10 ways for modern kitchen design

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Every woman dreams of a large, spacious modern kitchen design. So I want everything neatly in its place, spread out on the shelves comfortable. However, often have to huddle on a cramped, tiny kitchen. Most of the apartments of the old layout have a very modest kitchen area, which is not what guests to meet and cook and it is inconvenient. It is very difficult to find the right solutions for the interior design of the premises. But we do not exit, you need something to do.

The first thing to do is to determine the actual size of your kitchen. Usually considered to be a small size 8 square meters kitchen. M and less, also here can be attributed to those facilities that are inconvenient layout. Thus, if the kitchen was less than 8 m, it is necessary to think about the layout; otherwise misused space will cause only negative emotions, like a mistress, and the remaining members of the family.

Redevelopment usually starts from the entrance. The first thing is to decide whether a door in the kitchen need. After all, when opened, it takes a lot of space, and in many ways much more profitable would be interesting to hang a curtain or to make an arch. If you are irritated by the smell, which extends from the kitchen while cooking, you can set the original folding doors or sliding doors.

If your room small

Let’s move on to the modern kitchen design itself. If the kitchen is really small, it is best to use the L-shaped version of the location of all items. It should ensure that the surface is not torn, as if specifically, the refrigerator should not be placed between the sink and stove. If possible, get to the refrigerator in the hallway or in the living room. Also welcomed the small kitchen use built-in equipment. She looks great and saves enough space.

We return to the problem of the door. As in the case of the front door, all the cupboards and lockers are best to use folding doors or climbing up. You can also install under the sink is very convenient mechanism on the tracks that will be nominated by a simple hand movement. This will help to remove something from under the sink. True cost of such a mechanism can be quite expensive. The abundance of different kinds of hooks and shelves for all kinds of fines will also help save space, and is quite comfortable for everyday use. A good acquisition can become a sliding table that is attached to the window sill. Complete with folding chairs, it will help to save space. In general, there are many options and solutions for each particular room. If desired, and the presence of fantasies sooner or later, the best option is found. To plan was absolutely perfect; you can refer to good designer and great kitchen furniture to order exactly according to his design. Expensive, but nice!

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Many owners of modern kitchen designs are sure to make it visually more spacious, needed small furniture, small accessories and white walls. It turns out that it is not necessary! In the arsenal of designers have a lot of tricks that make it possible to create a small kitchen design to your liking.

Design a small kitchen – color and pictures

Want to decorate a wall painting, photography or some cute accessories? It is not necessary to hang up his habit in the middle. Try to hang your art object is higher or lower than is usual, and your guests will no longer pay attention to the size of the space. Designers are advised to take a couple of images or accessories on top of each other – and voila! With this little trick wall will appear higher.

By the way, the principle of less is more is very topical and in relation to the accessories. Instead of a few multi-colored decorations should limit us to two or three. On the bright walls look great bright images against a white mat – cardboard between the thin frame and the image.

Mirrors visually make the space more deeply and broadly. In addition, they reflect light well; making small kitchen design is more comfortable. Think how you can beat them in the interior of your kitchen modern kitchen designs? Maybe make mirrored doors in cabinets? Or hang a mirror on the wall in the original frame, echoing the suite?

  • Another good way to visually “raise” the ceiling – to hang a crystal chandelier (here on this page Read more post on this topic). Flashes of light in combination with mirrors transform the interior and will help him to start playing. True, the ceiling in this case should be flawless.
  • By the way, take note of the advice of experienced decorators. In a small space will look good transparent and shiny accessories.
  • In the small kitchen should not put huge bouquets, and lush houseplants. It is best to restrict a simple vase with fruit or elegant orchid in a pot.

Repair small kitchen

In a small apartment floor should do the same in all rooms. Or at least let it be very close in color. Floor of parquet, laminate or ceramic tile for the modern kitchen designs, put “on the bias” – another way to visually make a small space more broad. And to choose and compare the pros and cons of different floor coverings you can read this review.

