White kitchen island, 30 photo

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Yet not so a long ago kitchen-island was exotic things for our compatriots. Foreign design projects all as on surplus showed particoloured by the variants of location, modification, colour and texture palette of kitchen island. To regret most kitchen spaces of apartment houses of the standard planning can not brag of sufficient areas for placing of not only minimum set of the kitchen systems of storage and appliances but also such practical, functional and outwardly attractive module, as an island. But a situation changed in course of time, the all more apartments of the improved planning and apartments-studios can offer to the proprietors more spacious apartments, not to mention about private houses municipal and out-of-town type.

The all greater amount of Russians, ordering making of kitchen set, examine the variant of setting and island, as part of the systems of storage, working surfaces and place for integration of appliances or shell.

Let us take apart the variants of modifications of kitchen islands, their appropriate participating in the interior of kitchen apartments of the different planning, filled of this module, color, texture and structural decisions more detailed.

Kitchen island with the different planning of furniture ensembles

An island in a kitchen is the separately standing furniture module, both the systems of storage and appliances can be integrated in that. Overhead part of island, as a rule, is surface that can be used as a worker table or dinner place for short meals. Also overhead part can be the system of integrations of shell, cooking panel or gas-stove. In founding of kitchen island, besides the systems of storage for tableware and kitchen accessories such appliances, as microwave stove, spirit closet, dish-washing machine or winy refrigerator, can be integrated. Depending on the sizes of kitchen island, that straight depend on the scales of room, and necessities of family, “filling” of founding and working surfaces.

The angular planning of kitchen set mostly accompanies to placing of kitchen island in an apartment for preparation of food. The point is that at such arrangement of the systems of storage, working surfaces and appliances, there is an enough place even in the rooms of middle sizes. Specialists on ergonomics recommend setting of island, as a separate furniture module in kitchen spaces with an area no less than 9 square meters.

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Prolonging surface of kitchen island and abandoning free space foot in his founding, it is possible to get a very comfortable place for realization of short meals, such as breakfast. For houses or apartments, where little children and elderly people are not. Similar bars with chairs for bar can execute the functions of dinner zones, if a separate apartment for a dining-room is not present and all folks not against to spend time after a meal, sitting on high chairs for bar or stools. If it is planned to conduct after surface of kitchen island not only breakfasts but also acceptance of food in other time of day, it is possible to consider possibility of setting of armchairs or chairs for bar with backs and soft  upholstering.

At the  linear planning of kitchen set there is yet more free space for setting of not only island but also dinner group within the framework of apartment of kitchen-dining-room. At such location of working surfaces, systems of storage and domestic technique simpler than all to observe the rule of working triangle, placing, for example, a shell in the distance, within the framework of kitchen island, and to build a flag and refrigerator in a set at a wall. Thus, and safety measures, and rules of ergonomics, will be observed. A hostess will not have to “wind” kilometres on a kitchen apartment, to carry out all cycle of preparation of food and cleaning up, here she will be provided with the high level of comfort.

In modern kitchen spaces an important role is played by setting of extraction. The point is that often the apartment of kitchen has direct connection with space of dining-room, living room or both zones at once. Very often there are the open planning of apartments  at that all three vital segments are situated in one spacious apartment. Powerful modern extraction, setting of that will protect folks having a rest in a living room, is needed in this case, from the smells of preparation of food.

If a cooking panel or gas-stove is located within the framework of the kitchen set located at a wall, then complications with setting of extraction are not present. If a flag is integrated in a kitchen island, then it must set extraction above her and fasten a construction to ceiling. Before a decision-making about placing of cooking panel or flag in the scopes of island, it is necessary to make clear possibility of setting and extraction.

Even a small kitchen island can become irreplaceable part of functional of kitchen space. Surprisingly, but in such modest module it is possible to build a cooking panel, shell and systems of storage. Undoubtedly, for this purpose it will be necessary to stretch all systems of communication in the center of room and do it under floor. In the private houses of municipal or out-of-town type this process will not cause problems, except financial and temporal expenses. And within the framework of apartments the similar moving of electric appliances, sewage system, gas and plumbings pipes, can be impossible.

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In an order to set an island in a kitchen with the angular planning of furniture and domestic technique, it is necessary or spacious enough apartment or small central module. Specialists on ergonomics recommend to dispose an island in the distance no less than a 120 cm from the constructions of basic furniture ensemble. It is necessary not only for an unimpeded traffic in kitchen space but also safe opening of doors and pulling out of boxes of the systems of storage.

Colour and stylistic decisions for execution of kitchen island as part

Obviously, that a kitchen island is inalienable part of interior and must come forward in harmony and balance with other furnishing, finishing and decor of apartment. But there is a great number of variants in conforming to this simple rule – an island can be executed in one colour palette and stylistic direction, as well as other kitchen set, and can come forward as an accent and focal center of space of kitchen.

Rainbow of color

Brightly-raspberry glossy execution of founding of island and snow-white surface in exactness repeat the colour decision of kitchen set. In combination with the white finishing of room and bright floor coverage a kitchen looks festively, positively and attractively. An appetite, mood and positive mood, rises in such situation.

In a snow-white kitchen the island abode and satisfy from a tree looks very organically. And business not only in that, that the tint of surface of island repeats colouring of floor coverage, but also in that a tree in principle is organically written practically into any situation of kitchen, and the more, in traditional.

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An opposite contrast succeeded to be carried out in kitchen space with the set of color of venge with mat surfaces and snow-white island in glossy execution. Not only the game of contrasts but also difference of invoices introduce a variety and attractiveness in character of spacious kitchen, ergonomics equipped on the final say of technique and executed in accordance with rules.

A Darkly-grey kitchen island became not simply an accent in a spacious kitchen-dining-room, and by his co-ordinating and focal center. The imposing scales of island for a large kitchen allowed to carry out integration in the working surface of not only shell but also cooking panel. At that rate setting of powerful extraction is needed above the mestome of preparation of food. Sometimes similar constructions are provided with the built-in illuminating from beneath. In this case local illumination awarded with the dinner zone located next door, and all other apartment provides illumination built-in systems of illuminating from beneath on ceiling.

Snow-white kitchens will be actual at all times. Without depending on stylistic of execution of facades of kitchen closets, a white color gives an apartment feeling of freshness, cleanness, space and lightness. And white kitchen island in this case not exception from rules.

The Blue-grey tint of facades of kitchen set and founding of island looks simply staggeringly on a background the snow-white finishing of walls. Even simple, traditional facades look showily in combination with brilliance of stainless steel of appliances, furniture and kitchen accessories.

Stylistic and structural decisions


Kitchen spaces in style of loft mostly design a set with the lining planning in strict and laconic forms, without a decor and excesses. A kitchen island in such apartment is needed not only as an additional working surface and systems of storage (that too not insignificantly) but also for creation of accenting of attention on the dinner zone set alongside. Minimalism registration of kitchen lays on an imprint and on execution of island are strict forms, neutral coloring, complete absence of decor, only functional, practicality and rationalism.

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