Values of the Diamond kitchen cabinets


Brand Diamonds in kitchen cabinetry exist for about 40 years, and is famous because of it innovative and transformative approach for kitchen appliances. The most important values for the company are quality and style.

Diamonds works in connection with Master Brand. Its subsidiary company is a leader in kitchen cabinetry production. The heritage of the Master Brand includes stylish and strong fine cabinet lines. Since 1926, MasterBrand Cabinets has earned its reputation as one of America’s top cabinetmakers and Diamond has contributed significantly to this achievement. The company is the largest manufacturer in the North America.

FourEver qualities

There are four values that Diamond brand is following. Those FourEver Quality Assurance include:

  • Beauty: thanks to innovative twelve steps finishing process in cabinet production, Diamond’s kitchen cabinets demonstrate very strong and beautiful finish. The company has big choice of stains and glazing technics, like heir looming and distressing, and deliver tough and durable products.
  • Function: majority of components used in the Diamond’s kitchen cabinets are durable, and will last for a lifetime.
  • Strength is a supreme asset with their load-bearing back panels that provide solid structural sustenance for the life of the cabinet.
  • Performance is a long-lasting benefit with their no-slam controlled closing system on the cabinet doors, drawers, pullouts and roll trays

The Dealers

The company works with only official dealers, This way the kitchen cabinets will nit use their value, because the dealers stands with the products and its installation. They measure the dimensions, help with choosing the design and provide installation services.

Towards sustainability

Diamonds offer modern cabinetry at the minimum impact, They save their process easy and efficient. The company is a certified member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program. As a part of the organization they commit to work with sustainability agreements and use eco-friendly materials. Not only they use environmentally responsible materials in the production of the cabinetry, but also work towards reducing environmental impact, through waste recycling and control over the emission

Innovative system Simple TRAX

The idea of modular gliding shelves, the system called EasyTrax, is to contain changing organizational needs is nothing new. However, the capability to do so without the help of a screwdriver may take some time to get used to. This system let the kitchen owners to rotate five shelves along with a heavy-duty ladder system — without the bothering to pull out the toolbox.

Depending on the size of the trays, the clients can add or remove sliding parts to fit it in. Those hardware guarantees a lifetime of gliding performance and rigid confidence when completely extended.

As a bonus the Smart Stop guide will prevent things from slamming. If you need a space to tuck away big appliances, You can get rid of some sliding trays or can add all five at a time Tis system has been profoundly tested with consumers and approved, that it will give full control over the comfort in using Diamond kitchen cabinets.

Diamonds styles

There 4 main cabinetry that the company offers, they are:


Mixing up together contemporary base and classical details, this style creates an equilibrium between leisure and refinement. Casual style helps personalize the room and find harmony between all kitchen elements. This style offers a mix ideas and materials. The good idea is to pair this style with eclectic decorations, accents on the walls, and architectural features like arches to ornate rosettes.


The combination of modern and practical this style offers many light, air and open spaces. Dominate by the natural accents, lines and colors this style relies on smooth and polished facades. The material are also very natural like leather, glass, aluminum, stone. The style and elegance is adds with accessories and geometric décor elements.


This cozy and warn ambiance of the cottage is made with intelligence to make impression of the lives-in place. Comfortable and soft the design and materials brings charm of the countryside inside. This style uses such materials as heavy cooper, iron, carved woods. They all bring worn and rich country atmosphere. There is wide range of decorations that are inspired by nature and bring seasonal changes inside with patterns, colors and textures.



This elegant and meaningful design is a best combination of many others. Usually representing the golden age of European architectural decors, it uses different colors, motifs and a mix of materials. Here the main idea is balance and symmetry between classic and modern, between official and cozy. Here the

You can be expecting to find in this style many patterns and textures, gold-plated details, extravagant hardware, deep colors. All these details supplement each other and a perfectly mix in straight lines.

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