Country kitchen curtains ideas: views


Spectacular transparent glass shelves, country kitchen curtains, which have internal illumination, perfectly combined with the kitchen interior in modern style. These elements help to create a kitchen in the room atmosphere of space and light. However, quite harmonious look such designs made of MDF, metal or plasterboard.

Grills that look weightless and light, but able to withstand quite a considerable weight, are now enjoying great popularity.

Open shelves are selected mainly in white, black or gray color. In the kitchen, they can also act as a bright element; if on a light wall coverings hang items saturated contrasting shade. Against the background of dark walls will look delicious dishes milky white, arranged in open structures.

Open shelves perfectly fit into the kitchen with a small area. Exquisitely will look objects from an array of light wood or glass, with a minimal design. Perfectly suited for such shelves spacious kitchens, combined with the living room. The most advantageous in the interior kitchen look open shelves in combination with decorative lighting. To do this, you need to install spotlights or delicate bras.

Kitchen interior with open shelves looks very cozy and informal, so it is unlikely to fit in the apartment, decorated in the style of strict classics. Loft, Provence, Scandinavian minimalism or country allow such liberties, such as spices and dishes, ostentatiously put up for public display.

Elegant, but absolutely not used to serving service too, should not have to open construction.

Paper and plastic packaging of the products used and not place on open shelves. All grains, spices or coffee pour first fitting in a graceful ceramic or glass containers. In this collection of wine and cookbooks are amazing to look at pretty open shelves.

Preferably, the wall covering, where open shelves will be placed, was not very bright and monotonous. Background coating should not attract the looks. Graceful, elegant and vibrant fine dishes accentuate the background in beige or gray shades. But for the dazzling white dishes need to give preference to a dark background, perhaps in coffee tones.

Open shelves in the kitchen should not be located above the cooking hob is better to place them directly on the working surface of the table, in order to avoid contact with these fat droplets and different vapors.

Optionally, do all the french country kitchen curtains open space: it is enough for a pair of such structures as a decorative element?

Country kitchen curtains ideas: Open shelves on small-sized kitchen

When floor space is small, the open shelves help to visually enlarge the space of his. But it should be understood that such a solution is suitable not for everyone. It is important for people who have very little in the kitchen utensils and household appliances mainly small, as well as for those who rarely or a little cooking. Avid cooks even on a small-sized kitchen is better to stock up on spacious cupboards.

Country kitchen curtains ideas: Open design for spacious kitchens

The spacious room provides a much more opportunities for design solutions. Today, almost all design projects there is a variant in which the plane of the working table tops is a small amount of decorative open shelves.

The kitchen is, most often, is a place where we spend a lot of time and not just for cooking food. Often, she plays the role of the living room, where a cup of coffee with a friend to talk or sit with friends and family. It is for this reason, should take care to make our kitchen was unique in many respects.

Stainless country style kitchen curtains – a combination of functionality and elegance.

If you arrange the kitchen, you should pay attention to the fact that it is, above all, functional and practical. Practical and quality kitchens economy class on the individual sizes. Do not forget about the aesthetic value. The combination of these parameters, certainly we will get when choosing the kitchen of stainless steel.

Firstly, the steel in the kitchen is impressive. Accordingly, with the right approach – it shines, giving an exclusive look of our kitchen. Moreover, the steel in the kitchen is perfectly combined with materials such as wood, glass and granite, thus creating an interior with original design.

Secondly – functionality. Steel belongs to the category is very strong and noble materials. Stairs and facades made of stainless steel are easy to maintain. Furthermore, the steel does not cause allergy, has a high impact value, moisture resistance, and high temperature corrosion.

Above all, it is very important that the kitchen – not react with foodstuffs and chemicals. It is safe to say that in the kitchen with the elements of steel aesthetics, elegance and exquisite appearance, go hand in hand with functionality, cleanliness and durability.

Disadvantages of stainless steel dishes.