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The fewer different materials, textures and finishing options you use, the better it will look modern kitchen design ideas. The apparent simplicity helps create the effect of the space where it is most needed.

If possible, try to remove all the doors, or replace them with sliding or glass.

Storage systems for small kitchen

You put a round table in the corner and did not want to move it? Under it is possible to make a little “cache” to store small items that do not have enough space in the closets. It’s enough to cover it with a tablecloth to the floor. By the way, on top of the table top can be covered with glass, cut out the shape of the table. A tablecloth you can change depending on your mood.

Kitchen – a place where you usually parse the account and reading emails? For securities and other small things conveniently accommodate a wide ceramic vase, jeweler box or wicker basket. Will look quite organically. And no mess!

Amazing in its expressive detail of the interior – modern kitchen island design apron made of artificial stone wild. This original solution in a conventional kitchen is rare. But the stone apron looks absolutely incredible – unusual, stylish, intriguing. The perfect accent for kitchens with character.

How practical apron made of artificial stone, with its terrain and bumps, of course, is debatable. But sometimes the decorative effect is to forget about practicality. At least partially neutralize the effects of moisture and save the stone apron by dampness and mold will help water-resistant grout for joints or silicone sealant. And the stone itself to the apron must have good moisture-proof characteristics. Alternatively, the stone surface may be coated with clear acrylic lacquer.

Decorative small modern kitchen design artificial stone made of liquid concrete. The solution was poured into special shapes. They replicate the surface topography of various natural stone rocks. Also, in the course are special additives which give the future a beautiful stone color, make it easy to give weight and strength. The result – unique embossed surface, which at first glance cannot tell from this rock.

Unreal wild stone weight much lighter than natural. Therefore, it is so suitable for walls in the apartment.

  • Decorative wild stone apron perfectly combined with other equally expressive textures. In the first place, with wooden facades kitchen units, worktops made of natural, artificial stone, textured decorative plaster.
  • A very interesting design effect you get when you play on the contrast. Deliberately rough textured stone looks very impressive in the neighborhood with perfectly smooth glossy facades covered with plastic or enamel, ultramodern appliances metallic colors, smooth shiny ceramic tiles or mosaics.
  • Ceramic tiles wood – a very fashionable material, and can be considered as an ideal flooring for the kitchen. From their predecessors – the traditional tiles and wood – ceramic “tree” has inherited the best features. Tile and granite wood completely eco logical, is not afraid of fire and moisture, high temperatures and household chemicals.
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This floor does not require special care. It will remain treacherous spots of juice, wine and coffee and dents from the refrigerator and kitchen furniture.

In appearance, ceramic tile wood is almost indistinguishable from real wood. It fits perfectly in the kitchen interior of any style – from laconic hi-tech and strict classical to country cozy eclectic and contradictory.

Great idea – use a tile under a tree in the modern country kitchen designs-living room. The floor in the work area will cover the practical ceramics, and in the rest of the space can be used massive boards, waterproof laminate and parquet.

Floor tiles wood – color and texture

We have already published a great article with tips pros choose which tile the kitchen floor. It says our expert, on what to look for, what size would be best, showing different versions of laying floor tiles and helps determine the color gamut. There is little about and popular granite tiles manufacturers and wood.

Unlike wooden modern small kitchen design floor, ceramic “tree” can be of any color, even if it does not exist in nature. Especially popular are the variety of shades of beige, brown and black. Tile wood impressive wealth of textures. It perfectly imitates the most exotic and expensive wood like teak, wreath, mahogany or rosewood, adding gloss interior kitchen and respectability, not punching with a bottomless hole in the budget. Very popular “wooden” tiles decorated with oak, pine, birch and ash.


No less benefits from granite, the surface which mimics the tree. It is also as a tile made from natural ingredients. Porcelain tiles – a very dense material, it does not absorb moisture, so is ideal for floors in the kitchen. Because it makes the so-called ceramic flooring that is not afraid of any water, any scratches or household chemicals.

Conditional minus tiles under a tree – a “cold”. If you have small children or you’re used to walk home barefoot, the best option – to make the kitchen floor heating.

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