White kitchen cabinet doors, 12 photo

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Firms-producers of the prepared furniture decisions for a kitchen, and also organizations, carrying out making on an order offer the great number of variants of execution of kitchen facades. In fact not only character of furniture set but also practically all interior of kitchen depends exactly on original appearance of facades of kitchen closets. Sometimes for a change or freshening of situation of kitchen space it is enough to replace facades (doors of closets, facial part of furniture). Placed on the same framework of kitchen set facades from different materials, color and texture decisions will create quite different characters of furnishing kitchens.

Exactly to the kitchen facades, i.e. the highest requirements are produced the doors of closets and lids of boxes. That a kitchen set lasted to you as possible longer, at the choice of facades, it is necessary to pay attention to next properties of material and method of coverage of surface :

-moisture resistance (a kitchen is an apartment with enhanceable humidity and exactly the facades of closets often will have to contact with water and other liquids);

f-irmness to the overfalls of temperatures (in particular near a gas-stove, cooking panel and spirit closet);


-durability in relation to mechanical influence;

-stability to sagging (from the private opening-closing of closets and boxes);

-simple care not requiring heavy temporal and physical tolls.

And last, but not on meaningfulness a requirement to the facades is attractive original appearance due to that all kitchen will look nobly, refined, expensive or creative, all depends on your wishes. From framework of kitchen set required a bit – to provide a durable basis of construction. And facades of kitchen closets must be beautiful, besides implementation of all technological and structural internalss. Cost of kitchen ensemble straight and in a greater degree depends on the cost of facades.

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For those, whoever gathers to save on making furniture for a kitchen, it is possible to offer the most ecofriendly variant of material – array of tree. Among the obvious pluses of natural material, besides safety for a man and environment it is possible to distinguish noble original appearance, actuality at all times and refinement of the natural coloring. But at natural materials the defects. Besides a high cost (and some breeds of wood are very expensive), it is necessary carefully to take care of after a tree – to watch after the hit of moisture, temperature overfalls (that in an apartment with a flag, spirit closet and cooking panel, unsimply), use the special beeswaxes and pastes for defense of surfaces. In addition, facades from natural wood are sensible to the hit of direct sunbeams is discoloration of surface inevitably.

Tree plus a white color

Business is not only in an amount wooden surfaces, and in detail. Shallow laths against absolutely smooth white facades – begin and win. In an interior contrast not only invoices but also styles is minimalism kitchen furniture and table with arm-chairs, executed in the rustich key. A wooden theme is continued by ceiling – he as if changed placed with sex that is here made out of liquid concrete. A white kitchen set “dissolves” in his to the smooth brilliant surface. Absence of furniture assists a character brevity too. But a large wooden island at once returns an interior to the roots – on a snow-white background he looks very advantageously.


A kitchen from a tree with the expressed texture well blended in the interior of former farmer house. And apron from a mirror tile a la a night-club and metallic balls, apparently, hint at an infatuation for of owners modern materials and technologies. Combination unexpected, and that is why showy. Crawling on a wall, a pattern grows into an apron, strengthening phycodelic.

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