White kitchen cabinets with black countertops, photo

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One of main questions, arising up before those, who decided to do repair in the kitchen, – in what color to design an apartment. Traditionally many decide to use light, crayon tones. Similar decisions today are very popular, there is a great number of variants of registration of interior.

However if you decided to do your kitchen exclusive, do not be afraid of experiments. For example, you can try black-white colors. One only look to the photo, where the apartments executed in like manner sufficiently in an order to make sure are presented is game worth the candle. Moreover, if you are the admirer of modern style. You will see that modernly, even an apartment will look luxuriously.

For example, you can set a black-white kitchen set, to design walls in a light tint, and to “do” floor a chess. For decorating of kitchen use flowerpots, chandeliers, lamps.

It is not needed to be afraid, what only two colors it will appear not enough, to obtain the desired result. If it is correct to use the receptions of registration of interiors, then a result will surpass all expectations. Large advantage of black-white kitchen is her practicality.

However, it should be remembered that the solid black of kitchen set will demand the regular and careful cleaning up from you, minus of black consists herein – on him spots and dust are always distinctly visible.

An apartment the design of that is executed in a black color gamut with an excess, undoubtedly, will look darkly.

If you wish to set on a kitchen fully a black set – that he did not create a joyless atmosphere, him it is necessary to dilute positive colors. They can be in furniture, surface , apron and other elements of decor. Because a black is universal, he combines actually with all colors. Therefore color of walls, floor and ceiling of black kitchen depends exceptionally on your color preferences and wishes.

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Design alphabet

To combine the black-white colorings is the real art, and we you will teach him to the elements. Always remember about a contrast. If, for example, on a kitchen a set and domestic technique of black will be set, then the zone of dining-room it is necessary to do white. If you want, that surface was black, chairs at that rate it is better to use white. But from the point of view of practicality black i surface  s the best not variant, on her scratches will be very visible, especially on glossy surface.

A bit unusually, but very beautifully absolutely white kitchens look with the insertions of black elements interior. In a white set there can black be a few boxes of closet, a few parts of technique.

Important rule: if a white color prevails in registration of kitchen, then window shades must be dark. Add to the interior a few large glossy flowerpots with room plants.

A next rule of design of black-white apartments is the literate use of illumination. Part of lamps will place on the different levels of underroof, directing light in a working zone, or in a seating area. Well look in an interior and always popular kitchens with combination black and orange colors.

A black is in finishing of kitchen

Speaking about application of black and his tints as basis for finishing works in a kitchen apartment, we do not mean a total dark background on all surfaces of room. Use of black for finishing only floor coverage or one of walls of kitchen as an accentual, contrasting surface – gives an unbelievable effect from the point of view of visuognosis of all situation of space. Black mat stone for revetment of sexes is a practical and interesting color decision that became one of key moments in the choice of conception for a black-white interior modern of kitchen.

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Combined system of illumination, presented on a few levels and abundance of natural light, allowed to use black tones for furnishing, decor and Text. of kitchen space.

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