White kitchen faucet, 16 photo

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White mixers (and also mixers with coverage from a white metal) make a lion’s share from all assortment of sanitary engineering armature. They look very presentably, but only until a surface remains clean and whole.

Below we will bring a few recommendations over on the care of such mixers, and also we will tell how to recover the damaged coverage.

Model colour decisions

A sanitary engineering armature that is mass produced today hardly can boast a vast palette. And however, if necessary it is possible to find a few colour variants that will suit for the general stylish decision of your room.

The choice of tints for mixers plugs in itself such positions:

A mixer for the shell of white color is the most widespread variant. Such wares are presented both in the food lines of budgetary segment and among premium-models. A difference in original appearance is in a great deal stipulated by the feature of causing of white coverage, about what we will talk in detail some later.

Wares in yellow tints are mostly produced from a bright-polished bronze or composition-metal. They can be more dark or more light, but in any case advantageously differ from white less easily soiled and greater stability to different influences.

The Brick-red models of kitchen faucets are produced from a copper. It is needed to mark that a copper is a soft enough metal, that is why it is mostly overcoated on basis from a composition-metal or stainless steel. Original appearance of such good suffers rarely, but a high cost reduces popularity of such mixers substantially.

The coloured constructions get a way causing of enamel or powder-like paints on metallic basis. Depending on the type of the applied decorative composition a surface turns out glossy or mat. To the lacks of the budgetary painted models it is possible to take circumstance that a pigment poorly reposes on founding, but quality wares are deprived this minus.

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How does get such coverage?


This methodology of receipt of brilliant white metal is most reliable, but at the same time most labour intensive.

The surface of good is polished with the use of the special pastes, but without causing of additional coverages.

The high closeness of metal provides stability of polish.

Chrome-plating   :

On good from a composition-metal, bronze or stainless steel inflict copper basis in the beginning, and then is a skim of decorative composition on the basis of chrome.

For causing electrochemical technology is used, that is why such treatment metallic details expose to only fully.

Chromic coverage differs in high durability, but at the strong loading can scale from founding.


Nickeliferous cov

erage is inflicted on the same flowsheet, what is chromic, but a surface turns out less brilliant. It is also possible to mark that a white mixer for bath or kitchen shell with the nickel-plated surface will cost some cheaper chrome-plated to the analogical construction.


Most debatable methodology, as a pigment (white glossy, white mat, silvery metallic) reposes on founding where weaker, than chrome-plating or nickelage.

At the same time fully giving up colouring technology is impossible, as she is used for decorating of elements from a plastic and silumin. Galvanic treatment of these wares is impossible, that is why colouring is an unique exit.

As see, making the mixer of white color is possible, using different methodologies. Thus each of them provides different stability of coverage, but also a price more lasting models will have considerably higher, than at those that were done on the method of colouring.

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That our white mixer for a kitchen longer saved attractive original appearance, it is needed to execute the row of recommendations on a care. Then a paint, and chromic-nickeliferous coverage, will remain untouched during a few years, and, and metallic basis will not be liable corrosions.

Advices do not differ in labour intensiveness, but the observance of these simple rules is very desirable:

Firstly, original appearance of brilliant surface white broad patterns that is stays on her after drying out of drops of water so much do for from a white metal. To avoid appearance of such broad patterns, it is needed after every washing to wipe a mixer dry, using the special absorptive napkins.

Secondly, bright-polished surfaces are very sensible to influence of abrasive particles. That is why instruction does not recommend to use for cleaning of sanitary engineering devices powder-like facilities with dense granules that can injure the periblast of material and inflict deep scratches on a surface.


The same is just and for repair: executing sorting out of mixer with own hands, it is needed to use an instrument with protective protective straps from a plastic. At the contact of the chrome-plated coverage and metal on a faucet scratches that after a while will give a start to the corrosive processes will appear necessarily.

White mixers look very attractively, that is why them and set in most kitchens and bathrooms. But bright-polished coverage requires a careful relation, so that seeing to the sanitary engineering from a white metal is needed especially attentively.

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