White kitchen hutch, top tips

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Correct combination of colors in the interior of kitchen is a task not simple, but in this case designers managed primely with her. This magnificent spacious kitchen is full light. Exactly the abundance of natural light, additionally underlined by ceiling and white furniture planked with white boards, and bear feeling of space. The blue color of island table creates a contrast to his snow-white marble surface. Metallic pens on closets and boxes give the refined brilliance to the apartment. Brilliance comes from and from the bluish-grey tiled tile that is lay out a kitchen apron. And russet floor adds to space of kitchen of heat that in this abundance of cold tints obviously is not enough.

Apple-green white umber

A contrast between ultra-modern closets and wood made old does this kitchen inimitable, unique. The productive rather rudeness being in the look of apartment is underlined by simple metallic lamps, steel stools and bright apple-green colour of furniture. If it were not for the abundance of sunlight, there would be a desire somewhat quicker to turn out all dark tree from this kitchen, that will get rid from feeling of being on old storage. However, perfectly matched against old wood on ceiling and floor not only natural light but also white panel walls.

Navy blue snow-white kitchen hutch

Parquet floors give this kitchen strict style in that, on the face of it, a modern domestic technique and other present here elements are not very inscribed. White ceramic tile of “Subway”, in people more often named a wild “boar”, and shining a whiteness surface affront to the navy blue closets. Brilliant steel pens take off this tension, being the attribute of professionalism and high quality. And an abstract chandelier with her clean white color and tangled lines adds to this apartment yet and the faint note of refinement and refinement. White pale blue cobalt blue

Selection of different half-tones and tints blue creates on this kitchen the colour palette of water inspiration that calms and pacifies. On a background cobalt-blue of surface the blue color of facades of closets is lost, and they seem almost white. The Yellow-brownish tint of surface of island table and wooden floor bears associations with the color of sand – suitable “neighbour” for surrounding cool tones of water. A heat to the interior of kitchen is added by the pair of the copper suspended lamps and wooden bar chairs.

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Grey white kitchen hutch

Combination grey and white kitchen hutch seems soft and sedative, while you will not add accessories and colour accents to her. On this bearing feeling of calmness to the kitchen elegant red porcelain piattis, taking place on the open shelf integrated in a grey kitchen set in shaker-style, look a bright, reviving contrasting spot. After the glass doors of closets white tableware is kept, but similarly harmoniously there will look and red. The imitating a brick white ceramic tile of “Subway”, out of that an apron is made, serves as the elegant framing to the ancerine neck plumbing faucet.

Orange white kitchen hutch

Bright orange walls create a dynamic background for located by the ledges of white closets with striking the eyes black furniture. On a background warm neutral tones of surface and tiles of apron a bright orange colour looks especially eye-catching and showily and attention attracts to the wooden closets.

Red white blue kitchen hutch

For creation of classic colour palette a white color quite often is connected with red or blue accents. A decision to use combination of these colors in the interior of kitchen will demand a confidence in itself and willingness to live with bright tints the whole year round from you. Here a lightblue wall serves as an excellent contrast for the facades of kitchen closets – white from above and red down. Tableware that repeats a colour gamut to all took place after the glass doors of closets tableware that repeats the colour gamut of all kitchen took place.

Yellow-brown white black kitchen hutch

This kitchen hutch – classic in all respects, and it is underlined by her elegant white closets, caisson ceiling and warm yellow-brownish walls. A black island table serves as the original anchor of space. White marble surface and tile of apron create feeling of integrity and tie-up of all elements of interior. Wire insertions in the doors of overhead closets, framing extraction, add to this abundance of the classics a bit rural style.

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White blue green kitchen hutch


Classic white closets acquire a new look due to the blue, green and beige tile of the apron located above green-grey granite of surface . Edging from yellow boards above a window adds the splash of sunlight and promotes a mood, and tableware of various tints after the glass doors of closets bears the grandiose holiday of color on this kitchen.

A white kitchen is furniture out of time. She long will not go out from a fashion and will become a wonderful background for bright accents and fashionable Text.

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