Used Kitchen Cabinets Like New Ones

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recycled kitchen cabinet doors

When you are thinking about renovation of your house, you face with many difficulties. The first issue is a budget. If you don’t have enough money for luxury remodeling or expensive furniture, you can buy old kitchen cabinets and refresh them in a way based on your own preferences. People decided to buy used kitchen cabinets like new ones ask a lot of questions, for example, will it be the right decision, where is it better to buy and is it really profitable? Here you can find all answers on these.

Expensive furniture is like a symbol of successfulness. Unfortunately not everyone can allow himself to get new proficient cabinets and good decoration. However, it is possible to buy used furniture, which isn’t so much differ from new one. Sometimes condition of old furniture is almost perfect, and difference in price is most essential.

As usual, both participants of a deal with used furniture have purchases. Both a salesman and a customer get profits, because the first one get rid of old and cloying cabinets, the second one takes up good furniture by low price. But it isn’t so always, some salesmen want to gain much more money for needless things, therefore disguise important information of disadvantages of the thing. It is needy to be very attentive and careful before buying furniture by a strange salesman.

Where are used kitchen cabinets like new ones for sale?

To get used cabinets to your kitchen is much easier that it can be imagined. Many good used cabinets for sale are in your city or maybe even in your house.

  • The first one is clearance sale in furniture shops. There are a lot of excellent cabinets. Also they were prepared for sale in a shop; therefore these have good appearance and perfect functionality.
  • The other variant is the Internet. You can choose suitable piece of furniture sitting at home. There are a lot of sites where people can sale and buy used cabinets. Moreover you can order furniture with delivering to your home, and then there will be no problems with transportation.
  • The third way is to buy it in commission shop. It is the easiest way to get something that you want, because you see furniture by your own eyes, can touch it and check its functionality.

All these variants are cheaper way to get cabinets to a kitchen. The only issue is that they were used by somebody. But you can buy something else for renovation or decoration by saved money.

Where are used kitchen cabinets like new ones for sale by owner?

In sale advertisements there are interesting and unique models which you can’t meet in modern shops. It concerns to antiquarian and carved used cabinets for sale. There is the range of characteristics, which prove that this piece of furniture belongs to antique category.

  • The thing should be older than 50 years.
  • It is rare and unique.
  • It belongs to historical epoch.
  • It has artistic or historical merit.
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The price of antique things is higher, but that is worth it. These pieces of furniture can serve for a very long time and will look amazing always. Also, such elements of decoration add to the room mysteriousness and uniqueness.

How to choose kitchen cabinets used?

In spite of the wide range of materials for furniture customers like classic models most of all. It is because vanguard cabinets have all chances to be old-fashioned in a short time. Nevertheless, kitchen cabinets used by someone else before you have bought it, and made some years ago, usually is in good condition and can be used for a long time more.

When you choose kitchen cabinets, you should pay attention to the condition of butts. With the times, they can get rust. In addition, you should check edges of top that was near a sink. If water got on them and they weren’t waterproof, wood and wood-laminate will swell up and loose its serviceability with the times.

About color you can be not as serious as about materials. Because you can paint it in another shade what you want. However, it is better to follow next advice before choosing.

  1. Bright colors suit to dynamic and active people, who aren’t afraid of experiments. If this description is about you, choose red, yellow or other bright colored cabinets for you kitchen.
  2. Neutral colors are the choice of calm and solid person.
  3. Natural colors like calm green or blue set for philosophy and elicit nice associations.

If you can’t find suitable colored furniture, you can paint it in a way you want. But you should properly think about what paint to use on kitchen cabinets before doing it.

There will be no problem with painting if cabinets are made of wood and there are no carved tops and panels. When you have chosen sides, imagine that furniture in your kitchen. How do you want it looks? In the Internet you can choose interest ornament or technology of brushing, to make your kitchen unique and amazing.

Also you can paint cabinets in one shade with swells. But it is better to consult with a designer, to choose best palette. Combination of colors can call different emotions, it is important not to make a mistake with it. When you chose the best paint you should settle down the preparation of surface for work.

The best paint to use on kitchen cabinets

The first step before painting must be preparation of surface. For this you should get rid of old painting. You can do it with palette knife and sandpaper. Old painting can be much differ by the color of the tint you want to ink. Therefore, you should delete it properly. The main thing of this process it not to harm the material. In order to simplify this process, it is possible to remove old doors from cabinets and put them on old papers on the floor. If old doors are made of plastic, it will be rather difficult to repaint them. Surface of such doors comes at a price with new painting. Top-coat is should be deleted by fine sandpaper about 200 or finer.

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Than you should remove grease from surfaces. You can do it with the help of solvent or white spirit. With them, you should be mostly careful, trying not to disturb material. For woody surfaces, it isn’t so important to deoil it, because of material’s porosity. Old doors can have serious stains burned deep into the material. You should remove them with the help of thinning agent. Old painting should be completely deleted, surface is ungreased and smoothed. Just after that, you can go ahead with primer.

Primer is needed to be chosen special for the material, your cabinets are made of which. It is better to consult with a professional to buy that you really need. You should remove all dust and dirty from surfaces before the process of primer coating. But, it must be completely dry. You can wipe it with a wet duster, and then wait for its drying. After that, it is possible to put first coat of primer on surface with the help of brush or roller. Primer is needed for the best bonding between surface of cabinets and a tint. With this base paint, the tint will serve for very long time and will look like new without splits. Then it is needed to wait for complete drying and put the next coating of primer. This process maximally prepares surface for painting.

After drying out, it is the time to ink. There are different ways of inking. The easiest way is with the help of spray paint. For that, you should cover open details with paper or something else, which aren’t needed to paint. The floor around should be also covered with waste papers, in order to save it clean. It is better to ink with spray paint in garage. If you have chosen brush or roller, you should control bleed lines do not appear. You should put a tint on surfaces in two or more coatings. It is needed to avoid gleams and light parts.

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When the last paint coating is dried out, it is possible to polish door surfaces. You can do it with the help of very fine sandpaper. Very carefully, in order not to remove or harm top-coat, pass through surfaces with sand paper. Then you can put on wax or varnish to give cabinets shining and glance. And used kitchen cabinets can look as new ones.


Used cabinets can serve for a very long time, if they are made of good qualified materials. By the price, it will be cheaper than new ones of the same quality and even cheaper than new of bad quality. Therefore, you can by good furniture and save your money.

Moreover, you can choose that you want or something similar to it, make little effort to get that you really want. It is easier, than sick for a very long time something worth in shops.

You make your kitchen on your own desires, if you have good imagination, to create a good project is very easy. Therefore, if you buy kitchen cabinets used by somebody that gives you one more chance to try yourself as a designer and a master.

It is the best variant for renting flats. When you move home, it is better to do it with light baggage and leave furniture to other owner not regretting about it.


Not everything is good in buying used furniture. You should be very careful, because an owner can betray you. It is important, to learn about salesperson and furniture everything that is possible to know.

Somebody else used furniture can be a little or more out of order. You have to change hinges or handles to make it of good condition, or completely to buy new hardware to refresh it.


It isn’t new furniture, therefore service period is less. New cabinets will serve you, for example, for twenty-five years, used furniture can be functional only for ten or less years, depending on previous owner used it.

Insects. It is the biggest problem of used furniture. If insects were living in a home of previous owner, they can oviposit in furniture. In such a way, they can appear in your home. When you are going to set used cabinets in your kitchen, fumigate it. Therefore, it is a good way to change decoration in your kitchen, but you should be attentive.

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