White marble kitchen table, 16 photo

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In spite of the name, a dinner-table can be not only on a kitchen. In the design of interior of apartments he can be present and in a living room, to the dining-room and even in a bedroom. This element of furniture in todays purchased the functions of decor, however saved in itself the main destiny – to unite all family after pleasant conversation in a comfortable room. A dinner-table in the design of interior is needed even in case that family of folks is small, in fact coming guests too must be somewhere placed.

A modern production is ready to present the wide assortment of tables to attention of customers. Choosing him, do not forget to pay attention to that a dinner-table in the design of interior must correspond in size to the amount man in your family. In addition, remember that no furniture must violate general style of room – choose a table in color, to material and form such, that he harmoniously disembogued in your interior.

Extensible dinner-table

An extensible dinner-table possesses unit by the row of advantages, what does this variety of furniture very popular. One family needs a large table rarely, therefore and to buy such there is not sense. Especially, if to take into account that many rooms have little sizes, large furniture will be at the wrong time. However, if guests that have a tendency to come suddenly and in great numbers visit, little table is catastrophically not enough.

An extensible dinner-table can be harmoniously entered in the collected kind in the design of interior. If necessary, as clear from his name, it will be possible to move apart him, and to increase the area of surface the same. It will allow to place the greater amount of people after him, not violate an interior and style of room, and only temporally to occupy precious space. He can be again collected then.

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The construction of extensible tables is very simple. Mostly, surface  is made from two halves that are extensible elements. Under them there is another surface, that is inserted between the first, moved apart, and increases the area of surface of table.

An original decision will be to pick up a glass extensible dinner-table in the design of interior in style of hi-tec. He will become a sparkle in this room. However, remember that flowed is fragile material, and moving apart surface is necessary carefully.

To pick up an extensible dinner-table in the design of interior of some certain room will not be difficult, because he can be made from different materials and with different forms. Producers often adhere to the classic forms – square and round. Such the tables are in the collected kind. In the moved apart kind they become rectangular and oval, accordingly.

Dinner round table

Dinner round table well befits for a kitchen or living room executed in a classic interior. The best of all to pick up the table made from mahogany for a living room, and white – for a kitchen.

It especially comfortably to look dinner-table in the design of interior of kitchen, if to cover him from above a white table-cloth. Or to put a vase with living colors, if a table is in a living room.

It is possible to choose an extensible dinner-table for the design of interior of small kitchen. He will allow to economize space. And in case of necessity round table will grow into oval, but with a greater area. Choosing him, pay attention to what in the moved apart state the design of interior of room disposed for him by a mestome.

The Magazine-dinner table

Of tendency to the economy of place in the interior of rooms compels designers to go to the various devices. So, a dinner-table can be combined with a magazine. In a traditional variant such tables are produced square form, that befits practically under all styles of registration. And, naturally, such table will be equipped by the mechanism of gaping, what will do him from a little magazine in large dinner.

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Magazine-dinner table in the design of interior of apartment of more functionality to put all in a living room. And the best of all to pick up him from a natural tree. However for modern styles glass and metallic tables befit most.

If you choose table-transformer, pay attention at a purchase on linkworks. Because they are often exposed to motion, then are the weak mestome of table. Hinges must be made exceptionally from a metal. A Magazine-dinner table in the design of interior of transform type most befits for styles modern or hi-tec, because brings in the faint note to contemporaneity.

Dignity white

Cook-table with whit  surface in the plan of aesthetics, practicality and designer moments it is possible peremptorily to attribute to universal.

Because if to pick up such model correctly, then she will blend in any kitchen, not dependency upon her sizes.

So, three universal factors:

Regardless of style is a classic screw-thread, kantri, modern or hi-tec – a white cook-table will always look harmoniously.

For example, the stylish module system stationed oneself on your kitchen, and here you used dark parquet or tile – a white table will underline design refinement elegantly, not violating integrity of composition.

He will become a wonderful background at bringing of bright accents and contrasts.

Combination of materials. White table – it one of those not many variants, that staggeringly beautifully and showily looks both in a tree and in a metal or the plastic arts.

But taking into account that today a market offers the great choice of models, then it is important nevertheless more detailed to pay attention to material out of that they are made.

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Certainly, superfluous time, talking about advantages of natural tree is not necessary. Actually, surface from an ash or oak – this one, and a tree under a paint is quite another business. Though those et al look luxuriously, only from the different degree of practicality. If to take, for example, a folding table from oak, then he can be subsumed furniture actual for small apartments. And going away to the daily occurence is minimum – such table it is enough to wipe soapy solution.


It is possible to name glass the most practical and simple material. A glass table with white surface from hard-tempered material is immune to the shots dyeings to the substances and hot pans.

Care of table of white color


There is deceitful opinion, that a white table is not practical, and seeing to him is difficult. It is not needed to be afraid of that he soon will become yellow or grey. High-quality cleansers that easily get along at this problem are today produced, abandoning a table snow-white. It is besides needed to remember and that the white have the tone: white, cream, ivory, gently blue and light pink, that do a cook-table much more practical and lasting.

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