finish out nicely, using lacquer is a good choice. However, due to its undemanding texture, walnut is a little more difficult to finish.

Value of the walnut cabinets

The variation in price between different types of wood can be substantial when associating similar grades. Nevertheless, the majority of the kitchen cabinets are manufactured using a mass of plywood. Walnut plywood is much more expensive comparing, for example, to maple plywood, accumulating supplementary cost to cabinets. Walnut plywood is more high-class and might require special request. That’s why, you can anticipate to spend more to walnut cabinets comparing equivalent grades. Walnut cabinets raise the value of a home, especially when the kitchen is regularly the main emphasis of a home, the greater re-sale value of a walnut kitchen can be something to take into consideration.

How to choose walnut kitchen cabinets?

There are many diverse options to choose the walnut cabinets. It differs by:

  • Drying method. The older the walnut the wider is the variety of colors it can have. If it was dried in a kiln then the color is a gloomy brown, otherwise it was air-dried and the color becomes purple brown.


  • Construction method. You can select between veneer or solid walnut. Take into consideration that solid walnut will cost several times higher than veneer. Walnut is a rare wood, that’s why good solid walnut kitchen cabinets can only be purchased through custom order and that is augmenting the price even more. Walnut veneer is cheaper but still beautiful. Veneer is attached to a less expensive wood, giving your kitchen that rich appearance at a much inferior cost.
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