White kitchen cabinets with black countertops

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A design of kitchen with dark surface is this not simply contrasting color decision interesting the originality, but also practical variant that the real hostess is able to estimate only. Stylishly, elegantly, colourfully – all these epithets to a full degree reflect essence of combination of light kitchen with dark surfaces. And it is not important, whether surface is done from a black marble, anthracitic granite, chocolate CHIPBOARD “under venga” or darkly-nut wood, – such detail of kitchen furniture showily will underline interior conception in any stylistic.

White kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets with black countertops – it already the “classics of interior genre” are a decision universal and strict enough, going near modern, classic, retrograde conception of design. A contrasting tandem is a white kitchen with black surface. For softening of black-white combination it is possible to put a grey tile on the floor, and to face the working wall of kitchen tesselated mix. Some to diversify a similar achromatic color gamut, enter bright accents as accessories of the saturated tints.

Beautifully white closets look with umber surface of deep chocolate color. It can be glossy  natural array of nut or venge, and also CHIPBOARD, with the effect of varnishing “under a stone” or “under a tree”. By a successful background for white kitchen furniture with coal-brown walls in light-beige, vanilla, sucklings tones and floor coverage will become in a terracotta gamut.

White kitchen cabinets with black countertops is this not only use of achromatic tints : black, anthracitic-grey, ash-colored-brown. Eccentrically kitchens look in white tones with red surface, but not from the digit of scarlet paints, and from a reddish-brown and red-violet palette: cherry, claret, egg-plant, winy. A bit to neutralize such color chart, the apron of kitchen can be laid out by the glazed tile of grey tone or color of the baked milk.

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Dark tables on a kitchen in a white color can be also executed in the saturated emerald tint. Especially harmoniously a similar duet will blend in the interiors of the apartments executed in style of hi-tec and minimalism. As material for making of rifle-green surface  it is possible to apply a natural marble, malachite, quartz agglomerate. No less originally look on the kitchen of surface of deep blue, violet, terracotta tint.

Kitchen cabinets in beige tones

A beige set with dark surface will become the veritable decoration of interior, if it is correct to pick up coloristic and material for execution of drawing plane of furniture. Ideal on harmoniousness combination is a light kitchen in a beige gamut with surface  from a dark tree or “under a tree”. Nobly surface  look from claret or darkly-grey granite with a grainy picture there are light disseminations in that – they will support beige tone of kitchen.

Closets of suckling color with dark surface from a marble is this ideal decision for a classic interior. A rifle-green or claret marble with thin white veins will create a showy contrast with kitchen facades, will underline some solemnity inherent to the design in classic style. Similarly successfully in a tandem surface intagliated from the onyx of red-terracotta tint with a rather yellow-white picture or black quartzite with the glimmered light including will look with a light kitchen.


A wooden kitchen with dark surface is a duet with a noble, refined loop – at correctly neat tone and execution of surface , he is able to begin to play new, more aesthetically beautiful verges. That sometimes dark surface is combined with closets from a dark tree in an equal degree successfully is notable, as well as with furniture headsets from wood in light tones.

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A merry kitchen with dark surface from an emerald marble showily will complement a situation in style modern. Nut mogel from terracotta ceramics organically will disembogue in stylistic of kantri. Applying similar dark combinations, desirably to lay out an apron and floor  a light tile, to smooth out some gloominess peculiar to the umber kitchen with dark surface.

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