Upper kitchen cabinets considerations

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There are more and more homeowners who prefer to remove upper kitchen cabinets. Why do they do so? There are several common reasons to change the classical arrangements on the kitchen. In order to demonstrate why getting rid of upper kitchen cabinets is a good idea, we will list 10 main reasons.

  1. Detaching upper cabinets open up the visual area around the room. It gives to the kitchen more volume and makes it feel larger.
  2. Even though the upper cabinets seem to be practical solution, they are usually hard to reach, especially for those with small heights.
  3. 3. The kitchen without upper cabinets does not have a shadow over the counters, what makes the workspace feels brighter
  4. 4. There is a common belief that drawers are much more useful than upper shelves.
  5. Drawers are more capable for storage than upper cabinets. Usually we store mainly dishes on the upper shelves. However in order to better demonstrate the dishes and other beautiful tableware it’s better to use kitchen buffet
  6. An island in the centre of the kitchen can become a good replacement for the upper cabinets. Apart form huge storage space, it also adds extra working surface
  7. 7. Removing the upper cabinets free the space for the decorations and pictures that can be displayed on the wall. It gives more clean and fresh effects
  8. 8. Getting rid of the upper cabinets can make an impression of doubled counter space, because it is much easier to use the surface without a cabinet overhead.
  9. If it feels like without upper kitchen cabinets there is not enough place or storage, the good idea is to store less. There are many chances that we have more appliances, utensils, stale spices and dishes then we need or have ever used. The removal of the upper shelves can be a good push to arrange and purge.
  10. Another possibility to store small appliances, table linens or decoration is banquette. This seating place can be customized to add drawers and cabinets inside. It can have any style needed to highlight the kitchen décor.
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However sometimes the desire to get rid of some furniture comes because it looks out-dated and dirty. That’s why before making huge changes and removing the cabinets, try to clean it first. Probably properly washed, shiny and polished with oil the cabinets will look more convenient to exist on the kitchen

How to clean kitchen cabinets with grease build up

The yellowing or darkening stain that outbreak on the many kitchen cabinets do not happen all of a sudden. With time the grease tints are getting stickier and more persistent to remove. The sparkle of clean cabinetry provides freshness in the space. It is possible to keep the kitchen clean and ready to cook

  • Importance of Vinegar

Vinegar is good not only vegetable salads and French fries. It has grease-decomposing ingredients. In order to clean the cabinets, soak a dry cloth with undiluted vinegar, then wipe down the greasy parts. Rinse the cloth with warm water, and use it to wash the cabinetry. Dry the damp surfaces with a paper towel, but note any still sticky spots that need a do over.

  • Grease Melting Suds

There are two simple things that can melt the grease: dish soap, that contains an alkaline, and the heat. Hot water can help in breaking down or melting built-up grease Fill your sink with warm water, add a tablespoon of dish soap into the water, and using a sponge clean the cabinets. Treat the greasy surfaces. Care should be applied to don’t remove the finish of the cabinetry, while putting efforts to clean the grease.

  • Attacking Oil With Oil
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Treat the hard sticky grabbing dust layers of ancient grease with vegetable oil. Oil is able to soften and boost those stains. Combine it with baking soda for better cleaning qualities. Dampen the soft cloth with the soda and oil mixture and use it to the grimy hinges, pulls and handles. Then wash the cabinets with warm water and dish soap.

  • Cabinetry Considerations


Bad quality of the melamine cabinetry can puff up at the edges or seams if it gets wet. That’s why the process of drying is not less important as washing it.

After a harsh cleaning, wood cabinets require a protective cover of natural oil. Such oil as lemon, tung or wood can help save the pine, maple, oak or other wooden cabinets. Once or twice per month apply it on the cabinetry after washing. It prepares the wood for water and chemicals that might be used for cleaning.

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