White kitchen cart, style and photo

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If you suddenly wanted to do the interior hardly nearer to nature, will buy a сurt, and better a few. And we, meantime, will offer to you a few ideas, how to apply her for decorating of your house.

How is it possible to use a basket?

First, and most obvious, method of the use of trug in an interior – it, certainly, storage. In any small basket it is possible to put something, and use her not only as a decor. But if to talk especially about decorative functions, then spring composition from flowering branches will very organically look exactly in a curt. That flowers longer saved the freshness into a basket it is possible to put a capacity with water in that and to place a bouquet. If your basket is large enough and strong, she fully can be used as the padded stool or ottoman, laying a small pillow on her.

By the way, if to talk about storage in a trug: such article of interior it is possible, for example, to use in a bedroom, to keep bed belonging, pillows or bedspreads. In a kitchen a trug will be very useful for storage of towels, table-cloths or napkins : in addition, that it very comfortably, it yet and very beautifully, for example in the interior of kitchen in style of Provence. A trug can be used and in an antechamber: into the closed basket it is possible to keep accessories for the care of shoe, and to use a basket as a bench or padded stool it is possible to sit down on that, put on shoes.

And, eventually, there are trugs is simply beautifully and romantically! In them it is possible to keep flowers or put vegetables, but however, a by hand trug will give an interior the faint note of closeness to the village and to nature.

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Style “Provence on a kitchen”

Kitchen in style Provence never will differ in loud colors or cold removed, and if some modern kitchens you seem to too aggressive or, opposite, faceless in the colour gamut, then the Provencal design will become the breath of crisp air. In such interior next colors are traditionally used: yellow (a straw tint, color of dairy butter or color of sunflower, is all these tints yellow especially successfully will be looked at walls); olive green, that is very characteristic for closets and set; any “earthen” colors (terracotta and umber, for example, perfectly looked at floor), and blue and blue well will be looked at the surfaces made old. Color of ivory, creamy and suckling white or beige perfectly will suit for painting of walls. All tints must create the illusion of burning down in the sunshine material, however, and without the bright coloured spots not to do, – such bright “flashes” can be Text., tableware or other accessories.

Text. is an original visiting-card of Provencal style. In this interior we see table-cloths from natural materials like flax or rough cotton, easy brise-bises and window shades with floral print, pillows or covers on chairs, towels and napkins.

In the Provencal interior there is not a place to the lustre and deliberate well-groomedness. Rough surfaces from natural materials and old (or artificially made old) furniture will create an exactly that effect that we labour for. Furniture must be certainly wooden, and there is nothing bad in that, if this will be the furniture reached to you in an inheritance from a grandmother, – in durability she exactly will  compete to modern, and little defects and a shabbiness only will be added stylishness in the design of kitchen.

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In addition, characteristic for style Provence a line will be open closets. From the point of view of utility there is a decision debatable, but will look excellent. And will reach tableware from such shelves very comfortable. If you prefer the closed closets and wall shelves, then pay attention to set with glass: it and will suit stylistically, and space will extend on a little kitchen.


As well as all other in an interior, tableware will not differ in fancifulness and smartness. Well, if this will be usual tableware in quiet tones, or if in reasons she will repeat Text. – floral or vegetable patterns. For the special cases it is possible to have a set with bright reasons. If you a long ago wanted to throw out the enameled tableware, then in the Provencal interior she can give the second chance. Exactly details and beautiful accessories add a charm to the Provencal kitchen, they can tell to us about paterfamilias and to create the unique atmosphere of comfort.

Perfectly white or wattled baskets will complement a design, partly decision the question of storage or carrying out a role supports for fruit, flatwares or the same floral compositions. If to examine other wall elements and accessories, then it is decorative piattis, open wall shelves, on that jugs and any other tableware, birdcages and flowers are put, thus the special charm the dried up bouquets will give. These and other accessories will create a necessary colour, and even will tell something about owners.

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