Despite the many advantages offered by the kitchen of stainless steel, it is necessary to mention also the shortcomings. Steel in the kitchen requires additional cleaning agents. Despite its high strength and resistance to impact, unfortunately, we cannot say this about the scratches.

Steel sufficiently exposed to this kind of damage, so be careful and use the cleaning powders and gels without abrasive substances, and microfiber cloth.

Another disadvantage is that the spot could be seen even from water and fingerprints. Choosing Kitchen interior with stainless steel elements, we must reckon with the fact that steel appliances or furniture, and countertops made of this material does not belong to the cheapest.

Hardware appliances, stainless steel kitchen

Besides the visual aesthetic aspect stainless steel dishes, also important functional aspect. And in this respect the important role played by equipment, which, no doubt, must be easy to use, durable and aesthetically pleasing. It should ideally be combined with the overall design of your kitchen.

Since country kitchen curtains ideas – it is very fashionable and in line with current global trends in interior design in the home appliances market, you can find a wide range of devices that make life easier, tailored to the concepts of minimalist modern kitchen. Sure, you without problems can choose for your kitchen all the necessary equipment so that it amounted to a single aesthetic whole.

Modern housewives believe that a kitchen should not only be functionally convenient location, but also have a stylish interior. To make it an ergonomic and creative decor, you need to start thinking through a plan. There are many ways to furnish the kitchen and divide it into zones. As a result, born angular, trapezoidal one- or two-line interpretation of decor, each of which is good in its own way. Good is good, but the standard arrangement of furniture today are nothing new, and it would be desirable for this room is something such, unusual, memorable, because it takes the lion’s share of the women’s life! An alternative would be bored interiors kitchen with island. In addition, it is really creative, so also pleases with its practicality, so a newfangled trend is to become better acquainted.

Suitable for country kitchen curtain ideas

The island layout is great, but to consider it as an option kitchen design can be used only if it has a floor area of not less than 20 m2. Usually such expanses boast kitchens of cottages in the city boundaries as this is possible only in studios or apartments with a living room kitchen reunification. In small rooms just physically impossible to create even a semblance of the island due to the specific arrangement of the furniture, so before you equip the kitchen with an island, it is necessary to perform a large-scale redevelopment.

  • The kitchen island can be realized in two versions: L-shaped and U-shaped. In the latter case, an additional working space can be written into its format. This kitchen interior design has high functionality, elegance and stylishness.
  • In a typical layout of furniture sets are installed along the walls, and the island is carried into the center of the kitchen.
  • If it is combined with other furniture or move close to the wall, then a song called Peninsula. There is one more way to equip the kitchen with the core, called the designers “archipelago”. This decoration of two different heights Peninsula combined with each other. The interior becomes quite spectacular, but sell it only on very spacious areas.

The shape of the island can also be different. He may have clear corners and follow the shape of a square, rhombus, rectangle or trapezoid, and can be streamlined. What is to be the country kitchen curtain ideas, it is directly dependent on the room size. If the kitchen is more than spacious, the choice will be due only to the preferences of the hosts, but in a modest space, the only solution would be the right option.


The space inside the country kitchen curtains cheap can also be probed. In one part it is equipped shopping area where installed appliances, sink and takes a place for culinary works in the other placed a small table top, which is convenient.

  • And in general, a kitchen with an island, originally equipped with a dining area, a very rational use of option module. The main thing is to design a space for meals with the greatest comfort.
  • Getting to the implementation of the “island” of the project, it is necessary to consider that:
  • Island shape should ideally be identical to the shape of the room. That is, it is necessary to equip the square in a square kitchen island, and in the oval – oval.
  • For equipment working area will need to bring communication, and it will require to draw up a project.
  • By installing the hob, parallel Take care installing the hood.
  • Protruding countertop area can serve as a dining table or breakfast bar.

Dimensions country kitchen curtains cheap is important to make proportionate. Bulky design make the interior a heavy and too small will look on the kitchen expanses ridiculous.

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