White granite kitchen, 14 photo

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A white color symbolizes a cleanness and openness, and also brings in the spirit of intellectual extravagance and aristocratic fancifulness. Not for nothing the producers of expensive kitchen furniture present white models – staggeringly laconic in color and to the form.

Basic dignities of classic kitchen white

A white color is neutral, he can be taken for basis, adding for a contrast yet the pair of bright colours; Renders large service to the possessors of small kitchens, visually increasing space, creates feeling of weightlessness and harmony; Creates feeling of cleanness. Certainly, for this purpose it is necessary to support a white kitchen in the relative order;

In an interior it is possible to use interesting property of white color – on anything to show up on different surfaces, invoices, id est, a smooth wall will give a cold whiteness, and creponne to overflow warm sucklings tints;

If the windows of kitchen go out on a south side and much light gets in a kitchen, space becomes easy and weightless, and all present person feel complete freedom;

A white color carries impressiveness blameless elegance;

It is possible to reproach a white kitchen in impracticality, but the kitchen of any color always must sparkle a cleanness. Washings wallpapers, tiled tile and furniture, will facilitate cleaning up with smooth facades. Snow-white surface  it is much difficult to wash, what furniture of crayon color.

A kitchen white is the classics among all varieties. In order that a white kitchen did not grow into a hospital chamber inculcate various receptions. For example, use different tints, in a palette white next colors enter – milk, creamy, cream, beige, color of the baked milk, color of ivory. The mother-of-pearl and pearly will give your kitchen the tints of tenderness and to femininity.

A variety different on a structure surfaces can give: ground and glossy glass, smooth and relief facades. The relief decor of the difficult refined form allows to the white color to be shaded in bends, bulges and deepening. An important role a decor is played by texture finishing materials. Walls facing a brick, or wainscots, sunny and honey tints perfectly will contrast with the white facades of kitchen furniture, will do a kitchen warm, soft and comfortable. Surface  from a natural or decorative stone, marble and granite will serve an interesting accent and will give a kitchen to refinement.

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Choice of kitchen furniture Depending on a budget, kitchen furniture can be made from the array of tree or from the tiled material of CHIPBOARD. This quality material is good that can imitate any invoice and any color of tree, and also lasting and practical due to pellicle coverage. Thus outwardly it is very difficult to distinguish CHIPBOARD from the array of tree.

The modern kitchen headsets of white color are very successfully complemented by a domestic technique silvery and black colors.

On what is it necessary to pay attention?

Light furniture and articles of interior influence sedative and simultaneously with it impressively, carry blameless elegance. An apartment in white tones looks more spacious and lighter.

Kitchen surface from a tree, marble or granite, in combination with white, create the unique feeling of luxury. Your light classic kitchen can be in rural style. Wooden table and chairs, a steel corps and metallic chandelier will look after a comfort and comfort. Small vintage accessories can complement a general picture. Tree, especially light breeds, use as wall panels, and as floor coverage. It combines by one unique refined method with white kitchen facades.

Surface from a stone is features of care

Kitchen surface from an artificial stone – one of most simple in a care. They not so are choosy, as a natural stone, therefore fat spots for them are not absolutely frightful. During the protracted and thriftless exploitation surface from a quartzite can lose the brilliance. However, it is a quite not problem, as there are the special facilities for a polish, by means of that a stone will purchase an attractive and luxurious kind again. It is important to remember that for cleaning of kitchen surface from this material it is possible to use washings. In the past, kitchen surface and closets of white color looked poorly, but now due to new technologies, a white color looks refined, especially it touches surface marbled. The use of white color in the design of kitchen and glass doors on closets creates the illusion of light air space. Closets from snow-white floor, the chrome-plated details, and white technique, allow to complement an interior the chairs of any color, both the same light and contrasting bright, or super by modern transparent chairs.

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Thousands of kitchen constructions of light color, can inspire you on creation of comfortable apartment. And the correctly used natural light will do a kitchen the favourite mestome of folks. A white color gives an opportunity to show fantasy, and to complement an apartment bright accents giving a house an unique and stylish kind.

A kitchen is this apartment, where we conduct plenty of time. It must be light, spacious and clean. Light furniture and interior operate sedative. From one side a white kitchen looks kingly and chicly, and from other – enigmatically and innocently. In this connection a white color will never go out from a fashion. And white classic kitchens always will strike the grace, to be considered the sign of aristocratism and solvency of paterfamiliases.

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