White laminate kitchen cabinets, photo

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Foremost, coverage for kitchen floor must be lasting, to resist to moisture, fat, to be steady to the damages. However to choose the correct color of sex on a kitchen it is very important too, as he must harmonize on style both with a kitchen set and with the interior of apartment on the whole. As correct to pick up the color of floor coverage and on what it is here needed to pay attention, we will try to understand this article.

White laminate kitchen – refined and bravely

For registration of floor on a kitchen many owners give preference to the warm tints imitating a natural tree, but some choose white or black colors that is rarely used in an interior for floor coverages. Designers establish that among very small those their clients, who is ready in a dwelling apartment to do white floor on a kitchen.

Certainly, do light interiors look beautifully, nobly and laconically, but what can be said about practicality of similar decisions? Especially in regard to the floor coverages executed in light tones. Not everybody will decide, for example, to do white floor on a kitchen or in a living room. On photos in magazines snow-white kitchen laminate look refined and stylishly, but whether it is needed to use such designer decision in dwelling apartment?

How long will floor in a municipal apartment remain white?

Advantages of white laminate kitchen

In spite of the fact that a white color is in a dwelling interior is not practical, at light sexes, including on a kitchen, where it is necessary plenty of time to spare to cleaning up, there are the pluses .Firstly, white laminate on a kitchen will help visually to increase space on a small kitchen, doing her more spacious and light, due to what it will not be needed to set additional lamps. Secondly, light tones for floor coverage easily combine both with classic interiors and with a design in style hi-tec.

Combining colors on a new kitchen, you will not have to think above that, whether general style of kitchen harmonizes with the color of kitchen floor, as white coverage ideally will blend in any interior. Thirdly, kitchen set of contrasting color, for example, black will not look heavily and bulky due to that winningly combines with white floor on a kitchen. But it is important to take into account here, that furniture must not meet with the color of floor coverage. It is possible to find original stylish decisions, playing the contrasting combinations of colors. It would be wrong not to mention about defects white laminate on the kitchen.

Main minus is that on white laminate any least contamination will be noticeable.

In an order to support floor in a cleanness, will be to take away such apartment very often. In this case, the most practical and lasting decision a ceramic tile or ceramic stone will become for kitchen floor. Neither fat nor dirt stay too long in such coverage, and washing him is possible ordinary water, and here in course of time he does not lose the primary attractiveness.

Is it needed to lay black laminate on a kitchen?

Not only snow-white kitchen sex looks showily. A black of floor coverage is a very brave designer decision, however at the correct going near registration of interior of kitchen, such floor look no less refined and distinctly. Designers often come running to combining of floor coverages black and white colors, dividing functional zones into a kitchen: for example, dinner and As a rule, black floor  on a kitchen is chosen by the followers of style of hi-tec.

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In an interior with dark floor very advantageously combine modern hi-tech materials and laconic kitchen set executed in minimalism style. Choosing a black it is important to remember for floor coverage, that in the interior of kitchen it is necessary to observe balance of colors, it is otherwise possible to do his gloomy and heavy. In this case the best of all to trust in professionals. Designers will help to pick up necessary materials you and do a kitchen such about that you always dream.

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