White marble kitchen, 16 photo

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Repair of kitchen one of the most widespread repairs in a house to date, also good repair of kitchen can render substantial influence on a cost at resale.

And because a middle house owner will spend handsome sums for repair of kitchen, it is important to do it is correct. Because to obtain it? We collected the row of ideas of kitchen in a white color for simplification of planning process.

When plan to expend the pile of moneys in repair, then it is desirable to create space that likes you, but if you plan to sell an accommodation at some instant that you also must provide return on investments.

The today’s customers of accommodation search modern additions like granit surfaces and new domestic technique. These things can be done in a white color. Doing the design is simpler for realization of idea it is possible simply creating a white room that looks freshly and aesthetically beautifully.

White Kitchen surfaces

There are a few methods of design with white surfaces. A white marble warm, classic and natural original appearance adds texture. He is more expensive, than other variants, and also requires more detailed care. You need to wipe a liquid that spilled at once, not to put hot pans or abrasive elements on a surface. White granite is more subzero operating characteristics what marble, but also offers a classic kind.

Surfaces а from a white quartz is durable and unporous material she is sanitary and steady to the spots and scratches. A white concrete can also be clean white, he is incredibly durable also. White glass can be an expensive choice, but it is very smooth, after him it easily to take care of and it is the most sanitary variant. If you are on a budget, today floor imitate more expensive materials, such as granite and marble, he also well resists to appearance of scratches and defects.

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White Kitchen washing

White shells already a long ago gained a foothold in bathrooms and little by little pass to the kitchens. If usually your kitchen washing is subject to hard co-operations (heavy tableware, not neat relation) then washing from stainless steel will be the best choice. This material is steady to the scratches, appearances of spots, splitting off and simple for cleaning (simply use soap and water). Washings with the enameled coverage are another good variant for strong white shells, but, as a rule, they are more heavy, will make sure therefore, that your closets can survive such weight.

White island on a kitchen

The Kitchen island often can be used strategically for preparation of food, or to decorate space. Add to the contrast, choosing other material, what you used for surfaces. Depending on that as you plan to use a kitchen island think what material it is better to choose.

White Kitchen Closets

Kitchen closets play an important role the design of kitchen, because they unlike flat surfaces occupy much immovable space in a room. Among the colors of closets on a kitchen, the white is the most popular variant. Choose closets in accordance with the necessities and dependences on what domestic technique will be used on a kitchen.

White Kitchen technique

Stainless steel in most cases befits for new kitchens, if you replace the old articles of domestic everyday life, then it is better to use a white classic color. Devices from stainless steel gradually will go out of fashion, and a white color will always remain the classics for a kitchen technique.

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What can be chosen?

The marble of Carrara almost always has a blue-grey tint that will seem cold and wrong, if to pick up a not that white color to him. If you choose a standard white color for the producer of kitchen sets, then will make sure, that he maximally close befits under the colors indicated below, and the interior of your kitchen or bathroom will very well look.


The design of ultra-modern kitchen is built on a contrast: on the floor a natural tree neighbors with a white marble, snow-white tables are covered by black glossy столешницами, on a background white walls and ceiling three black chandeliers simply strike the eyes in form olives. Wooden half warm tones and concentrating on itself look a massive island table with marble surfaces is only underlined whiteness of kitchen closets and figured tile of apron.

White closets, marble surfaces and laid out by a tile under a brick an apron is done kitchen by single, integral space. A whiteness is dilute contrasting elements – black leather arm-chairs and the same color island table.


A white color in the interior of this kitchen serves as a wonderful background for the bright strokes created by present here a-plenty by plants and fruit. Interesting designer finds are not lost here are the sconces and unique ceiling lamps mounted on the walls of closets in form hubcaps.

White mat closets in a pair with the white glossy “bricks” of apron united in single unit space of kitchen with her brown marble surfaces, floor wooden coverage of dark tints and stationing oneself round an island table dinner chairs from wood of cherry-tree.

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