Why you need italian kitchen design?


Point A of your project will be the inspection of the premises. You must determine the location of the outlets needed for connecting equipment, a spacious italian kitchen design and evaluate the correctness of its forms. The latter criterion will directly affect the way of arrangement of the furniture, while the area will help to solve many storage locations, you can organize on it. Outlets will serve as a guide for placement of large and small household appliances. For example, if you sink near the outlet does not see; the installation of the dishwasher is eliminated.

Take the time to take the exercise book paper and scribble on it, how you plan to arrange the furniture in the kitchen. Let it be very primitive, with signatures and notation of each item, but this move will allow you to analyze where, what and how to hang, stand and be stored in your kitchen. Agree to move the tables and shelves outweigh the much more difficult than to portray them schematically.

Start plan will be carried out on the three constants that are immutable component of any kitchen space planning:

  • The locations of the refrigerator.
  • Washing installation locations.
  • Place the plate location.
  • Kitchen-row linear

This variant of the furniture arrangement is considered traditional. It is most popular among the ordinary people, because absolutely suitable for all rooms with modest areas. In this approach, all vehicles and furniture, just built in a row. It is important to calculate in advance rational use of every centimeter; you may need to purchase a set with a sliding mechanism, not standard equipment.

In thinking about how to arrange the furniture in the italian kitchen designs pace is limited, do not forget that you must be sure to stay at least 60 cm of free space near the sink. Here you will need to equip the workspace, or cook and butcher products will simply nowhere. It is better to sacrifice anything in the art, for example, the same dishwasher or freezer. Without them, you will manage easily, if your family is small, but not a comfortable place to work, you will be much more difficult.

Kitchen-row linear

Large, but long, that is narrow, the kitchen is also not so easy to arrange, to make them really comfortable. The ideal solution would be a two-row placement of furniture items. Less than one wall usually put technique, inscribing it in the space between the sink and stove, and under the other – sent a refrigerator and furniture set. The decision to arrange the furniture in the kitchen, double-row will be justified only in the event that will run for at least a quarter of a meter in width between the most rows. What is it for? For the arrangement of the dining area. It may well appear bar or a folding table with stools.

Corner kitchen

For this method of arrangement are perfect square italian kitchen design. This is a very ergonomic option because it usually involves a vacant corner space. In this case, the angle will be busy with special corner furniture fittings and sliding mechanisms in the depths of which will be very convenient to hide kitchen utensils and small appliances. This method of arrangement allows you to experiment with the placement of tables and hanging lockers, and eventually distribute them any way you feel comfortable.

U-shaped kitchen

This is where there are no questions as to arrange the furniture, so it’s a big kitchen. Here you can afford it. Very interesting is perceived placing on the principle of imitation furniture form of the letter “n.” In this embodiment, each of the three constants kitchens interior can be allocated over the whole wall. In the center of the room should be left enough room for the formation of the dining area.

Small kitchen

Looking for a spacious italian kitchen design, any hostess is delighted, but the reality is much more prosaic. Home cooking area seldom reaches medium size. Basically, to be content with little ones. But how do you want them too, unsightly, make comfortable and attractive! Help in this can proper placement of household items. In this kitchen is preferable to use a corner of their way to accommodate, and tall items should serve as a kind of limiters. Do not try to search for original solutions to break the boundaries of the visual differences of heights. Such a move is nothing good except congestion of space, will not.

Solving the problem of how to arrange the furniture in your own kitchen, you can consider this option as a low refrigerator. This will give you one additional surface where it will be possible to attach, for example, a microwave. But from the canister should not refuse, the height of the object in this case, will play in your favor. Place it at the end or beginning of the work area, and it will serve the aspirations of the visual space up.

Furniture for italian kitchen design can be arranged along the walls. The very modest circumstances – along a single, more massive – along the two. Save space will help a dining table, equipped with folding wings, tops.

Very often, everything for dining area space simply does not remain. The way out of the situation can be retractable and folding tables. They are usually mounted on a blank wall as close as possible from the light sources.

Leave more space for the movement to help the kitchen dining area. They are often put in the corner near the window.

Appliances are arranged in a triangle rule. Its peaks are unchanged. It:


– Washing;

– A plate;

– Fridge.

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