White kitchen canisters, 14 photo

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Engaging in a design a new house, we first of all engage in the interior of kitchen. In fact exactly here we like to gather all family, to meet with near and by friends. Often kitchen is not lasted the by a place, to sit, because space is occupied by bulky headsets. Exactly with this task of space economy a closet helps to manage pencil-case for a kitchen.

Comfortable kitchen set

Most housewifes like to arrange evening-parties or meeting with near and by friends. Counting on plenty of people, much tableware is unchanging bought. In fact a set for six persons not always is sufficient for hospitable owners. Buying so much tableware, there is a problem of storage of all kitchen utensil. For this purpose exists different kind closets, that not only facilitate a task on storage of tableware but also introduce a colour in a kitchen.

There is an enormous choice of closets for the kitchen of any size. So kitchen closets are divided by a few kinds:

  • closet-pencil-case;
  • hanging closet;
  • shelving;
  • floor closet;
  • closet-washing;
  • drawing closet;
  • angular closet;
  • built-in closet.

In most modern kitchens you will see two and more than types of closets. They can be both from a tree and from CHIPBOARD. Closets have a different design and palette. In such enormous choice every judge will find to itself a set to liking.

Types of pencil-cases for a kitchen

Having available small space or even AV, we always try to increase a free for a passage-way area. For this reason same popular among customers are narrow pencil-cases for a kitchen. Other name of similar closet is a column. Kitchen columns allow to economize a place, because they have a small width comparatively. However, they are very capacious due to shelves inwardly. So hostesses will be able to keep all necessary in the way of life utensil in similar closets.

Narrow kitchen closets can be used not only for storage of tableware. To date in closets pencil-cases can be built микроволновку, coffee-pot or any other small technique. Thus, a necessary vehicle will always be near at hand, and here will not occupy a superfluous place.

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A Column-pencil-case for a kitchen has a few kinds. They differentiate mainly due to a door. So there are univalve and bivalve pencil-cases. At a desire closets are provided with extensible shelves from below. They considerably will simplify storage on the kitchen of both tableware and some foods that does not deteriorate long time.

Choice of pencil-case for a kitchen

At the choice of closets usually we are oriented on a general set. So the height of kitchen column must correspond to other closets. Besides a height the depth of closet is important. The best of all, that a narrow closet on a depth also coincided with other closets.

You spare the special attention to quality of material. Most ideal a natural tree is considered. Comparatively inexpensive and easier-to-use there is CHIPBOARD . At a correct choice a closet will last to you very long.

Designers contrive to diversify not only original appearance of closets but also on anything to design doors. Instead of fully closed wooden, glass doors began to appear. Similar closets look beautifully and originally. Extensible doors and doors are popular also in style shaker. In a colour gamut you can choose any tint, in fact the interior of kitchen allows the bravest and bright colors even.

Distinguish next parameters at the order of pencil-case :

Height. Pencil-cases are made different height, depending on the height of your ceiling. On little kitchens use the closets of maxheight. It will help to do a kitchen you higher and more functional.

Depth. Finding a pencil-case is possible different depth. A pencil-case must not be beaten out from the general picture of kitchen. Therefore his depth must be as well as at other closets or a bit to differ. A pencil-case can have the different “filling”. As a pencil-case in itself is small, it is needed to use his capaciousness on a maximum. Modern furniture has a different amount of the pulled out shelves and boxes.

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What style of interior is a pencil-case written into?

Pencil-case on a kitchen in modern style. One of popular types of facades – covered by an enamel, tape or plastic. The одноцветные glossy or mat articles of furniture are ideally written into the interior of modern kitchen. Bright kitchen headsets are lately popular. For basis it is better to take 1-2 bright colours for a set and to complement the quiet finishing of walls. Successful combinations for a kitchen – it: yellow and green, orange and red, blue and white, beige and chocolate.

A kitchen is in style of hi-tec. For a kitchen in style of hi-tec it is better to choose standard pencil-cases with aluminium profiles without superfluous details with a glossy surface and chrome-plated furniture. Choose colors restrained: white, milk, grey, blue, beige.


French Provence. Kitchen in style Provence will array a wooden pencil-case with copper фурнитурой, the facade of that is often decorated by a technique decoupage. Open shelves or glass doors will suit for storage of beautiful tableware, ancient porcelain or glass jars with groats and spices. Popular colors are in style of Provence – white, blue and blue. The natural unpainted tree is also used.

Kantri. The rough pencil-case executed from a natural tree will blend in a rural interior. It is important to leave the natural invoice of material, cover wood transparent varnish.

A pencil-case is the universal article of furniture for a kitchen. He successfully will blend in an interior and will become helpers for a hostess.

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