Types of antique kitchen stoves: how to choose the right one for you

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If there is any inevitable detail for any kitchen, this is kitchen stove. Since this kitchen appliance serves the main purpose of kitchen – cooking meals.

When planning kitchen, it is extremely important to decide what stove you want in there. The right stove is meant to meet both esthetical and functional criteria of its owners depending on their lifestyle.

Different kitchen styles require different types of stoves indeed. For kitchen in a modern up-to-date and even hi-tech style most any of modern kitchen stoves would do. As soon as they are of high quality and meet the future owner’s cooking habits, you don’t have to worry that much to fit them in the interior, after all you can even have it built in the kitchen cabinets so it doesn’t contrast with the surroundings at all.

If your kitchen is designed in a special retro style, then it is a completely different story and you need to give a big thought about the right kind of stove. Technique appliances in any particular period of history reflect the level of technological progress. So, totally modern kitchen appliances would usually ruin the charm of retro atmosphere you’ve created in your kitchen with all décor and furniture. It is totally up to you though how far you are ready to go in resemblance with older days.

If to trace history of kitchen stoves, earlier samples were usually made of cast iron and operated on coal or wood; by 1800s special shelves were added so that a stove was divided into cooking and storing sections. Then, with gas becoming popular, stoves transformed into a large piece with 6 or more heating surfaces, 1 or 2 oven compartments and a shelf for utensils, usually beautifully decorated and glazed with porcelain. In the 1900s bright colored kitchen stoves – red, yellow, green and all shades of pastel – become a trend.

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Nowadays, with retro vibes being so popular in modern houses, market offers plenty of different antique kitchen stoves to choose from.

  1. Authentic refurbished kitchen stoves which appear and function precisely as they used to way before. Before choosing one of those it may be useful to consider their unique features.
  • As nowadays level of comfort made a great progress, authentic stoves could be very inconvenient or even impossible to use. Many of them are made of cast iron and use wood and coal for heating. If you cook at home on the regular basis or like to indulge into experimenting with difficult recipes occasionally then authentic antique stove is definitely not the best choice for you. If all your cooking usually is limited to microwaving pre-ordered meals you could use such a stove just as an element of décor. Some of the models could be used as a fireplace which is great for summer cottages, while other models have shelves for storing utensils and could be used as a very unique kitchen hutch.
  • Authentic stoves are very expansive and usually are sold on special auctions or in antique shops. Some of them are considered real pieces of art and value accordingly. Sometimes you could find better price on such trading sites as e-bay.
  • These kinds of stoves often are not only big enough to demand a lot of space in the room, but they also draw a lot of attention and literally require the whole interior concept to be played around them.
  1. Refurbished old kitchen stoves converted into gas and overall renovated in a way to make cooking process easier.
  • As in the previous case, these stoves have very intense stylistic character and require a great attention to be fit into interior properly.
  • Deep reconstruction of cooking mechanism might make them even more expensive than authentic ones yet they might still not meet the criteria of modern ergonomics.
  1. Brand new kitchen stoves styled in accordance with different eras. In a way this can be a perfect compromise between design and functionality. Many companies launch retro collections including not only stoves but refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances we can’t imagine a modern kitchen without. This makes it easy to combine them and come up with the genuine interior style in a blink of an eye. Speaking of prices, they vary in a wide range, sure being more pricy than usual modern stoves.
  2. Some antique stoves that you naturally inherited from your ancestors or from former house owner. You need to estimate how much the stove needs to be repaired or renovated.
  3. Regular kitchen stoves which their owners made looking old-fashioned by their own hands, using special design ideas and artistic techniques.
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  • It’s the cheapest way you could get a piece of unique design. Handmade things have its special “soul” and help us feel more “at home” and relaxed.
  • It is impossible to replicate real cast-iron or richly decorated porcelain antique ones. While the colorful style of 1900s could be obtained.

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